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thuy is nice

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

right everybodies gone, mop the floor, what a great weekend saturday went well sadly the weather wasnt too brilliant but paulo got some sunbathing in on monday morning before he went to the airport, catherine and tims kids swam pretty much the whole time they were here which has also helped to clean the pool even more as it lifted all the dust from the bottom of the pool, its almost looking clear now, couple of more days and it will be spottless, it was a bit wierd saying good bye to people especially as i wont be seeing some of them until august the same people last year we saw pretty much every week.

monday went much better then friday and today at one point i think i understood something someone said without translating it first in my head, i think i did. graham has found a website selling language cds teaching one the way they teach in the american army, not shoot first and then ask questions later. i had a go over the weekend and i think moiras going to buy it then put it through her books.

ive been doing maintenance of gardens for the last two days which means i get home earlier, im dead good at using the petrol strimmer now it seems its better if you walk backward while using it, ive been walking backwards all day, im sure there is a limirick about that. tomorrow all the maintenance guys are back so hopefully i will be doing something else which means i get to stop for lunch but i get home later. one of the guys had today off because all his small village over last night walked up a mountain to a small church where they had a church service then sat round a table and eat loads and presumably drink loads, they were walking home today. apparantly his grandad had for the last 2 years walked up the mountain bare footed, this year his getting a lift in a car as he is a bit to old now.

party tomorrow

Friday, May 25th, 2007

everybodys here, cathy is arriving this evening,margot arrived last night thuy and graham are here with tia aswell, everybody, and paulo arrives on saturday.

i dont think i enjoyed today, no thats not true but i did have a problem with the language and its so frustrating, kind of spoilt the day a bit, a, its friday so everyones knackered and its always a wee bit harder to explain stuff  to me because they have to think about what i will understand and then they have to wait for me to understand so by the end of the week im usually left out in the dark, and its just because i dont understand what they are saying, but then monday will be fine and i will think i am fluent until the next bad day.

on a good note i think graham has sorted the pool and now its cleaning itself which is a relief. and like i said everyone is here and its the weekend and i wont be working again till monday except for mowing my own lawn and admiring my own compost heap.

the fishshops good

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

still down loading music for the ipod they dont tell how long it takes when you buy them

its hot in spain

me and dan have just been to the local dump and know im drinking beer as i need to imbibe some liquid as it really has been hot today. the problem i had today was that carratera (road in spanish ) is very similar to carratela which is a wheel barrow not a road at all i couldnt work out why they where asking for two more roads.

i had omelette with boiled  no ffried cabbage and garlic which wasnt as bad a s it sounds, and a lot of water im giving the wine a miss at lunch for the time being untill i get used to the heat

we are registered at the town hall now, we have to pay council tax in january and we have to pay for the rubbish aswell which moira has done thats once a year aswell, it seems now we are registered when i eventually get my van converted to a spanish van i pay road tax and the money goes to this village.

thuy and graham and tia arrive tomorrow

rennet, for cathy and andy is taken from a calfs stomachs often veal calfs, which is why veggies dont like to eat it.

why do snails cross the road

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

im 40

moira bought me an ipod,which im now happily filling with music we went out to have a nice meal in the restaurant in the part of Garriguella on the other side of the roundabout, but it was closed, so a stroll along to the other restaurant where the man from pakistan works, that was closed aswell, so back to the hotel that i went too with mum and nat, and had a nice meal with the wife the stars were out in all their glory. i got a few feliz compleanos at work, and i broke moiras sunglasses that she had lent me untill she got back from hong kong with more. she certainly came back bearing gifts this time.

this morning the spare beds arrived,  havent heard about the pump yet, and it looks like the sofa is arriving on thursday and i have also met one of the neighbours the old lady that lives at number 5 her sister introduced herself then took me to her sisters house for a formal introduction, i think she said her brother cleans swimming pools but im not sure.

