December 12th, 2017

what a week end, yin fact you could hardly call it a weekend as it started on Wednesday. the day of the constitution in Spain, which means a national holiday, but not in France as France isnt in Spain. we went to France, its become a tradition to go to Auchan on the 6th of December to buy stuff we cant get here,w when infact we can get pretty much all we need here, but its what we do.
Thursday was the village holiday, every village has one in the winter and ours was this Thursday, i helped Moira do one of her gardens then did ours for the rest of the day until we went to Sonny Joes birthday party. He was five, Cerries mum and dad had come out for ther party as well, we had nice time, Pepe made some canopeis.
Friday was the day of the immaculate conception, so another national fiesta, we spent this one going for a long walk with a flask of soup as it was a colder then normal day, as have been most of the days so far in December. thast night we went to Pepes.
Saturday i was working and Moira was going to do a christmas market, but she had a cold and it was windy, and then when we got there to set up, there was nobody around, so i dropped her home to recover and went of to work.
Sunday Moirea did do a christmas fair as it was much better advertised then the one on Saturday while i did the tour of the bunkers, a girl in the village has written a book on the bunkers of Garriguella, and every now oand then she does a small tour ending up in the cooperativa for some wine tasting. its all in catalan which is getting less and less of a problem. i had a lovely day, Moira sold one pair of earings.mascapone

cloud hunting

December 6th, 2017

Auchan day, every 6th of December is Auchan day, although now its more like Leroy Merlin, Sephora and Auchan day. we spent lots of money and still managed to come away without enough to make a full meal.
6tyh of December is a national holiday in Spain but not in France.
The weekend went back to the normal Pepes for Friday night with Cerrie and Sonny, the outof town bar is now closed for the winter so there was more people this Friday, not that maby but definetly more, Pepe has also put the fire in there again so its warmer in his bar then it is at home.
Saturday morning i didnt work, it was blowing a gail, so we put the work off to this Saturday, in the afternoon i worked. we still had time thought to go to the market in Figueres and get veg.
Sunday it was still blowing a gail but not as strong as Saturday. Moira had a stall in the local English bar, local as in Santa Margarita. she did really well, has payed for Auchan day. i went for a walk while she was working, coming back everynow and then for a beer.

Waiting for the rain to come

November 29th, 2017

Loving my new reading glasses, Moira thinks they are a bit black, she is probably right. I had no idea what I was doing while buying them, as I generally wear what ever pair of sunglasses that I have found lying around, so wasn’t prepared for having to choose a pair of glasses that suited me.
They definitely help though, even though technically I don’t need reading glasses, they really help when my eyes are tired like tonight
We have had guests for the last 2 nights, they were gong to stay 4 nights but luckily it was a bit to cold for her, she really wanted to be in a hotel in Barcelona not a small village in the middle of no where. He had been here before so knew what to expect.
The weekend, Friday night was curry club night, held at our house this time, as well as Inger and Irena, Maria came and Ingers son who was here for the weekend.
Saturday we both sort of worked as Moira had a stall in the Anglican churches Christmas fair. She did ok, everything was going well until a man got up to sing, bless him he meant well. After him the place became empty and never really picked up again. Every time we go to a new fair they all say, it was much busier last year.
Sunday I did work, Moira helped me tidy up then we went to Jonquera to get Moira some new glasses by shear luck, on Black Friday weekend when all glasses were 40% off. I took the opportunity to get more mixed nuts as they are much cheaper in the Jonquera outlet. We then spent the rest f the afternoon looking for frozen peas and not being successful we did find a place that sold cans of beer for 24 centimos each.

Lichen grappa

November 21st, 2017

Just a quickly as I have to go and meet Joana at 6.30. Friday night, after I wrote the last blog, we went to Pepes for the usual meet up with Cerrie, I find myself having tortilla con patatas every Friday night. Saturday I worked while Moira did a tour of the bunkers of Garriguella with Inger, it was an organised tour. Moira said it was really interesting, what she understood as most of it was in Catalan. We stayed in that night to watch xfactor.
Sunday we went to Roses as Moira wanted fresh coriander, we then walked along the sea front have a beer then walked back to the car and the vegetables we got while buying coriander.

Very expensive jubilee clips

November 17th, 2017

Friday evening, it’s been a bit of a week with the weekend stuck on first. Moira had a Christmas fair to go to in a bowling club near where we used to live Saturday and Sunday. Took the opera unity of cheap flights to go with her, but first I went up to Norwich to see the Lawrences, had a lovely time catching up. Saturday I went down to London after a walk round Norwich with Betty, to meet up with Moira and Dan and Paulo to have a curry. The first curry of 4 that weekend. Sunday I went with Moira to the bowling club nod to meet up with Sarah, after another curry Sarah bought quite a lot of Moira’s Jewellery. That night we went for the third curry with Thuy and Graham.
Monday I made my way home to be picked up at Figueres by Inger, we went for a drink then I went home for the fourth curry that had been left in the freezer for me.
Tuesday evening I went to the supermarket then to pick up Moira from the train station as she had stayed a day longer.
Wednesday we went to steps as we didn’t go to Zumba, it’s harder then Zumba but less fun.
Thursday I went with Moira to Figueres, she was meeting up with Lidia, I went to get my eyes tested and finally buy myself some reading glasses, even though I don’t need them as I can read without them, it’s a bit complicated.

