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adams nuts

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

i didnt do my blog yesterday as i couldnt be bothered and alsio i got home at seven had a shower then a beer popped to the shop to buy some nuts and buy then it was 8.00 so i left it untill today im going to have a quick stir fry when i finnish so i wont be eating at 9.30 again.

it was sunny today it seem this is a bit of a micro climate here every where else in spain its raining but because of the wind that comes from the north it blows the rain away, it does rain but not as much as the rest of the north of spain. micro climate is a good couple of words in spain as they are completely the same in spanish but pronounced diferently area is another one but the first a has a tilda over it or accent depending onwhat you call it.

gardeners are funny about the weather especially here in england it doesnt take long before the average gardener takes on an “Oh well maybe tomorrow what can you do” kind of attitude here when someone mentions the weather they take on a kind of fart away look  and pronounce that the wind will be over tomorrow or it will stop raining in a couple of hours or like yesterday its going to rain for the rest of the day. mostly they get it slightly wrong but then it is the weather a law unto itself but now and then they get it right due to the law of averages and then you get that knowing sideways nod as to say i told you. i personaly dont care what the weathers doing at the moment aslong as it warms up a bit for next week. actually it was pretty warm this afternoon had to wear the baseball cap again, its taking on the look of a gardeners hat which helps and also when you are working outside you dont often sees mirrors so i havent a clue what i look like, and nobodys fallen about laughing yet excerpt when i try and say something a bit complicated.

ive been driving a new bloke to work the last 2 days its amazing how quickly “where do you come from” “how long have you been a gardener” and sentences like that which i have learnt are used up and its down to the nitty gritty like how much the beer in london costs luckily nobody hear seems to like football much which is really surprising for round here as there is about 3 newspapers a day soley about football. but then maybe its a agardener thing we prefer looking at flowers rather then fit young men running about in shorts after a ball. where was i? his name is miguel this morning was classic its only the 2 off us working on the treesso we went to the bar for coffee on our own i had a coffee con lech, breakfast coffee he had a sandwich which he knew was called a sandwich 3 glasses of red wine and right at the last minute a quick coffee and he was the one driving the machine that he used to cut the tops of the trees luckily he only had another 2 glasses of wine at lunch time or i would haver been worried. nice bloke though and more then happy to chat to some bloke from england with appaling pronunciation and appaling spelling aswell.

somehow or other ive become one of the drivers of the team which is great cause it feels a bit more superior even if it isnt and i have got the oldes smallest van which suits me, i getting the hang of reversing with the trailer. its called a ramonque at first i thought they where talking about a vegetabl of some kind now i know what it means there is a b word that is used when the ramonque is full and needs to be emptied but i dont remember that one but as soon as the ramonque is full i know the b word is will to be used soon.


eduardo del manos tijeras

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

its called a cortado con baileys

had a go in one of those lift thingies they have on the back of lorries to prune the tops of cyprus trees, its a good job im not afraid of heights we also had to plant a few more cyprus trees before the morning coffee i still cant get over how rich these people that live on the golfcourse must be and we are looking after there holiday home there equivelant of a caravan so to speak and most of them are massive, how big must there actual homes be? and does anyone really need a house that big to rattle around in?

lunch was baked eegs today after a plate of boiled potatoes and green beans it wasnt the kitchens best day.

im working my way through all the food in our apartment im going to finnish of the pasta tonight, popped into the butchers to buy some goats cheese on the way here and had a little chat about us buying a house in Garriguella and being a gardener working for Projardi, you know the usual stuff, it was smelling a bit to much like a butchers today, that kind of sweet cloying smell that uncooked meat has. it didnt turn my stomach but just made me even more glad i dont have to eat that stuff.

nuts for breakfast tomorrow.

i hate the fact that the clocks have gone back its dark in the morning when i have to get up now.

hombre libre

Monday, March 26th, 2007

what have i done today and yesterday, yesterday i cycled to figueres, the english bloke that i work with lives there so i did a bit of a cycle round just get to know the streets and stuff then popped into his for a coffee and to meet the wife and kids. hes a nice bloke although he does like frank zapper and led zeplin and the likes but then thats not his fault i know loads of over people with the same problem and they are all alright, no visible ticks or strange habits.

the vegetarian meal at lunch today was the best option although it was not really an option as you get what you are given but apparently the fish was more like 2 week old dolphin fin.

one of the guys had a short black coffee this morning with baileys in it, this was for breakfast, he was the one driving aswell, nobody gave a monkeys, its got to be tried though once i find out what to ask for as you dont just ask for a coffee here, there is loads of diferent ways of taking your coffee.

