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fresh orange juice

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

its wednesday its hot, im having a beer while Moira is cooking rissoto, the cats are in the garden, and the swimming pool is finally clean for the time being.
this time last week the pool wasnt clear, clean or algea free. it took a super dose of floculant to sort it after adding probably far to much chlorine, you live and learn. it sorted itself just in time as this Sunday we had guests for the night. that was Saturday night, Friday night we went to Pepes with Cerrie and Sonny, you can tell its going towards summer as there was more people there eating then usual, which is good for Pepe. Saturday day i worked, pretty much all day, while Moira cleaned the house.
Sunday we went to the cherry fair at Terrades to buy cheese and a Persicaria, i hadnt wanted one before but seeing it in full flower in a clients garden i changed my mind. we also bought some cherries some to be eatern by us, some by the guests and some to spend the rest of their life in the fridge eventually going mouldy.
the guests arrived, a really nice couple, we hardly saw them,and then they went early the next day after Moiras breakfast.
Monday was fiesta in Barcelona which is why we had the guests on Sunday night, sadly it wasnt fiesta in Garriguella.
now it it is truly hot Zumba is starting to be a little bit like hard work as well as fun, when before it was fun.

stop all the clocks

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

it was a beautiful touching funeral. i suppose you had to have been there.

we didnt get to Luton as there was snow on the runway so we where redirected to Stanstead, which got us nearer to Norfolk but too late for dad to come and pick us up and to late to get a train anywhere so we stayed a night in the airport hotel which is pretty much on the runway and eat as much payded for breakfast as we could, dont ask for a hotel room at the information desk in the airport, the hotel is 2 minutes away , we were told there was only 2 rooms left but when we arrived 3 blokes where just about to book in and probably pay less then we did. it wasnt such a disaster, mum and dad picked us up at the airprort on the way up to Norfolk at mid day. we had soup in a whole food shop, i bought some cherry tomato seeds then we went to the crematorium.

now we are home and its traumontana day the house is freezing, it did rain Tuesday the cleaner was right, i still worked is really weird to have cold wet hands again.

terry wogan

Friday, October 10th, 2008

im over to see mum and dada then we are off up to Norfolk to visit Polly and Gary, Betty and i think Lucy and Izzy aswell

its sunny here, no rain, ive picked the right weekend we went to a place called Battlebridga yesterday to look at antiques after a car boot sale where i couldnt buy anything cause i only had a £50 note in my wallet which i had knicked of off Moira before i left, Battle bridge was nice and atlast i had a pint of warm flat beer, the first one for what seems like years.

last night Moynul came over,it was realy nice to see him again, well since his 40th the year before we went to spain, he is the same as always Moynul, but now with 4 kids and a big car.

Monday, December 17th, 2007

had a lovely weekend in london and then wickford. now am fully laden with peanut butter. also got a chance to have the thai salad that i used to love even though it was miles to hot. and have a long chat with thuy which i havent done for ages.

it cost us more to get to my mum n dads by train than it did to fly to and from girona.

i got even more spanish books from nat and dad liked his man bag, we played trivial pursuits and drank cava while watching x factor and celebrity come dancing. it was cold but then its supposed to be cold at this time of year in england so i was dressed for the occasion, and sunday morning we did the crosswords, or tried too before i left for home and moira left for dan and paolos.

got back to a freezing cold house we had rain all weekend here and there was frost on the ground, not in the village but definatly on the outskirts, Cerry said that the man in the cooperativa told her that it might snow this week the first time for 30 years in this village.

ive finally finished painting the shutters, and ive also pruned the bourganvillia, after popping up to see the car mechanic up the road to see if he could fix the slight leak i have, he had a look at it last week and told me it was just water and to keep an eye on the water coolant level, and if i was really worried he might be able to have a look at it this week, but now he has to many other cars to finnish before christmas so i will have to wait until Jan. never mind

im going to put the fire on in a minute and hopefuly it wont have burnt out by the time ive gone and got moira from the airport and dropped some wine in for Ian and Dolors.

hang a christmas tree between your legs

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

we went to england

the first day i spent shopping for Moira and i bought myself a nut cracker so i could have a go at all those almonds that i had aquired while picking olives, it was nice being a tourist in a city that i new so well, with the smell off the fallen leaves, bringing the memory of sweeping them up rushing back to me. once i had dropped the shopping off i found myself going to Hyde park to kick piles of leaves around because i could then strolled back via paddington. we went out that night to see a few of the old friends Farah was there i havent seen her for ages, that was nice and cat and paul who i havent seen since their wedding in wales, and also Graham, scottish graham the one who went off to travel around the world, it was his last night on his round the world trip as he was off back to scotland the next morning. i have to admit i ended up smilling and laughing quite alot that evening.

the next day was a hard day doing stuff with Thuys Graham, taking in a trip to the harlesden tapas bar meeting moira for lunch, and then the next day i went for a pub lunch with graham and paul then home. every morning i managed to get a bit off spanish culture by going into Garciass on portabella road and having a cortado while reading the Vanguardia and trying to listen to the waitresses chatting away.

i bought a book by Orsen wells called ” Homage to Catalonia” which kind of explains why the catalans are little bit like they are.

now im back weve sorted out paying for the kitchen and the chimney, still havent got the bill from the electrician, the swimming pool shop was shut so we didnt pick up the pool cover, i really need to give the pool a good clean out this afternoon. and water the garden as its quite warm again.

