the mouse room.

February 14th, 2018

something happened tuesday night, because i woke up Tuesday morning as if a weight had been lifted, but not really a weight because that signifies a burden nor did i have a sence of relief. it was probably something to do with standing up infront of 90 people and telling them how i felt about my mum, something i had needed to do since the 18th of January, the best explination i can come up with, is it was something like having a fairy born your my head.
it was a weekend i probably will not forget, so little need for documenting it.

a sequin and a smile

February 9th, 2018

What a week. The weekend seems like age ago. Its been a rollercoaster ride of emotions since Friday
Friday night was the bar as usual, I read Cerrie my speach then apologised as she cried.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day, then we stayed in and ate something from the recipe book that mum bought me for Christmas. I can’t tell her I also can’t tell her that the kitchen is now warm enough to sit in now the pellet burner is up and running.
Sunday I worked in our garden catching up with myself. Moira thinks I am working to hard, no more then usual I’d say.
Monday at Zumba I told someone about mum then had something Lima an anxiety attack while trying to learn the new steps
Tuesday night was Joanna, she’s easy to talk to even in Catalan.
Wednesday night the gralla. The moment I can play one tune I will buy my own.


February 1st, 2018

i have been busy, which has helped, we are getting a pellet stove installed. its actually installed, it took Bruno and Jose a day and a half to set it all up, they fiitted us in inbetween jobs. now we are waiting for a man to come from Girona to check it, get it running and give us a garantee. we should be able to finally use it tomorrow night, just as we go out to Pepes, which is handy as 15 days of cold has been forcast.
Last weekend as usual we went to Pepes, Isabel and Stewart where there, they bought the derinks as i had popped round to there house a few times to check on their alarm. they were going to pay for the food as well, but that was just a bit much.
Saturday we went shopping in the morning for pipes for the stove then i worked in the afternoon, with Moiras help.
Sunday was a nice day, we went for a walk from Llanca to the light house at Port de la selva, bumping into Isabel and Stewart on the way, beer and peanuts at the light house then we walked back.
one of Jesuses clients, an English lady that has lived in the village for over 20 years and in Catalunya for a lot more then that, came round on Friday night before we went out to give me an essential oil mix she had made for me, i had told her that mum had died. i am taking it, maybe its just the placebo effect,or because she had driven to our house late on a wet, cold Friday night to give me the mix, but i like to thionk its helping.
i am also learning to play the Gralla, a catalan instrument of very few notes. its a reed instrament and not easy to get a sound out of it. getting there though

Mr Bojangles

January 23rd, 2018

About 7 years ago a man rang our door bell in a small village in Catalunya, he was doing a survey on what the general public thought of the cultural events and goings on in the area.
We worked our way through the questioner slowly but surely until we got to the last question, which was, who was my greatest cultural influence, I replied my mum.
She was much more intelligent and clever then she let herself believe
Kinder and more loving then she ever knew
Much more generous and giving then she gave herself credit for
More forgiving and open minded then she ever realised
Loved by more people then she would ever know
Spike Milligan wrote, I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. For me my mum was that tree.

Curry leaves

January 16th, 2018

Christmas is over, that’s it. Mum, Dad, Natalie and Andy have gone home, after a fun weekend. The weather wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be it only rained one day. We ate at Pepes Friday night with Cerrie and Sonny. Can Batlle Saturday night, baroque Sunday when it rained and at home again Monday night.
Everything went well except me waking up late on Monday morning, telling the client that I was late because the van wouldn’t start up, and then in the afternoon on leaving his house the van really wouldn’t start. Luckily Jesus was there to bring me down to village so I didn’t miss Zumba. The vans fixed now, new battery.

lego men

January 2nd, 2018

finally the weather has started to be as it should be at this time of year, not as cold as it has been but then its stopped being windy for the moment.
Friday night we went to Chez Luisette, as Pepe was still closed and also we hadnt been there for ages. they squeezed us in at the bar, i had a tofu stir fry which was far nicer then it sounds.
Saturday, i worked in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the garden centre to get compost and a present for Joanna. the compost was bought because, years ago an old allotment expert in the village told me that he sows his tomatoes indoors just after christmas, so i try and follow his advice every year. sometimes i remember sometimes i forget, this year i have rememberd to buy the compost but havent got round to sowing just yet.
Sunday was new years eve, time to prune the bourganvillia and the olive while Moira cleaned the house as we had paying guests for new years eve. a couple from France that were visiting the girls brother, as usual they spoke fluant english.
that night we wentr to Roses to eat pizza but the restaurant was fully booked up, so we got a takeaway and came home to eat our pizzas at the kitchen table, while the fire was getting going. we watched toy story 3 to fill the time until midnight which we watched on telly then went to the church square. we met Cerrie and Pepe there, they invited us back to their private party in the bar, all the usual people where there, it was a very famill orientated spanish event. we eventually gort home at 3 as Moira had to get up at 9 to prepare breakfast.
When the guests had left we went for a walk along the front at Roses then home to have a short nap on the sun beds as Moira was cooking shepperds pie that evening for Inger, Tina and John. she managed, and they all went home full and happy.