i was wearing the baseball cap today, i had to, well i didnt have to today because it was mainly overcast but if i dont wear a hat of some sort and going to end up with squinty eyes and crows feet the size of crows feet, im nearly at the end of my factor 30 and its not even summer yet. i even had the baseball cap on back to front at one point bit of a cool dude i am, the problem with baseball caps is that you cant see upwards as the peak is in the way so when you are trimming a hedge and need to reach above the head one needs to turn the baseball cap round, honest guv.

i also got to drive the van with the trailer and had a go at reversing i jack knifed a couple of time before i got the hang of it, actually im not sure i have got the hang of it yet its not as easy as it looks, i know what i need to do but doing it is a different matter all together.

off to buy some mushrooms

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

back in the internet caff and its getting busy it seems the whole town is here well all the young men atleast. went to get my credit card today from the bank and book us into the campsite, the bungalow is a bit small so im hoping for good weather, it does have wifi access though and a pool for moira to practice using a pool when she wants, she will have to wait for them to fill it though and remove the crisp packets.

ive bought another artemis fowl book as i wasnt getting on with the terry prachet the language is just a bit to hard for me at the moment.

matrix is on the tele tonight that should be fun in spanish.

i have had to dump all my tools in yasminas and jons new house they have bought in Garriguella that they intend to do up and sell on to people like moira and myself, should work if they do it right as the house has potential.. the tools went becuase moira has squireled stuff over while i wasnt looking and know we have more then a van full in the appartment, god knows where its going to go in the bungalow as its a bit pokey, almost smaller then the caravans at shell bay, where they heated i cant remeber. ive also checked how long it will take me form garriguella to castello in the morning i will have to leave at 7 probably to get there in time. also had a look at the hotel its very nice with amazing views over the whole area. sebastion is the owners name, and more then likely speaks english better then i speak spanish but i struggled on, i dont think i told him i would eat his aunt.

ive just discovered they have skype on this computor.

the driver is always in the middle of the road

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

this edition is being writen in an internet caff as moira has gone to new york with the, no her i must admit laptop, and she has gone for a week, which is a shame but it wont be as bad for me as before because atleast now i am working and have people to talk to, as there is not only catalan to be spoken at work but spanish and english, its great before in england when moira was away i could go days without talking to anyone, which can make one a little crazy. but now there is loads of people to talk to , today i discused whether the americans actually went to the moon, well i kind of nodded and said yes a few times but i understood what was being said to me and i although i agree with him its nice to think that the americans did actually go to the moon , well it makes the americans happy believing they did it so whats wrong with that.

i told my boss today that i will eat his aunt, i didnt mean to but the word i was trying to say came out all wrong, funnily enough i was trying to say i will make mistakes when i try and speak spanish a bit ironic, instead i said i will eat his aunt he found it hilarious as he knows im a vegetarian and i cant really eat his aunt.

one more week in castello then we are off to live in a bungalow on a campsite with jonathan for a while, im off to the campsite tomorrow to pay a deposit in cash off course.

when i started with this job of work i ate in the buffet come restaurant near the job but soon realised it would be only me eating there as the bar gave you to eat what it gave you to eat and that was were every one else ate. after two days i mentioned i would rather eat in the bar and just have a sandwich or something, like salad or omelete, today i had my third omelete and salad meal but atleast i can listen to every one talking and try and understand whats being said also as it is catalonia wine is served but most of the guys mix it with lots of water, nobody here cares how much or what you drink or even when, its just not an issue, being a vegetarian is hardly an issue aswell. but with all the salad im eating with fruit for afters im going to be the healthiest gardener alive. what is slightly strange is that i have gone from being a boss of my own buiseness to the new boy with stuff to learn, the thing is there is stuff to learn and im hear to learn it so bring it on.

nada que caca

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear Moira

happy birthday to you

bought another five litres

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

it really was windy today and quite cold and yet still sunny i know because i think i have burnt the backs of ears, especially the left ear. spent the hole day cutting hedges, which is fine, nothing i havent done before and spoke to on of the owners of a big house on the golf course who was relieved that i spoke english quite well as he wanted to lower the height a bit, then his dad popped out for a chat and called me a “frog and toad” which i know is just rhyming slang, but for what i havent a clue, he also told me we could fly scotair to glasgow or from glasgow depending on which way you are going. im not sure he realises but the bloke that employed me is a shrewd cookie because a lot of the home owners on the site are either british or speak English better then Spanish. hes gave me a contract today so once i sign it i will be pretty much a resident as i am paying tax in this country now. im going to read the contract tonight its in catalan so it will take me a while.

