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Mock mojito

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Do we call Goofy ,the disney character, Goofy because he is goofy or do we call people that are goofy, goofy because of Goofy?


Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

When im old and retired i will get myself a piaggio ape, a flat cap and those blue trousers that old men wear. Then drive to Malaga playing ‘romance anonimo’ on my ukulele for money. Or instead of drive to Malaga, i will buy a field full of almond trees and sell almonds to unsuspecting tourists.

Rest in piece big man.

Combination Adam

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

We was in the bar last night as usual for a Friday night, not as usual for every night. Friday night Fish n chips night but nun of us have fish n chips because the bar is in a small village in Catalunya and it’s not something they do. Still, we like it, it’s always a friendly atmosphere and we always eat well for very little money. Pepe was telling me about a cow that has been so over breed that it can’t give birth naturally but has to have a cesarian section every time , that’s frightening, what are we doing? Moira has gone to Scotland, she says it’s probably the first time in her life that she has looked forward to it, strongly enough I go to England in a couple of weeks to help Dad with the garden and I am also quite looking forward to it, chance to speak to mum, don’t know, certainly not for the weather. My last chance to be in England while it’s in the EU possibly. I don’t know about anyone else, I just wish they would man or women up and say Sorry we lied to you, we had no idea what we was getting ourselves into, we had no plan, nothing. we have messed up, basically. Now we all have a better idea of what is involved, and are better informed, let’s start again have a proper referendum where everyone in Britain can vote just like in Scotland, not the expats or immigrants as they refuse to call themselves who have lived outside of the U.K for years and then stick by the result. Glad I got that off my chest.

Fishing rights

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

For the first time in years i missed living in London last night. I love living here, the highs far out weigh the lows, but some times. How do you tell someone that the European Union wasnt dictating to them when they never voted in any of the european elections, didnt even know they could. Then they blame the EU for not knowing and not the UK. Thats just one of the small village minded comments that bothered me. I have also ended up playing in the pool competition again. The pool competition was great to start with, I got to know some of the bar going people in the village. I know them all now, they all know me, I don’t need a another pool competition. Then all of a sudden you look at the sky and it all gets blown away quite literally.


Monday, January 21st, 2019

Its supposed to be gralla or graella, not sure, tonight, or sex trumpet, as named by my nephew. Its a traditional catalan instrument bit like a recordar but sounds a lot more basic and a lot louder. Its interesting, bit folky and very catalan, they wont be having me swing anything. I got roped into playingit last year and being me i stuck at it bought myself a gralla, which wasnt cheap made of almond,you can get olive or boxus or even tropical wood grallas, i wanted almond because i like almond trees. White flowers in spring to say norhinf of the actual almonds them selves. Its supposed to be our weekly practice whoch i cant get to while Alfred is here and also its seems to have not started up again. The last practice was before christmas. Easy going

Sound of silence

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Its been a while maimly because the 2 people that religously read this blog,/one of them has died and thanks to whatsapp i now speak to the other one at least 3 times a week. Kind of negating the need for me letting them know what i am up to.

Still i feel i should keep it going even though like Lorna says about Facebook, its like hanging out your dirty washing for the world to see. Thing is what am i goung to write about? Dont know. I read once a book on how to write books, that practice is important, you should just write it doesnt matter what about but just write. I doubt if i am going to write a book, not yet any way.

Its also something to do while im having a can of beer.

Pomegranate margarita

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Well we have internet again, and thanks the cables being stolen the phone company has had too put up new and better cables which we have now have a grand 4 mb of internet speed, as opposed to 2.5mb.
I cant rightly remember what i did the week i couldn’t write the blog last weekend, i can remember last weekend though, we went to London. It was Sarah’s birthday on Saturday, we flew Saturday morning which meant we could go to Pepes on Friday with Inger and her son, having been to the Italian in Perelada on thursday with Irena, Mick, Tracy, Cerrie, Pepe and Sonny.
After Sarah’s party, where we had a Lovell time, a bit awkward at first as we didn’t no any body a part from imidiat family. We have been away for 10 years. Until Sarah’s sister introduced us to Sarah’s neighbour who comes from Spain, excuse to speak spanish. We left about 12ish and went to meet Dan and Paolo in a bar near theirs which pretty much closed as we arrived.
Sunday was a pub lunch day with Dan, Paolo and Graham as every one else had called of due to massive hang overs from the night before.
Monday i came home, a long day traveling carrying yeast flakes so as i can try and make vegan cheese.
Today the chimney sweep came round but couldn’t sweep anything as the the fire place had disconnected itself from the flue, luckily it’s not cold at the moment. It explains why the fire place wasn’t working very well and the upstairs bathroom was smelling of smoke
Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

White flamingos

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Woke up Monday morning thinking it was Sunday morning.
Still downloading music to Moira’s old computer, it takes awhile as sometimes iTunes doesn’t want to open itself up, and then it freezes half way through downloading, will get there in the end.
Friday night started at Pepes, its getting that the same people go every week, and we all know each other well enough to chat to each other. iTunes has frozen.
Saturday we went to do a garden before going shopping and then finally coming home to do some seriously needed work in our garden. That night we stayed in, didn’t watch British tv as there was nothing on.
Sunday we went to aiguamols with Sonny and Cerrie, as we had bought Sonny a spotting nature book with stickers for his Christmas and we all wanted a go. We stopped on the beach for a picnic and a lazy Sunday afternoon chat.

There are no Dutch in Holland

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

I couldn’t write the blog yesterday as it was Sonny Joes first school show, it went on for ages but was very entertaining, sweet to see the older kids singing in English
The weekend went as planned to a point. Friday night we went up to Pepes just us this time. We got home before the thunderstorm.
Saturday I worked all day, while Moira was trying to sell her jewellery in the garden of Chez louisette with a few other stalls. She did ok, I joined her once I had finished what I was doing. At 9 we packed up and went up to Pepes again as Moira’s aerobics class was having a dinner. I chatted to Rocky a German builder while Moira went and sat with the girls.
Sunday we went to L’Escalla to buy dad a far there day card in a shop that we discovered had shut and go for a bit of a wander, we got a card in the end, and also had a bit of a Andre. On the way home we stopped in on a expats bar on the beach. O be honest it was nicer then I had imagined, they speak Spanish for example. Finally we made it home to sit in the sun, chop wood prune a few things water the garden, then lay in the hammock for a minute of 2.

Congratulations Robbie and Emma.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

And it rained and it rained. Except Saturday, the start of the Temps de Flors in Girona, which was perfect, as it was forecast to rain the Sunday which meant everyone went Saturday and it was packed and hardly anyone went Sunday so there was hardly any queues and we got to see pretty much everything we wanted to see. It was a good year this year. What more we had a curry in a really good Indian restaurant. It was packed so they squeezed us next to a Spanish mother and Daughter from Majorca, there English was perfect and was surprised that Moira and I spoke Spanish as they spoke such good English because the English immigrants that live in Majorca didn’t bother to learn the language.
Friday night was the usual but this time just with Cerrie and Sonny, which actually was really nice as I hadn’t a chance to chat with Cerrie for ages. Saturday I worked all day so we stayed in for the evening so as to be ready for Girona the next day.
It didn’t rain this morning but it’s raining again now, got beer traps all around my newly planted tomatoes and courgettes.