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one of those bulbs that are supposed to last for ages has just blown

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

horrible day weather wise today. the garden i was in was sodden, but not so bad i couldnt work in it, the compost heaps needed turning for example, also there was loads of this compost that a couple of my clients buy that is supposed to composted horse bedding, it definately is that but its saw dust rather then straw, saw dust is freer draining then straw so doesnt hold as much of the good stuff that straw holds on to, and im not sure how composted it is, but they think the stuffs great so i hapilly cover the flower beds with it, wont dig it in though, because if it isnt really composted it will take all the available nitrogen from the soil. it also stinks.

got the tube to work today, another one of those why didnt i do this before, i could have saved loads of money.

i think we shall go down the pub tonight, so i can have some warm flat beer in big glasses.


jamaican patties

Monday, February 26th, 2007

sorry i was in Scotland last weekend, i wasnt sorry i had a lovely time, but it meant i didnt get a chance to do my blog.

im back now, and doing a few days of work in england, im back in spain this sunday, i have left my van in the very much cheaper 24 hour carpark just outside the airport, hope its still there, its parked there for 4 euros a day as apposed to 6.75 euros, i will let you work out the saving. jonathans coming round this evening to pick up his duty free fags.

had my first day of work in london and got the bus half the way then continued on foot it only took half an hour, why didnt i do that before instead of driving. tomorrow i have got to get on the tube with a small push lawn mower aswell as the tools in my rucksack. i am quite looking forward to, sarah told me, infact i think Frank himself has told me that in the early 70s as a young gardener in london he used to take a petrol mower on the tube to get to jobs.

snowdrops have nearly finished i have missed the snowdrops still the crocuses are coming up.

we heard to day that the mortgage in spain has been accepted which is fantastic news, now, unless something horrible happens we have pretty much definately got the house we want, and once i have downloaded sound of music onto my mp3 nothing could be better.

i going to be the IT department for moira now that will be fun.


Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

today was the day to top all days i found a copy of the “sound of music” in spanish. its called sonrisas y lagrimas, which translates as smiles and tears, dont ask me why. i have to admit Julie Andrews doesnt sing aswell when she is singing in spanish.

at the moment the bank is doing its best at confusing us asking for daft things which they could have mentioned ages ago, still they are not as bad as the inland revenue, after 6 years of being self employed they still dont know my address when it has got nothing to do with me paying them.

i also bought the spanish version of Artemis Fowl another kids book, the alchemist is just a bit to much at the moment and although i got through ulysises adventures they got a bit boring towards the end, should have known as they are not that excitng in english either once you get past the bits that have been on the tele as cartoons.

slogging my way through that wine i dont fancy red wine risotto now we have got risotto rice as moira has squireled some over, red wine risotto is a meal best served amongst friends and not to the sounds of a spanish Julie Andrews.

what else did i do today?, went to get diesel and a new bulb for one of the head lights, one good thing about it being illegal to drive without spare bulbs is you can get them in every petrol station. then i went to Carrefour to wash the van (furgenetor) in spanish and see what they had to sell aswell as food and light bulbs for the van you can get telles, bikes, tents and just about any thing else you would want, even the sound of music in spanish.

flying home tomorrow then straight upto scotland for jocks birthday, what with my tools and the thermal underwear there is not much room for anything else.


happy birthday jock

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

well. yesterday Angel asked me if in march i would accept a temporary contract for 10 hours a week? i said yes offcourse

its a start, and according to the english lady, who has been here for 30 years and speaks spanish perfectly and still hasnt lost her london accent even when talking in spanish, she said that Angel has quite a problem with his thyroid and is looking at having an operation, so it looks like there will probably be more then 10 hours work a week, i suppose 10 is the maximum he can offer for tax reasons or something. im sounding very mercenary i know but by me working for Angel i am also helping pay his social security as anyone registered as self employed has to pay just over 200 euros a month whatever they earn.

bought 5 litres of wine to celebrate, 5 litres at 1,6 euros a litre, then realised i probably wont have the time to drink it as im going to scotland this weekend, so not only am i drinking it im cooking with it aswell, tomorrow is going to be red wine rissoto, today is red wine flavoured lentil burgers with red wine flavoured mash potato and a reduced red wine and tomato sauce.

cycled to roses to order a mortgage and find out how long it will take until we know for sure that they are going to give us the said mortgage, then Angel called and asked if i could do some work, so i cycled back avoiding the meandering back roads which i intended on taking. i had a tree stump to dig out, thank god for my mattock and sledge hammer that i decided to bring over in the van, otherwise i would probably still be there digging away, then this afternoon after a short burst of emailing and a bit of spanish learning i went to have my haircut. a short back and sides was called for and knocked out in record time as i had interupted him while he was painting the front of his house 2 doors down the road and he obviously wanted to get back to it before it got dark. didnt do a bad job though.

i get payed tomorrow

i love it here

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

when your smiling

when your smiling

the whole world smiles with you

when your laughing

when your laughing

the sun comes shining through

but when your crying

you bring on the rain

so stop that sighing

be happy again

when your smiling

when your smiling

the whole world smiles with yououououuuuuu….

