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Aurora took a holiday

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Natalie and Andy are here. and we have done loads this weekend. we have eaten the sweetcorn harvest, which consisted of 2 slightly deformed very sweet sweetcorn form 8 plants, i think i should keep an eye on the black fly next year. we went to the beach so Nat and Moira could look at naked men after going to Roses, that was on Sunday, on Saturday we went to Figueres market in the morning then the sky diving place in Empurio Brava for the afternoon, we stayed there a while and saw the bloke we meet when we first came over here from Perth. that night we made tomato pasta with tomatoes from the garden and i mixed crushed almonds with mine Moira and Nat had clams and Andy had sausage. we have decided to buy decent pasta these days as we eat such  a small amount its worth the bother.

Friday night we went to Cafe colon sadly they didnt have any chocolate cake its been such a long time since i have had a goats cheese salad it was very welcome. we then went up to Pepes bar for some after dinner drinks.

Nat bought me over loads of books in spanish like alice in wonderland and treasure island that should keep me going for a while and Mum sent over a holster for me secauters now i need to wear it in a bit.

Andys learnt how to plat palm leaves while he has been here while Nat floated around in the pool. and i bought myself a purple Datura while in Figueres. and last night we all went for a swim in the pool at 10 in the evening as it was still warm enough.