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Sunday, April 29th, 2007

i apoligise but ive had some wine. i was laying in bed this morning feeling great after a couple of days of having a dodgy tummy but this morning i felt fine not a hundred percent but enough for sunday morning. there where two birds chating on the church tower and i was trying to work out how i could fit sobre la luna (over the moon ) into a sentence, i also tried to translate “right as rain” whats that about? right as what rain? and why is rain right?. we got up and i went of to the shop for papers a bottle of cava a bar of chocolate and a honey melon. then i went to dump the washing machine, the old one as we had bought a new one yesterday, it was about 15 years old it probably deserved a better ending then an old escort van then a small village dump. the new ones fab but the tap was leaking, the last owner was a surgeon obviously an intelligent bloke but yet he would rather put a bucket under a leaking tap then tighten a small nut. once i had plumbed in the washing machine i tydied the garden then skyped dad as it is his birthday today. they are moving soon aswell.

we also bought a new tele yesterday only to find that that the cable to the arial had been cut, not a problem as i had unwittingly pruned a few tv arial cables in my time and know how to sort it. but its now late on sunday night and the house is finally looking that someone lives here and not just moved in.

ive been changing plugs it seems its only the english that have fueses in plugs, oh we changed our oven aswell the gas one was just to awfull and yasmina and john had one in the new house they had bought so i went over to pick it up great its electric i thought as moira hates gas, chucked it in the back of the van and got it home but the plug is too big for our plug sockets, need to buy an adaptor, we went to Cafe colon instead they made me a special salad. moirfa was going to make quiche if the new oven had worked.

also my computor doesnt want to go wireless anymore, something to do with not knowing an address.

things to do next week.

buy a socket for the cooker


go to a wedding in wales

and clean the swimming pool



poco a poco

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

just put up the bookcase as all the furniture arrived today, and tomorrow my boss is coming round to have a look at the swimming pool, weve also been offered a better water heater and another oven, one of the guys i work withs uncle is a central heating bloke so he will come and look in a months time thats if we dont sort it out before hand. weve also discovered hot water in the room by the swimming pool. ive also changed a few plugs to continental.

but let me tell you about the notaria, it was like being in a bank to start with then we all went into a room all ten of us, me moira the notary yasmina the official translator smelly josey the estate agent, the bank manager and the bank managers helper a bloke we didnt know who he was the owner and his wife, i think that is it. it was all very formal with only moira and myself, yasmina and the notary smilling the owner didnt look happy when the notary read out the banks valuation of the house, but then the notary asked me if i wanted a document photocopied, he left, it all went quite a nod, yasmina saying now in spanish and then the black money was handed over the wife counted the money then the notary returned as if nothing had happened.

welcome to catalonia


the bank manager in the back of the van

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

weve moved in.

as predicted he has left a load of furniture that we dont want, but not so much wed cant deal with it we have already offloaded a pile of tintin videos to john and a childs buggy. ive swepped and mopped all the floors except the hall ways as the rest of the furniture is hopefully arriving tomorrow.and now we are going to eat goats cheese salad and chips well i am moira is having eggs with chips and salad, i dont know what the chips will be like as we bought fry yourself chips instead of oven chips, might be a bit like school dinners chips. maybe we wont be having chips as the gas has gone out on the really old gas oven. i think we might have to buy a cheap electric oven.

and the hot water is not working to good basically it was a holiday home so a week of luke warm showers wasnr going to bother them in the summer.

to be honest im shattered im not used to having to go further then the understairs cupboard for a screw driver and not down stairs in garage, fife is not to keen on the stairs either, she keeps slipping poor freaked out thing.

but atlast we have a house with an address



whats a codec number?

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

moiras doing her books so ive grabbed five minutes, weve already been to figueres this morning to pay the full amount of the deposit for the new sofa which we really should of paid on monday after work, but monday after work i was taking moira to the airport and tuesday after work i got home about 8, wednesday after work i was picking moira up from the airport thursday after work i got home at about 8 again as the owner of the hotel on the golf course where i mostly work decided to mention there was a function going on on the lawn first thing friday and could we get the lawn cut for him, which is fine but dont tell us a t 5.30 when we go home at 6 and it normally takes 2 blokes to do the job a morning. friday i got home late aswell. so this morning we went to figueres to pay the deposit for a sofa, as i was paying moira asked me to ask if the sofa had been ordered, i couldnt because i didnt know the word for ordered and if i had guessed at it and said something like ordenado or a word starting with order i would have asked her if the sofa was tidy. i then went and got my hair cut really short and i mean really short, a really short number 2 atlast, there is a good line in fancy mens mullet like hair cuts here so they where a bit shocked when i asked for a number 2 all over,feels great though, i told the barber i would be rubbing factor 30 into it later, he seemed impressed.