(one more time building upto a crescendo)

oh when your smiling

when your smiling

the whole world smiles with you

when your laughing

oh when your laughing

the sun comes shining through

but when your crying

you bring on the rain

so stop that sighing

be happy, dont forget that

when your smiling

when your smiling

the whole   world    smiles             with              youououououououououoouuoouououou…….

why dont sea gulls get cold feet?

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

moiras on her way home will be seeing her this friday so it wont be so long this time. its still bucketing down which is good for this part of the world but a bit of a shame when one wants to wander aimlessly round Girona, Girona is pronounced Girona, the G sounds like a J not a H, if you say Girona with an H you are not from these parts, you are from Spain not Catalonia. It only takes just over half an hour from here and you are in Girona by small red van that is, the same small red van that doesnt really like having to go up hills.

mora has just text me she is going to be delayed by 2 hours.

we have payed for another month in this apartment. and i have been given a list of things to do before i go back to London.

im going bald

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

today was the childrens carnival in Roses


didnt blog yesterday, moira is here and we had stuff to do, like go to the bank and go to the bar and go for a walk which ended up taking about 4 hours then go to the bar then go out for a meal. going out for a meal, the man or women that invented goats cheese salad should become the patron saint of all vegetarians it is a life saver in pretty much all restaurants in France and a lot in Spain, and its a well balanced meal with protein, carbohydrates and a good portion of greens, if you are lucky you can order some chips to go with it vegetartian man can live on salad and chips alone, this one, personaly, may need some peanut butter now and then, wasnt it jack kerourak (or whatever his name is) that said that man could live off peanut butter and lettuce, and offcourse he would know.

with moira here ,and im not complaining, i havent had a chance to do any yoga or do my reading exercise infront of the mirror, i did impress her though because Joan who incedently has given me a new format for my CV as i said before for the spanish market, something like

my name is adam cole im sort of a gardener that will get to you tomorrow more or less i smile alot though and i know the lady in the bread shop, then put in the experience thing, like, ive worked a bit in a couple of gardens over the years, ive got to know the man that cleans the streets and he says that i am a good gardener also i have been to the childrens carnival in Roses. my qualifications dont really translate, and some where in there i fit in that i am looking for work but hay! when ever you have the time.

Joan now speaks to me in spanish and i understand most of it , i must ask him to speak a bit slower as the words take a while to get from my ear to the part of my brain that unconditionaly understands Spanish and if one of the words gets a bit lost and ends up in the bit of my brain that understands spanish but likes to translate it into english, it slows me down even more. anyway Moira was impressed.

its raining today.

tomato sauce or tomato ketchup

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

we have exchanged on our flat, atlast, and tomorrow it looks like moira is signing over the deposit on the place out here. wow.

im picking moira up later from the airport

rewrote my CV but Joan and Nuria wanted me to email it to them so they could re order it for the spanish market, luckily the landscape gardeners in the village were closed when i went passed earlier to hand in my attempt at a CV.

I did see a gardeners van today obviously british. all the writing on the van was in english, i gave him a call but wasnt expecting an answer machine actualy i dont know what i was expecting, i managed to say my name is Adam i am looking for work and gave him my phone number all in spanish i have you know, forgot to mention i was a gardener, but there you go next time i will get it right.

thats pretty much all ive done today, oh except get a new spare tyre which i was in desperate need off

i have also taken to standing infront of the mirror and reading out loud from the bedtime story book Natalie got me just to practice actually speaking i was told to do it ages ago in my first spanish lesson now i wish i had listened.

right im off to buy some Cava so we can celebrate tonight when Moira gets here.


Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

dont know what happend then but i was half way through writing a blog and it dissapeared, going to have to start again now, i wasnt very good any way it was about stuff like being happy clearing weeds from around vines and thinking how i was going to explain to Angel about the gulf stream, but i never got the chance because he didnt ask me how i new about pruning vines i also mentioned that we still hadnt exchanged our flat in London, but it was pretty much the fault of the buyers solicitor taking her job to seriously and the estate agents being rubbish, i also mentioned how its a shame that we we not allowed to prune the whysteria properly and i think that was it.

i also went on about how i had a bad spanish day which aparantly according to an english teacher i met is that it can happen , bit anoying though, usually its my terrible use of english that creates mistakes. im trying to say “ive done it” rather then ” i have done it” which is better and would make translating into spanish a lot easier. never mind

also today was my last day in the garden that got me out here on the 1st of Febuary, and im not working tomorrow but there is work for me on Friday which is a bit of a shame because Moiras here, but i cant really turn down work just yet, especially as i probably wont have any work next week.

and that Nuria had rewriten my Cv for me mainly correcting where i had conjugated the verb wrong and making bits sound better then the way i had writen them there was a few of the original bits that she left untouched, i will pop round there tomorrow so she can check the new attempt.

home made harrisa

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

im a bit preoccupied tonight as im trying to retranslate my C.V. into better spanish then it was before, hard landscaping does not translate as difficult landscaping.

i was going to have a rant about toilet cleaner and the deadly germs that supposedly hang around the rim of our toilets but not tonight. i need to go down the bar as it has been atleast two night since i was there last, to be honest unit for unit i probably drink less there then in the apartment but its the fact that im getting out which is important. and to be honest the tele here isnt the best tele in the world.

i found a web site that has gardening blogs on it, i would put mine on it but it would be a bit of a con as i hardly mention gardening at all. although today before watering the palm we planted i created a hollow so the water wouldnt run away and go to waste.