12 quid for 4 beers

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Mum and Dads bungalow was nice, massive lawn, in deepest darkest Essex, we did a bit of shopping via currys to try and get a digi box that we can wire up to a satalite dish, i think we have to go through the free sky route what ever that is, as currys didnt have what we wanted although they did have a cable that we can attach moiras laptop to the tv and watch dvds on the tele instead of her small screen, i havent tried it yet though. a bit later on we went for a pub lunch, there is still more choice for vegetarians in england sadly. Next day we had Sunday lunch and then Moira and i went for a curry with jonathan, margot, paulo, cathy and andy, atlast a chance to rant about spanish politics to jonathan and margot. i had forgotten how quickly a hot curry makes an exit. Sunday weather wise was quite a nice day. Monday it was grey, so we wondered around porta-bella and kensington high street not really wanting to buy anything, we did pick up a form to change the address of our driving licenes but didnt fill them in as we would have had to have lied about our address so there wasnt any point, Paulo has a UK driving licence so there is no reason why we cant get a spanish driving licence.

before i left for spain i popped in on an old client to say hello and explain that i probably really wont be coming back to do her garden and to give her her keys back, she said something quite astute that as before while working in england i did 4 days of pretty straight forward work and then 2 days of stuff in other peoples gardens that made it all worth it , now im doing 5 days of reasonably straight forward stuff and 2 days at the weekend in my OWN garden that makes it all worth it. It simplifies the situation a bit but but its pretty much correct.

 on the way home i bought more sun tan lotion , factor 30 and a hard drive, which im going to try and install after this, at this precise moment im not really sure what a portable hard drive does but im sure i will work it out sooner or later.

Fife was fine when i got back, a bit hot i would imagine as it was really humid here last night.

and today was back to work

Friday night we were sitting in the airport due to a 2 n a half hour delay, and, i honestly thought F***K IT lets go home, the flights didnt cost that much, but we didnt, we went to england and had a great weekend.

still got a dirty swimming pool

Monday, May 7th, 2007

we were in Wales and it didnt rain, infact the weather was beautiful, what a fantastic time we all had in beautiful surroundings, it was so nice to see every body again, i dont think i had seen paulo since before christmas. No i cant say how much fun i had, friday night had a sing song with a couple of the older relatives after many a pint of real ale, managed to get every one to sing knees up mother brown, and, when your smilling, and me and my shadow, then saturday night i danced a bit to much as usual. if it wasnt for the fact that the dj kept putting brian adams on i would have never left the dance floor, what a swell party it was. the bride looked lovely and the food was delicious. they did a hog roast, it was amazing, i was sorely tempted to try some, i didnt.

back here and its a bit windy this morning i got to work in 5 minutes and got home in about 40 minutes thanks to the wind at one point i was cycling backwards as it was quicker. my face feels a bit wind burnt

moiras in china

going to wash the bathroom

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

just discoverde you can send a text message for free on the internet, also discoverd the text message memory is full, that will be something to do tomorrow on the train to Norfolk

im going up there with the least amount of tools i can carry, one hoe one rake one broom and one set of loppers all of which fit into one handle, im not even taking a spade as i will have to get moira to bring it back here on the tube as i am going to need it next week. with any luck i wont have to pay for excess luggage this time at the airport, im sure a lot of the other fliers had suitcases that where heavier they certainly looked like they weighed more, i had to stop and think about spelling weighed then, had to rely on the good old, has served me well, never to be forgotten: When England Invaded Germany Hitler Trembled.

Did a couple of gardens today and on the way to the second garden i got chatting to a lady that said she was a plasterer without her van and was walking up the road to view a potential new job, returned my faith in london not that i had lost it i still love london, just love north east spain a bit more.

listening to spanish radio while i am typing, that Artemis Fowl book is great its perfect i can understand whats going on without having to know what all the words mean, a bit like harry potter but much cheekier, and he is a bady rather then an anoying goody two shoes like potter.

going for a curry later popadoms here i come, arh popadoms with onion salad and mango chutney, cant wait and vegetable balti madras hot, and lime pickle aswell with the popadoms.

fingers crossed for tomorrow

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

had a lovely time at thuy and grahams new massive house last night and had chinese take away, some beer some cava and some vodka with some thin coke, and tia ran for miles up and down their vast cavanous hallway.

got a cab home

had a nice day today it wasnt raining, listened to the sound of music again in spanish, i am loving it i listened to it yesterday and the day before that aswell , im kind of understanding bits aswell now, i wonder if they do west side story in spanish or the rocky horror show, if they did the rocky horror show in spanish i would be fluent in a week, apparently ‘far es lejos en ingles’.

i bought dry roasted peanuts that were warning me to beware because they contain celery, are there people really with celery allergy, their lives must be hell, can you get vegetable stock without celery in it?, the pack aslo said beware this product may contain nuts which is fair enough as peanuts are as we all know are peas and not nuts at all.

im actualy thinking that this being a gardener in spain has improved my gardening in london, im not in as much of a hurry, not thinking i need to get this finished so i can get to the next job, that could be because im going to have to get the tube or a bus or walk some distance to the next job, so there isnt a next job, maybe im just enjoying my job again, which is nice.

finished printing the photos of the gardens i have worked in and have got round to photographing over the years, needless to say it hasnt taken very long to print them off.

im off to pack more boxes

one of those bulbs that are supposed to last for ages has just blown

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

horrible day weather wise today. the garden i was in was sodden, but not so bad i couldnt work in it, the compost heaps needed turning for example, also there was loads of this compost that a couple of my clients buy that is supposed to composted horse bedding, it definately is that but its saw dust rather then straw, saw dust is freer draining then straw so doesnt hold as much of the good stuff that straw holds on to, and im not sure how composted it is, but they think the stuffs great so i hapilly cover the flower beds with it, wont dig it in though, because if it isnt really composted it will take all the available nitrogen from the soil. it also stinks.

got the tube to work today, another one of those why didnt i do this before, i could have saved loads of money.

i think we shall go down the pub tonight, so i can have some warm flat beer in big glasses.