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need to go to tescos

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

this is it, we are off, see you all later

the van is packed and jonathans got the maps and some dodgy music for the journey please dont let him buy a neil diamond album, crackling rosey half way along a frenh autoroute would be a bit much.

baked potatoes

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

just finnished a garden off Harley Street that i have been maintaining pretty much weekly for 14 years, never again yeh.

it looks like the offer has been excepted, but at the moment it wont be empty until May, atleast we know weve got it, now we have got to get a mortgage, sign the contract for this place move everything over there and find a place to rent for a couple of months, if all goes well we will be in by my birthday, or we will have just moved in then have to go to Wales for Cat and Pauls wedding, thats not actually “a have to” its more “a want too.” im all excited

Moira is a bit freaked out, well she was at lunch time, couldnt eat her sandwich, she managed to eat it in the end, shes walking home at the moment that will help clear her head.


Had a bit of a drink with friends last night to say good bye , well hopefuly more like See you later, but it was fun, had a long chat with Sarah, Nats even more excited then me. this Saturday nights going to be  funny one when Jonathan goes back home, he will probably be glad to see the back of me.

Natalie got me a spanish bed time storybook for children with a reading age of 8 its brilliant and not too difficult to read, my spanish seems to be going well at the moment but then im not having to speak it to anyone yet. tomorrow tomorrow  i love yer tomorrow youre always a day away.

brazilian drum n base

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

woke up this morning with my mind spinning.

went to sevenkings for probably the last time

i think tomorrow we are going to put in an offer for the house in Garriguella.

it is in Castello

Friday, January 26th, 2007

moral dilema

what should i do, what would i have done if i wasnt moving to spain, my instinct tells me to do it, but it could be a matter of life or death, they looked great in autumn thanks to the orangey light, but am i doing it because i know this will be my last visit and i want to leave the place tidy, if i get it wrong it would bother me for ages, is it a matter of pride, when would i normaly have done it, probably now, but what if the weather changes for the worst. i cut the two Miscanthus zebrinus down in the end, and to be honest it looked fine, is was looking grey and old as opposed to golden in the autumn.

i found out today that the winter of 1946-47 were the coldest ever, the lady telling me her story said they had to burn the soil from the shed floor, she was completely snowed in and had burnt most of the furniture. it lasted for weeks,they were tough back then. she then wished me luck in spain and strolled away trying to spot the bird she could hear with her new hearing aid.

going for a thai

what do i want for my dinner

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

said goodbye to a really nice Iranian family whose garden i have maintaining for atleast 5 years. every body is so happy for us, and wishing us well, especially the gardener whose number  i have passed onto some of my clients.

picked up a load more boxes from moiras job of work, at first i thought we would have to many, then i remembered moiras shoe collection. its amazing how much stuff you collect. we are quite good at every so often chucking stuff we dont use away and yet i keep finding stuff that should have been thrown away years ago stuff i didnt even know we had. i need to go through my van at some point, thats bound to have old tools stashed in the corners that i will never ever need, i know there is atleast two shovels in there, how many shovels can one man use? also loads of bits of land scape fabric left over from old jobs, and enough bin liners to last for an average house hold with three kids, years.




snow snow snow snoooow

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

when driving on the continent one should always carry 2 safety triangle thingies,a spare set of bulbs and the fuses that go with, a first aid kit, the Ray Mears book on bush craft, and you also need head light deflectors.

took apart the book case today and our bed for easy transit. then got a bit sad, the cat is really freaked out as she generally lives under the bed in the winter. there are boxes everywhere if this sale doesnt go through we would never sell the flat the state its in at the moment.

went for a swim to clear the head. i wouldnt say i was a strong swimmer, i can front crawl till the cows come home or i get bored, but i often get overtaken by grannys doing breaststroke. maybe its the drag my chin creates that slows me down.

 I didnt work today, im much better when im working, its so much easier to think when you are digging.

must get intouch with moynul

transfering money

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Kiss the day goodbye

and hang on till tomorrow

we did what we had to do

and i wont forget

what i did for love

what i did for love

look my eyes are dry


cant remeber the rest until the grand finaly, were it goes into

cant forget

wont regret

what i did for love

what i did for love

then Natalie and i think Kate would kirtsy then do that skip and run that only dancers do when leaving the stage.

funny what you remember while sweeping.


pruned the harley street fushia for the last time, it was a bit early but the thing was budding already infact the Acacia delbata was starting to flower already which normaly happens late Feb early March.


new tyre

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

got an acrylic scarf today

one of the gardens i have been doing for a couple of years. a very nice family from Chile. i always get a cup of coffee and a pile of biscuits every visit. she had got me a christmas present, last year i got a bottle of wine, this year i got a long acrylic scarf from china. shed had obviosly been bought it not wanted it and thought, i know i will give it to adam as its often cold in the garden in the winter. to be honest i was quite grateful of it today, a bit itchy though.

that was the last time i will ever go in that garden. its going to be week of that, i dont think i care either. the garden im doing tomorrow i have been visiting pretty much weekly from 1995, will prune the roses and the fushia so sarah who is taking over doesnt have to do it. i quite like pruning roses.

with any luck we will sign the contract on this flat by the end of this month.

driving to spain

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

just gave oxfam about 7 or 8 sainsburys bags full of books that i have over the years read and then kept inorder to show people that i had read these books, some of them quite hard going, in an attempt to prove that i am quite clever really, nobody was fooled. from now on im only going to read books in spanish which should keep me to half a book a year at the going rate. shame because weve got such a lovely book case thats just crying out to filled.

kept all my gardening books though, thats two boxes full so far, not including the odd 7 that im going to be taking to spain in the van to help me through the first month.

moiras tidying the house.

singing in the rain

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

freaked out from ilford

ive just booked a one way ticket on the euro tunnel in order to get to spain on the 1st febuary.

i have been offered a bit of work, only part time but its a foot in the door, paid work for feb then, at the moment, work inorder to keep our rent low in an appartment that we can put fife in, the cat not the kingdom, during march.


ive never driven that far before.

this is for real now. origanaly i wasnt going to drive over there and leave the van here so i could do some work once every 6 weeks in England. thats not going to happen now except for two clients that live near each other in London. i have got to come back at the end of feb for jocks 80th birthday party up in fife, the kingdom not the cat. so i could fit a couple of days of work in either side of the flights up to scotland.

moira is staying here for feb mainly because her work is here and we havent yet completed on the flat. thank god for skype.

next time i come to london im going to be a tourist. im going to be able to press the door open button on the tube without feeling a fool, then hang around outside the tube station looking lost. i will be able to stand in the queue at madam taussords for ages, i might even be able to spell madam taussards. how cool is that.