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Happy birthday Dad

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

That was one hell of a week. Monday Moira couldn’t switch the light on in our bedroom, neither could I so I took out one of the bulbs to take to the shop the next day. Tuesday morning my mobile decided to get a virus my fault I down loaded a video from Whatsapp Monday night that I shouldn’t have, I thought it had come from Jesus. Found the old mobile that I bought Moira balanced my mini sim in the slot of a normal sim and went to work. That evening we went to Figueres to buy bulbs, check out how the well pump was doing in the mechanics and to see if I could do anything with the mobile. Having been told the pump still wasn’t fixed but was at the front of the queue, bought 4 new light bulbs and starters, found out that in theory, I could get rid of the virus on my phone and Moira buying a new coat stand with her birthday money, we came home.
Wednesday I changed the bulbs, the light still didn’t work, nothing I could do, so I went round the corner to see the electrician, who came along later without tools, took one look at the light and asked if there was another light switch for the light. It turns out there is and it was switched of which is why the light had mysteriously stopped working.
Friday I went to pick up the pump which had finally been fixed, did the shopping then to Pepes for the usual this time with Cerrie, Sonny, Bob and Jackie.they have been coming here lots but this is the first time we have really got to know them, a nice couple.
Saturday I worked in the rain pretty much all day, while my mobile was being fixed. Then we went to Pepes again as Irena has here family here and had invited us, a room full of big Dutch people all speaking impecable English.
Sunday, day off, we went to Figueres as there was a fair, market like we have in Garriguella at Easter but much bigger. We bumped into Ian and Dolors which was really nice. TheN came home after a beer in a bar in a new street Moira had found.

A cherry moon

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

What a strange start to the week. The light in the bedroom we talk 4 light bulbs at once, and today my mobile decided to get a virus and now does nothing except show me a sad face on a blue background.
The weekend went well though, starting with Friday, as usual we went up to Pepes, this time to meet Sue and Bob. Carrie and Sonny where there, and also Jackie and the other Bob. They had had a nightmare renter in there house as where at Pepes for a stiff Brandy or 2. Pepes is Pepes, it’s where we go Friday’s and as always we had a happy, chatty night.
Saturday I worked pretty much all day which Moira had to drop me of, go and do the shopping then come and get me later. Moira had organized to go round to Irenas for a glass of wine at 7, se had bought some cheese, bread and Doritos. What was supposed to be one drink need up with us getting home at 10.30 the worse for wear for Irenas over generosity with her wine.
Sunday was windy, very windy, we went to Jonquera shopping center even though it wasn’t raining via a garden center as I needed to get compost and basil seeds. Moira bought some shoes, I tried an aftershave that I thought I liked but was wrong Moira thought it smelt of rotten oranges. We came home then did the tour de Gariiguella, as usual via Pepes for a refreshment.
This afternoon we went to Figueres, to ask how my broken pump was, not yet fixed, do something about the light in the bedroom, 4 new light bulbs and starters bought, and to see if someone could get rid of the virus on the phone, it seems it’s possible. Will take the phone to Figueres sooner or later to get sorted.

Cross fingers

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Moira is home she got back Thursday the day before Jonathan and his dad arrived. Friday night we went to Pepes with our guests. Cerrie, Sonny and a couple that are here once in a while they have had there house for over 20 years in Garriguella aparantly it’s changed quite a lot.
Saturday while Moira worked Jonathan, Clive (Jonathans dad) and I went to the botanical gardens in Blane’s and then Cap de Cruz as Jonathan loves it there and he loves to drive which is handy. Sunday they went to France while Moira and I caught up with ourselves. Monday they went to Girona but came back to take us out to eat in Roses.