Not generally pausing

November 8th, 2017

English tele is up and running, just in time for the cold nights in by the fire, which is well and truly being put on. Heating hasn’t gone on yet though, pssobly because Moira is working on fixing up the house again after the summer as moving around a lot.
The weekend went as usual Friday night at Pepes with Cerrie and Sunny, but this time it was Monica’s 16th birthday, Pepes daughter, so she was there with Pepes mum, Pepe ate with us as well. Monica spent most of the time on her phone, probably telling her friends how bored she was.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day with a bit of help from Moira in the afternoon. We stayed in and watched xfactor for the first time this year.
Sunday it was really windy so, when it’s really windy we go to Roses, as Roses is protected from the North wind. We took some soup and beer ad had a lovely walk along a bit of coast line that we haven’t walked along for ages. We bumped into inane and her daughter Lucy on the way home, they where meeting Inger in the cooperative that afternoon. We went along as well, Irena turned up as well. We stayed for a couple and came home to a curry.
Still haven’t fixed the bidet, and also have locked myself out of online banking, will sort the banking in England if I can be bothered.

onecan, twocan, threecan

November 1st, 2017

Fiesta… all saints day… time to eat sweet chestnuts, and dress up an evil elf.
that was last night, when i dressed up as an evil elf for the village halloween party.
the weekend seems ages ago, it went as usual, we met Cerrie and Sonny in Pepes town bar Friday night. i worked most of Saturday, we met Inger in Pepes town bar for a drink as it was her birthday. then home to watch Spanish tele even though Moira has bought British Tv, i havent got round to setting it up, still havent, maybe tonight. Sunday was the day to celebrate Ingers birthday, we went to St Marti de Empuries as she had never been there before and she had also reserved a table in the main square of the very small and old village. i was the designated driver, i had offered to be it. we went for a bit of a walk along the prom a beer in a hotel that Moira loves then back to the restaurant for a prety good meal. Irena couldnt make it as her leg was really hurting her and dhe didnt feel she could sit down iont he same spot for too long. we popped in on her on the way home for another drink.
Monday and Tuesday i worked but today was fiesta so we went to the butterfly park with Cerrie and Sonny as Irena had one a family ticket at the beginning of the summer and today was the first day we all had free to go along. glad i have been, could live with not going again.

The white patio

October 24th, 2017

The bidet has started leaking, it decided to start leaking on Sunday which meant we could do nothing about it. I kind of sorted it, and today after work we went to get new taps. The man in the shop had never seen bidet tapes so old, and didn’t have replacements. Next stop is see what the plumber says, the plumber that lives round the corner.
Friday night we went to Pepes but like last week Pepes across the road and like last week we went for a bit of a walk first.
Saturday Moira came to help me work in the morning so I could get it done quicker. Then in the afternoon I worked for a couple of hours. We stayed in and had curry.
Sunday a part from the bidet starting to leak, we had to get up early as Moira had BnB guests, they left at 8.30, we had something to eat, looked at each other and said, now what do we do? We went for a short walk to the white chapel on the hill that Moira had never walked too then home to try and do something about the bidet, bit of gardening, reading and peanut butter making.
This week I have been pruning and pruning as Jesus has got a new client and we want to make a good impression. Going well so far.

Gorilla magnet

October 18th, 2017

We have just had a visit from Cerrie and Sonny, now Pepe is back in the bar across the road we will probably see more of them.
Last week was a bit manic what with fiestas and having Fiona and Malcom staying. The weather was perfect, the best they have had while out here. Warm enough to eat most nights on the balcony.
This weekend was a bit quieter, no guests paying or not paying. As Pepe is now in the bar across the road we went to meet Cerrie and Sonny there, we went for a bit of a walk first as we like the walk to the tortoise bar.
Saturday I got to go to the market for the first time for ages. We sorted out Moira’s mobile, bought some peanuts and a new pair of walking trainers for me. I worked in the afternoon, and we stayed in that night after meeting Inger in the bar for a couple before dinner.
Sundaywas the tour de art in Castello de Empuries which we tend to go to every year. There is always a new building to see into and this year wasn’t a disappointment, Inger came with us as she knew one of the artists.

Irena and Ingers road trip

October 3rd, 2017

I wouldn’t be writing this, I should be on strike, well actually not strike, I should be having a pause, which is fair enough, to highlight the guardian civil violence on Sunday during the Catalan referendum for Catalans. That was Sunday, we went to vote but even though we pay taxes in Catalunia we were not allowed to give our opinion, Irena had a go at the Mayeres with the support of Inger, then we went to eat in Carmens. Later on I popped back to see what was going on but everything was closed and voting stopped as the Catalan Police had heard that the Guardia civil were on there way. As expected the Yes vote won.
Friday night we went to Pepes as Diane and Ian where here for 2 weeks, Irena and Inger come along as well for Pepes chicken curry, but Pepe had gone to funeral and there was no curry on the menu.
Saturday I worked all day it’s handy and somewhat annoying that there isn’t any where on the way home, to spend what I earn while working on Saturday, saves money I suppose.
That leaves today a general pause, so I worked a little so as not to work all day Saturday, also giving me time to do something in our garden.