im off to the dump later to finally get rid of the old cooker, on the way to pick up dan, who is arriving this afternoon, moiras been manicaly tidying while i was using my shredder and doing other stuff that i felt needed doing in the order that i felt was the order that these things should be done on a saturday when the sun is shining, i think im getting the down loading of music onto the ipod all wrong no worries graham is arriving on wednesday, just before the sofa.

last night we did a bit of shopping in Figueres as it doesnt close untill 8 then went to Carrefour to buy stuff for the new arrivals. then watched little miss sunshine, one of the dvds moira bought back from china it was fine althoiugh it did mention at the begining of the film piracy is a crime. it was quite a sweet story, one of the guys at work had mentioned it and said it was good.

must ring yasmina and ask about the pump

im back to eating eggs for lunch but know its only me and three others eating and they all speak catalan to each other, im kind of getting what they are saying but by the time ive got it sorted in my head they have usuully moved on, and then i try and say something and it comes out all wrong but it gives me something to think about later, how would i have said what i said if i could actually speak spanish.

im 40 and im living in spain

still got cava in the fridge

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

the pump for the pool has gone to have its washers changed and then hopefully i can clean the pool, ive got the chlorine level right and the pH is also correct now all i need is a pump that works.

im trying to type this with one hand as the famous gatto is on my knee, wanting a cuddle

mum is skyping me

well, mum and nat have gone home, and ive moped the floor, i found out today that suckers on trees is the same word in spanish but obviously in spanish, which meant i now know the spanish for suck. it rained pretty much all yesterday but not today allthough it looked like it would at one point, im anowing the man in the cafe where we have lunch as i am not there every day now, it all depends on where i am working he didnt have any salad today so i only had one course rather then 2, and then their coffee machine broke down which is almost as bad as a national disaster as far as the spanish are concerned, what no coffee….

the famopus gatto has got off

moiras home tomorrow, and then i am going to be 40

ive realised the coffees we have in the mornings arent payed for by the company next time i will get my wallet out, well atleast ive realised. ive taken to having a cafe con leche with my dried fruits and nuts for breakfast, i think i have mastered the word for a coffee with baileys. its a bit llike garriguella funnily enough.

i was told how spanish kids learn there prepositions today then remebered i had one of those tape recorder thingys in my bag for just such an occasion and i had forgotten about it, it was all the prepositions in alphabetical order. why didnt we learn that at school

its anoying not anowing, or is it annoying? 

dissolve kidney stones

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

mum and nat are here the first visitors they spent the best part of the afternoon by the pool then i beat them both at backgammon. they are now watching eurovision without wogan which is a shame, i saw the semi finals a couple of nights a go what a scream, queens, mini skirts and bad singers.

the morning after living dangerously was one of those mornings that wouldnt have happened if i had my mobile, but no body turned up at the barn, to let me in, where i collect the van, by 8 i thought well atleast now they know somethings amiss, but still no one turned up, i hadnt my mobile so i couldnt ring anyone and even if there was a public phone in the village i didnt have any ones number, by 9 and still no one had turned up i memorised the number on the side of the van that i could see through a window and went in search of a pay phone which i found in a bay by the petrol station on the N260 5 mins away, i started work by about 10 but atleast now i have a key so i can get into release the van and drive away.

last night we went out to cafe colon and bumped into yasmina and jon who were there on our recommendation, mum had rabbit.

today we went and got new gas bottles so we wont run out over the next couple of weeks then went to Figueres market, and bought loads of stuff, broad beans are in season, i bought some baby artichokes to make mum and nat baby artichokes and pasta, then we went to carrafour as nat was getting bored of shopping and wanted to sun bathe, mum loves supermarkets, even more then i do, i got some stuff that is supposed to raise the pH in pools eventually we got home in time for lunch.

i then did some gardening in my own garden, then spent the rest of the afternoon sawing up wood and tidying the bit by the back gate to give me space to fill it with the tree that is getting cut down and the lower branches from the other trees that need pruning, mum and nat sunbathed, i had a great time, doing what i do all week, i might have a go at the olive tree next week as hopefuly i will get the shredder back from jon.

moira rang from Hong Kong to tell us about the press conference. shes back on the 16th, thats a point im not sure at what time she gets back. and when im supposed to pick her up from the airport.