Courgete spaghetti

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Moira is still in China. It’s a big house to keep tidy and do a full time job.
The weekend went well, Friday night I met up with Cerrie and her mum and dad also Irena and Inger all at Pepes bar. Had a lovely night, must remember that I owe Irena 10 euros. Saturday I wasn’t working, so I went to the market, did a bit of shopping took my time then home. After eating something I attacked the boiler that was being thrown out of Alfred’s house and started to turn it into a little stove. It’s getting there still needs a lot of work though to stop it looking like a bridge job made up of of bits of crap that I have found in our garage.
That evening I got a message from Inger, she was having dinner at Chez Luisette, I went along for a drink and a chat as I had eastern so much while making falafels, peanut butter then a satay sauce that I wasn’t hungry, she hadn’t been invited into Mark and Wendy’s either.
Sunday I was supposed to be meeting up with Tina’s brother to give him the keys to their flat, good excuse to not go anywhere, so I did some gardening in my own garden, for most of the day. Met up with Tina’s brother Tony, had a drink came home, did a bit more gardening then watched tele, after eating what I had meant to eat Saturday night.

No me dejes perder la maravilla

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Moira has gone again, last Wednesday she went to Scotland to sell jewel left and see family and friends, I picked her up from the train station on day midday and this morning she went of to China, it’s all go in this household, the cats are well confused, Sparrow wouldn’t leave her alone yesterday afternoon he was quite vocal about how annoyed he was that she had gone away.
As far I a was concerned, the weekend went quite smoothly after I had planted 5 massive vines for one of Jesus’s clients, I got home here at 7.00. Cracked open a beer and let the weekend begin by falling asleep on the sofa almost immediately after I had eaten something.
Saturday I worked most of the day in the rain and for the evening, there was a football match between Barcalona and Madrid on the tele in the bar, I go for the atmosphere not the football sadly never of the 2 were that inspiring, I had a good night, Barcelona didn’t.
Sunday Irena and I went to Port de la selva for the annual asparagus fair, we had a wander, a drink and some asparagus croquettes then home for some wine in the garden, the excuse was she needed to borrow our sanding machine.
After Irena had gone I did the tour de Garriguella passing by Pepes for a refreshment. Then home for the usual ukulele practice.

Forgotten your password

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Mum and Dad have gone home, in fact they are there as I know because I rang them when I got home after going to drop the pump of with the man who I have been told fixes pumps, he wasn’t the most charming of people, I had prepared loads of stuff to say to him and he wasn’t interested. Your pumps broken ok leave it there, name and number, you can get out by that door.
Moira has also gone, she went to Scotland this morning to sell jewellery. It’s just me and the cats.
After a long weekend of doing hardly anything how comes I’m exhausted. Mum and Dad arrived last Wednesday. Thursday we went to eat at Chez Luisette after I had met up with Joanna to do my intercambio with her mum and dad came along while we were speaking English.
Friday I wasn’t working we went shopping in the morning and in the afternoon Dad and I went to trim a hedge, we stayed in to eat that evening.
Saturday we had to get up early to set up a stall of Moira’s jewellery in the village sherry and doughnut fair, a great day to spend a sunny day watching people go by, chatting to people we knew and every now and then selling some jewellery. Natalie and Andy arrived mid day. That night we went to eat at Can Battle, the first time this year, it hasn’t changed.
Sunday was Natalie’s and Moira’s birthday party, Tina and John where here from France, Sonya and Max and the girls came as well. Irena as well as usual on form, great fun and the bad weather held of.
Monday another day off, we went to Empuria Brava to go on a boat round the canals then to eat in the Italian. We seemed to do a lot of eating this weekend. We ate left overs for the evening.
Tuesday back to work, but Mum and Dad wanted to take s out for a meal, old faithful, the pizza in Roses.

the hat game

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

got my new keyboard from Santa. turning an old but perfectly fine Ipad into with a bit of imagination a laptop.

its the kings and its raining so there will be no processiion through the village, which is a bit of a shame but the singing in the church is going ahead and most important the hot chocolate in the school hall is also going ahead. its a day off tomorrow, hopefully it wont rain as we have no idea what to do when it rains. lived here to long.

the weekend went to sort of to plan seeing as the both of us had a bit of a cold, we soldiered on. Thursday night new years eve, we went to the bar but there was nobody there so we went to Chez Luisette, it was full , we stayed for a couple then went to the bar again with the intention of going to the church square but the Olivie tne owner inited us to take the grapes with him and his 2 friends and the barmaid, we could hardly say no. we went home for a glass of wine before going to the school hall for the party but went to bed instead.