The grumpy lady’s bar

December 27th, 2017

Christmas weekend. It started strongly as Pepe had gone to England so the bar was closed, we decided to stay in and have chips instead.
Saturday morning we went to the market then in the afternoon I worked a couple of hours, we feed the street cats, then got ready to go to the music in the church. A 5 piece brass band was playing music from the movies, that was the first half. We don’t know what they played the second half as we left to go and get a pizza in Roses and because the church was to cold and the pews too hard. Pizza was good though and as hoped we came home smelling of what we had eaten.
Sunday we got up to go to Carcassonne with Irena, we got there in time for lunch. We met Jonathan in the castles main square and he joined us for a pleasant dinner in the sunshine. Jonathan left, and we took a stroll round the rest of the castle grounds. Then back to the apartment to watch French tv and eat cheese melted in the badly working oven.
Christmas Day, Moira and I went for a walk after breakfast while Irena read her book. Christmas dinner was haggis which was handy as the oven really didn’t work very well. After dinner we watched Christmas films, we had found the change to original language button so we could understand what was going on.
Boxing Day Moira and I went to see if Sephora was open while Irena read her book, we came back to the apartment to hand the keys back and set of for home. We got here just gone midday time for a quick tour de garriguella as the house was freezing.


December 12th, 2017

what a week end, yin fact you could hardly call it a weekend as it started on Wednesday. the day of the constitution in Spain, which means a national holiday, but not in France as France isnt in Spain. we went to France, its become a tradition to go to Auchan on the 6th of December to buy stuff we cant get here,w when infact we can get pretty much all we need here, but its what we do.
Thursday was the village holiday, every village has one in the winter and ours was this Thursday, i helped Moira do one of her gardens then did ours for the rest of the day until we went to Sonny Joes birthday party. He was five, Cerries mum and dad had come out for ther party as well, we had nice time, Pepe made some canopeis.
Friday was the day of the immaculate conception, so another national fiesta, we spent this one going for a long walk with a flask of soup as it was a colder then normal day, as have been most of the days so far in December. thast night we went to Pepes.
Saturday i was working and Moira was going to do a christmas market, but she had a cold and it was windy, and then when we got there to set up, there was nobody around, so i dropped her home to recover and went of to work.
Sunday Moirea did do a christmas fair as it was much better advertised then the one on Saturday while i did the tour of the bunkers, a girl in the village has written a book on the bunkers of Garriguella, and every now oand then she does a small tour ending up in the cooperativa for some wine tasting. its all in catalan which is getting less and less of a problem. i had a lovely day, Moira sold one pair of earings.mascapone

cloud hunting

December 6th, 2017

Auchan day, every 6th of December is Auchan day, although now its more like Leroy Merlin, Sephora and Auchan day. we spent lots of money and still managed to come away without enough to make a full meal.
6tyh of December is a national holiday in Spain but not in France.
The weekend went back to the normal Pepes for Friday night with Cerrie and Sonny, the outof town bar is now closed for the winter so there was more people this Friday, not that maby but definetly more, Pepe has also put the fire in there again so its warmer in his bar then it is at home.
Saturday morning i didnt work, it was blowing a gail, so we put the work off to this Saturday, in the afternoon i worked. we still had time thought to go to the market in Figueres and get veg.
Sunday it was still blowing a gail but not as strong as Saturday. Moira had a stall in the local English bar, local as in Santa Margarita. she did really well, has payed for Auchan day. i went for a walk while she was working, coming back everynow and then for a beer.

Waiting for the rain to come

November 29th, 2017

Loving my new reading glasses, Moira thinks they are a bit black, she is probably right. I had no idea what I was doing while buying them, as I generally wear what ever pair of sunglasses that I have found lying around, so wasn’t prepared for having to choose a pair of glasses that suited me.
They definitely help though, even though technically I don’t need reading glasses, they really help when my eyes are tired like tonight
We have had guests for the last 2 nights, they were gong to stay 4 nights but luckily it was a bit to cold for her, she really wanted to be in a hotel in Barcelona not a small village in the middle of no where. He had been here before so knew what to expect.
The weekend, Friday night was curry club night, held at our house this time, as well as Inger and Irena, Maria came and Ingers son who was here for the weekend.
Saturday we both sort of worked as Moira had a stall in the Anglican churches Christmas fair. She did ok, everything was going well until a man got up to sing, bless him he meant well. After him the place became empty and never really picked up again. Every time we go to a new fair they all say, it was much busier last year.
Sunday I did work, Moira helped me tidy up then we went to Jonquera to get Moira some new glasses by shear luck, on Black Friday weekend when all glasses were 40% off. I took the opportunity to get more mixed nuts as they are much cheaper in the Jonquera outlet. We then spent the rest f the afternoon looking for frozen peas and not being successful we did find a place that sold cans of beer for 24 centimos each.