we went and saw the house last week on thursday infact which was another reason i couldnt pay the deposit on the sofa, to have a phone line installed. it would have been a nightmare if it wasnt catalonia as we payed the engineer cash and he sorted it and ran the wires passed the neighbours house without geting writen permision, you will see what i mean when you get here or you wont as he has hidden the wire so well, now we have a phone line but no house. but it was obvious the owner is moving out so next week it is 90% for certain. god its so exciting.

after seeing the house we went to Yasminas and Johns for polite lunch and basically talked at them for 3 hours about addicts and murderers that we know a pleasent evening was had buy all. its funny we wernt gossiping or anything we were just talking about our friends it started when someone mentioned wheely bins. i wonder if they will invite us over again?

i sang the tigger song to Ians child

there definatly is loads more, i wrote stuff down during the week but its not really relevant now and i didnt bring the book with me up to the empty swimming pool, we did go to garriblues again and it didnt disapoint, a fat old spaniad with a pony tail playing santana classics but with different words and a very good boogie woogie pianist backing him, it was great,no it really was and we had a bottle of cava and some cheese while we watched and now the lady behind the bar knows us as she aknowledged us the next day while we were having lunch in another of the village restaurants, i think run buy a man from pakistan who said “alright boss” to me which was a bit surreal but this is dali country. sadly they dont have a curry menu.

someones got a bar-b-que on the go. 

factor 30

Friday, April 20th, 2007

whoops its got dark. moira has had the computor in england for half of the week and ive been working late to make up for last week when it was raining and we went over to yasminas and johns last night for a meal. i cant really see the key board right now and it doesnt help that i keep pressing the capitals button when i reach for the A hopefully i will get round to writing more tomorrow after i have payed the deposit on a sofa and had a very much needed haircut, i really cant see the keyboard now. i kept preesing r instead of e


Thursday, April 12th, 2007

today is really wet driving back from Barcelona was horrible i couldnt see a thing half the time, im pretty sure tomorrow is going to be the same aswell, one of the guys at work infact the youngest one, a really nice bloke but probably hasnt ever really left the area in his life, very proud of his village though and loves plants, he has been teaching me the catalan names for some of the plants. the little red poppy that flowers on the edge of fields at this time of year is called some thing like “keycalorkey”, and thyme is called frigolla. we were in barcelona to get fife. she has arrived a bit shell shocked and very hungry but she is now a spanish cat and for the time being she is happy sitting under the bed in the bungalow. he told me that if you get a pain behind the knee or in your lower back it means its going to rain and he had a pain in his knee and he was right it rained.

i told the lady in the bar that cooks our dinner that i wasnt going to be there today so she didnt have to make a vegetarian option, she cheered, once she had worked out what i had said.


the budding of the vines

Monday, April 9th, 2007

we went to garriblues last night it was fab it was like being in a speakeasy in bugsy malone and the lady behind the bar was unbelievable you couldnt make her up. apart from the fact that it was novel and it is in our village infact its 5 minutes up the road the band was playing new orleans blues  a bit lethargic but quite nostalgic for me anyway and whats more it didnt appear that they new what they were singing about so they were singing as if they were playing a musical instrument it was just sounds to them, it was abit like name that tune for me, had a bit of a singsong to myself over a glass of rose. yesterday was quite a good day all in alll we went to barcelona by train which only took some time that i cant remember but it wasnt long, no thats a lie we went to barcelona the day before saturday infact as all the shops where open, bought some plastic glasses, barcelona has kind of lost its spark of magic now for me its still an amazing city but so is london may be because its not new anymore i dont know.

yesterday we went for a walk round the village to find

a. the post office which we found and its open for half an hour every weekday morning and thats it.

b.the bank charged me for taking out money using the banesto account card, so we didnt use that card

c. walked round the little village the other side of the main road that has a nice restaurant

d. found the tortoise sanctuary. they had a pistachio tree in the grounds, i want a pistachio tree.

e. walked to villajuga to find the train station which is really just a platform coverd in graffiti in an industrial estate of two industrial buildings and a pink range rover jeep.

f.walked back via the stake house which serves goats cheese salad, see a previous blog on this subject.

g. went to the local bar and got chatting to 2 romanian builders, we are immigrants…..

h. went to see the magic shook heads as we couldnt be bothered the other night.

what a lovelly day, today the weather wasnt as good but we went to cadaques a quaint little fishing village but a bit cold when its windy and the van and moira didnt like the road there. discovered its bocadillo and not bocadilla which is what i have being saying for ages now.

now we are by the virtually empty swimming pool watching the swifts lunch on all the flys hanging around the water surface.

work tomorrow, i have just been payed to have a day off how cool is that.