Friday we went for an extended tour de Garriguella, as usual stopping of at Pepes on the way home, Cerrie was there so we stayed for a chat. we went back in the evening as its warm in Pepes bar and we fancied Pepe food to combat colds.

Saturday we went to buy our christmas presents came home had something to eat feed the cats then went to France. we had to go over the mountains with the terrorists rather then go through the motorway border as the queue was from the border back to Figueres. it only added half an hour to the journey. we were being fed in the house of Catherine and Tims near Narbonne as Cathy and John were there, great night was had by all, going to bed at 4 in the morning.

Sunday we got up drunk loads of water and tea then drove home. the border was a breeze, we where home by 2ish. giving us time to eat something put the fire on, go for a small walk then fall asleep in front of the telly.

i woke up having sweated out my cold.



Croquet hoops

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

I’ve got a bonfire going in an old oil can I found near Palua, have got to keep an eye on it as I don’t want the house burning down and to be honest it’s warmer here then in the house.

Christmas weekend, a long one, we didn’t see the sun the whole time, here it’s unseasonably warm. It was great to do a family Christmas again after probably 9 years maybe 10. Moira got lots of presents and a cold and I got amongst other things a new ukulele book, luckily the girl behind us when we went through security at Stanstead let Moira put half her liquid presents in her tray as she only had a lap top to put through. On Christmas Day we happily ate too much, Boxing Day we ate less but finished the day off with a very good takeaway curry. The morning of leaving to come home we ate even less, and had time to pop to sainsburys  for haggis and soya sausage mix so I can finally make a burger in the Mildred’s cookbook. Also got to speak to Farah which was really nice.

now we are home it’s back to work and try and fathom out what the man is talking about in my new uke book.

red tulips

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

We are back home, infact we got home late last night after driving from Barcelona, mid nightish, its not that difficult driving from Barcelona just boring, i came off the motor way at Girona and went along the N11 for a bit of a change of scene.

We had been to Scotland, stunning place but it was nice to get some sun on our faces again today. We stayed at Irenes for the duration. Party the first night at Fionas then back to Irenes for a couple and to gossip about the rest of the people there.

Christmas day we were back at Fionas walking, cooking and chatting, i needed the walk, i made Delias onion and goats cheese tarts with a bit to much sage, for myself, Fiona had started to make something, i had some of the filling at the party. there was pressies as well loads of food not to much wine as i was driving, but i think every one had a good time it was nice to see every one again. then it was back to Irenes to crack open a bottle of wine and discuss how the day had gone.

The last day, and it was back up to Fionas for soup and to say ‘see you later’, thanks to the people i forgot to say thanks to on Christmas day, then in the car and home, a flying christmas visit full of stuffing.

Getting to Barcelona airport was a different story. actually getting to the airport was easy it was Ikea using Moiras tiny map was a bit opf a nightmare, but we found it, sadly, then went to a Castelldefers which is really close to Barcelona airport and is a beach resort with a really long beach where we had late lunch, did a bit of the promenade, watched the sun set, then back to the airport.

The meal after the pool competition was hilarious and i have the video to prove it.

they dont have a subjunctive bone in thier bodies

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Its Sunday evening and im righting the blog because what else is there to do, its bucketing down outside and windy, what did we used to do in London when the weather was like this?probably not much either. We have been to 2 village fairs though today, Llado, the cheese fair, the eweatherhadtaken its toll on the the usual amount of people that turn up, but its was still worth the visit and as usual we came away with a huge lump of parmessan, traditional catalan cheese. and then we came home via Villabertran, just passed Figueres, as it was the stuffed apple fair, it was coming to an end when we got there but there was still a few stalls, the weatheragain hadnt helped the turn out. Moira drove, which she was quite chuffed about.

Last night we stayed in and barbequed veg instead of roasting the veg, to go with cous cous and it worked, we went to Figueres in the morning to my nut lady who im getting the feeling is starting to recognise me, we then went on to the beach at Almadrava.

Friday night was Can Batlle which as always, was nice, the mushrooms where a bit to oily, but wont stop me ordering them again.