lunch today consisted of a lot of onions and red peppers, fine by me, my nuts escaped to the bottom of my bag so i wasnt able to eat them this morning.


moira likes my mug

Monday, March 19th, 2007

first day at work well no i have already been working here but its the first day working for projardin and its fine all the blokes im working with are really nice when its raining which it was this morning you stop for coffee, discovered cortado which is a bit like a maciata in italy, expresso with a dash of milk served in a small glass why does coffee served in a glass taste better, dont know. it stopped raining and we worked till one then to a local buffet a glass of wine then a couple of glasses of wine watered down, with water funnily enough, another coffee then back to the cafe we went to this morning for another coffee, then work at six i drive home in a van belonging to the company which doesnt lock but it doesnt seem to bother any one im not sure even if i should be driving it, but my concern just doesnt translate, ive got the keys so i am driving, simple. and when i wanted to ask if it was ok my spanish which was going fine all day decided to go home before me and leave me there stuttering some rubbish which probably meant nothing at all, whats worse because they are such nice people they are trying to help which is making me even more confused, so i drove home got lost on the way, but i have got it sust now which is good because i have got to find my way back tomorrow in the morning.

but for me its perfect i get fed and watered, i get to work, i get to learn spanish and understand catalan, and i get paid. whats wrong with that. its funny though because its not me making the decisions now which for the time being is fine as ive got alot of language learning to keep my mind occupied.



he’s seventy

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

got up late and checked emails nothing from the campsite but then this is spain and this is sunday, skyped mum while they were packing, should take a while, natalie was up in the loft emptying it of stuff, there is probably more stuff up there then there was in our whole flat and it will have that musty smell with a hint of insulatian material and just a bit of dust. still no news from the campsite but then, like i said its sunday. i rang them mainly because i wanted to cancel the nice man in hotel canet as soon as possible, and because it is sunday the lady that speaks english wasnt in and why should she be, but the nice lady, i think, said that it should be no problem as it is very tranquil at that time of year a lot of stuff is tranquil over here. so i cancelled the man at hotel canet, sorry jonathan, and then we went for lunch in figueres.

we met one of moiras friends from scotland actually she is fionas friend, she lives in pepignan in france,they where at the border when we left castillo and they took the highroad while we took the low road and they got to figueres before us. it was one of those frenchy like restaurants but very nice food i had truffles well they said i had truffles on the menu, but being a bit of a truffle connoisseur as i am i couldnt taste them but still it was very nice, but a wee bit small. luckily the shops were shut as moira was feeling much better today and if you want to buy shoes pants and perfume come to figueres.

i start work tomorrow, its that sunday afternoon feeling when you know its still your day off but the next day is monday and monday usually means work (someone please explain this to graham for me) so even though you want to really relax you cant really, it used to hit me about antique road show time in london. im a bit numb to what is going to happen tomorrow, after all those years of working in other peoples gardens i know i can deal with the gardening side of things, i used to worry lots but a guy i worked with once, who was a bit of a hippy admitedly pretty much, laughed at me and told me that with my experience i will know what to do went i get there. its the language barrier that will be the problem but apart from the tap, tapon thing with angel that hasnt been a problem either. you can look up Navata on google world and the big golf course to the right is where i am going to be tomorrow.

and now its beer time

the mango chutney has arrived

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

picked moira up from the airport then we went to Girona to look in clothes shops and furniture shops,managed to avoid shoe shops but she is not feeling herself due to packing up the flat and stuff.

last night i discovered that we were going to have to be out of this apartment by the 31st of march which meant there would be a 10 day gap before we were able to move into garriguella. this morning i went to all the hotels in the village also asked the campsite near garriguella if there was a place to stay and yasmina was also on the case asking her cousin whether he had a apartment in roses we could stay in. the campsite looks like it has a bugalow to rent, only one of the hotels in Castello had a room and yasminas cousin did some shuffling and we have a place to stay there aswell. moira fancies the campsite, which is cool by me and also jonathan who will be in the country helping with the black money that we have recently found out the bank will provide for us, i nearly fell of my bike when the lady in the bank asked me what we were doing with the b money.

i made home made houmus last night without tahini and without a good liquidiser but i liked it and because they where soaked chick peas rather then tinned it tasted almost like the humous you can buy in those near eastern run corner shops, you can get tahini here but its a bit expensive and its fine without it but for being a bit dry, but then i could add some more olive oil, as there is anough of it here. i wonder what they would say if i told someone here that when i was young olive oil was for cleaning your ears. im getting to know the road to the airport quite well

its saturday night.