Friday, April 6th, 2007

i went down to the sea today the beautiful sea and sky

i left my shoes and socks there i wonder if theyre dry?

spike milligan well sort off


semana santa we went to llanca again and then for a walk along the cami ronda along the coast and past a few holiday homes that where empty and looking a bit rundown.its nice having a day off especially as its a nice day weather wise and also its our wedding anniversary.

last night we went to the bar that we where convinced was completely shut but it seems its only open in the evenings, shes from paris and he is from round hear but moved to paris and now live here and run a restaurant come bar, whats more they speak english imagine moiras delight so we showed our approval by getting a little bit tipsy. we will be going there again, emily and jaz are there names.

tonight we are going to the hotel we have booked cathy and margot in for our wedding anniversary tea and with any luck Garriblues to hear the magicsook heads play at the sindicut, it seems there is music there every saturday. what a lively village we live in. moira went to the house yesterday and there was signs of the owner moving so she was very happy its not long now.

just read an abreviated version of frankenstein in spanish its one of those books with english on one page and spanish on the other this one came free with a newspaper. we also got skyped by dad while we were in a bar in figueres with a grumpy waitress it was the only one we could find with wifi access i also showed moira all the furniture shops i had sniffed out while walking around.

 its wierd i feel like im on my holidays even though i am living here

its pronounced llansa not llanca

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

jonathans gone he left this morning having had a lovelly time even though the weather wasnt to good, he also took us out for dinner every night which was nice it was handy having a chauffer for a couple of days and we are still liking the bungalow moira is more settled, and it looks like we might go to barcelona this saturday as its easter and the day after our wedding aniversary, it will be nice as we went there for the same reason last year. apparently this weather is going to stay funny for the next couple of days, it was odd this afternnon though, as it was raining in figueres but not at garriguella which is only fifteen minutes away by small van that is mine to use but belongs to pro-jardi, which means i wont need to drive my van much, saves on diesel.

im sitting by the virtually empty swimming pool by a bar that is suposed to open tomorrow but it doesnt look like it moiras also found out that the said pool when full is the villages municiple pool and people from the village get a discounted rate to use it and no riffraff is allowed, at this precise moment its really hard to imagine what it is going to be like here in the summer. after this we are going to have to go to a supermarket as they are all shut for easter except a few on saturday and those will be full also thats the day we go to barcelona, so we cant supermarket shop then.

still not fluent in spanish but im chipping away at it slowly, im kind of learning 2 words and forgetting one, slowly slowly.

today for lunch i had russian salad for starters and i think she thinks because im a vegetarian i need more to eat because my plate was like a mountain of diced veg with a white asparagus tip balanced on top, so eggs for starters then for seconds it was spaghetti with garlicy herby scrambled egg that she made yesterday for me we went somewhere else yesterday so she warmed it up for me today. yesterdays dinner was worse, well sort of the grilled asparagus just picked that morning was delicious but the bean soup which is what i thought i was getting came with half a pig in it. not my favourite meat anyway regardless of whether i was gong to eat it or not, the cubed pig got scooped out leaving me a watery gravey like stuff with the odd potato, chickpea and ordinary peas and a few carrots i think, it tasted like the dinners my nan used to make, see-through food, i spiced it up with some wine and some more olive oil and lots of pepper, still pretty horrible though especially as half a congelling cubed pig was sitting there watching me eat what it had recently been floating in. never mind.

jonathan has mislaid his redbull high

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

we are in a bar in roses because it not only has wifi but it also serves redbull for jonathan the nearest thing to cheap full strength cider that he can drink. the buying of the house saga comntinues we are now not moving in untill the 25th as our man hasnt removed all his furniture yet his excuse is he has been on holiday for a month and is a surgeon and hasnt had the time poor love. still the bungalow is quite cute and when the weather warms up will be quite comfortable moira prefers it to the apartment which i must say i kind of agree and the owners are really nice, the daughter speaks pretty good english which will be good for moira as she might know about taxis to the airport and could help her with fedexing post. the only problem is the bungalow hasnt got email access buit the swimming pool and bar has, which will be open on thursday for easter the pool wont be though. so we can go and sit up there and get onto the internet and when the bar is open, get a beer aswell not only that if moira ever has trouble with her internet in the house we havent moved into yet she can pop down here as its only five minutes away and do work while drinking. might be quite good for her aswell as then she wont be in the house on her own all day as my day seems to be leave the house at 7 and get home at seven. with a half hour breakfast break and a hour and whatever lunch break.

there is a light at the end of the tunnel ive asked whether we can stay in the bungalow for longer at its no problem moira needs to confirm costs tomorrow and we got a barbque delivered, and i didnt hear jonathan snorring last night. we just popped to france again yesterday only took an hour by car but it costs a fortune when you use you mobile to ring someone in spain.

works still fun though im still prunning trees this morning i drove to catsello in my van then changed to the work van which is left hand drive then did the repeat on the way home once i had popped into the supermarket to get my breakfast nuts.

i got a comment from someone asking me about a song that i have mentioned somewhere but somehow ive lost the comment i will try and find it when we get a bit more settled.