had apples bought in the market put through moiras juicer. delicious. the famous gatto has just got up.

thank god for couscous

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

im living dangerously this evening, my passport, driving licence and even my mobile, oh and my bicicle pump are in my bag which is in the van belonging to Pere and he is in Banyoles, well just outside but its a distance from here, i will get it all back tomorrow morning but for this evening i am incognito. i have no photographic evidence of who i am, i could be anyone, its actually illegal here to not carry photographic evidence a good reason for getting a residence card as my passport is getting a bit tattered round the edges. its also illegal to drive with out spare bulbs in the car and those triangular safety thingys, niether of which are in the van i will be driving tomorrow to collect my passport etc., i think i need to replace a bulb in my van as well, i am really living on the edge. not bad for a nearly 40 year old, ducking and diving, i have even put up a post box on the front of the house to stop the post going into the pool, but i havent put anybodies names on the little tag thingy yet, rock n roll.

Fife the famous gatto as she is known by all the blokes at work is getting slightly bored of looking at a blank tele screen or the bottom of a matress, i think she kind of wants to go out but still is a bit scared,  apart from the odd ops ive forgotten to close the door and the cat is on the door step, she hasnt been outside at all yet, im speaking to her in spanish to get her prepared, she recognises a few words but she is no where near fluent yet, poco a poco.

mum and nat are arriving friday and they are staying here if i remember to leave the keys, i couldnt remeber what day it was today, had to look at my watch, what a hippy. hope the  weather stays like it is for them.

still got a dirty swimming pool

Monday, May 7th, 2007

we were in Wales and it didnt rain, infact the weather was beautiful, what a fantastic time we all had in beautiful surroundings, it was so nice to see every body again, i dont think i had seen paulo since before christmas. No i cant say how much fun i had, friday night had a sing song with a couple of the older relatives after many a pint of real ale, managed to get every one to sing knees up mother brown, and, when your smilling, and me and my shadow, then saturday night i danced a bit to much as usual. if it wasnt for the fact that the dj kept putting brian adams on i would have never left the dance floor, what a swell party it was. the bride looked lovely and the food was delicious. they did a hog roast, it was amazing, i was sorely tempted to try some, i didnt.

back here and its a bit windy this morning i got to work in 5 minutes and got home in about 40 minutes thanks to the wind at one point i was cycling backwards as it was quicker. my face feels a bit wind burnt

moiras in china

off to cat and pauls wedding

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

a couple f things you need to know about this place, if its going to rain it usually rains in the afternoon because warm air from the sea meets the cold air from the mountains, something like that anyway, i did know once, precipitation. and there isnt a snail problem here because when one is weeding one goes round with a little plastic bag which is slowly filled with snails, the contents are then left in water for a couple of days, changing the water every know and then cooked and eaten, much more effective then slug pellets.

also the spanish cant say snails they say nails instead.

i think that is called black spot

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

its the first of May which means fiesta in spain, they like a day off here, last night my boss popped round to have a look at the pool and tell me what to do none of it i really remember, but it sounded easy so moira has allowed me to have a go, its not clean yet but i know that it is too acidic and at the moment there aint enough chlorine in the water, i will get there, im sure it wll be clean by september at the least.

cimg0024.JPG sorry its a bit dark but the dot in the middle is fife.

put up our bed this morning after waking up full off get up and go, ready to start work on the house, tidyd all my gardening tools into one of the wardrobes the surgeon left in the basement/ garage. did i mention that i mowed my own lawn on sunday my own lawn nobody elses but my own.

mum and nat are coming over in a couple of weeks for a weekend while moira is in china, hopefully we will have an oven by then.

ate some fruit from our garden straight from the tree while i was attempting to clean the pool, which had gone a bit cloudy as i had disturbed all the sediment on the bottom, weve got one of those hoover thingys that you plug into the side of the pool but i havent worked out how it works yet. im not sure what the fruit was but it tasted nice and they are selling the same fruit in the shop.

changed a few more plugs.