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lots of flies mean rain

Friday, June 29th, 2007

i dont know where the rose came from, someone must have been bored, its very nice though, thanks whoever it was.

i have started to record stuff that i might use for the blog on a voice recorder and whats more im trying to do it in spanish, do i really sound like that? im going through i can sort of speak basic spanish phase at the moment, i was talking to a german lady yesterday in spanish, annoyingly ahe recognised i had a strange accent, im not from round these parts, but i managed to tell her about pruning cordylines. Moiras getting there as well she caught the train from Villajuega yesterday on her own and whats more at 8.30 in the morning, to go to Barcelona to see her new accountant, she had to text me how to say return as she had forgotten her dictionary which was on the measurements for the new kitchen which she forgot aswell. at 8.30 in the morning that was my fault, towards the end of the day it wasnt. she also managed to swap an empty gas bottle for a full one with a man that turns up at the door hooting his horn.

i heard a Rufus wrainright song that i liked today, so far its the only one.

when moira got back from Barcelona i picked her up from Figueres station she needed more printing paper which is fine by me as they have a pile of cheap books as you go in the shop, i bought myself a nine year olds book about a dog comming to live in this mans house, and cause its a childrens book the dog can speak.

we watched A fist full of dollars the other night it was dubbed into spanish, but its set in mexico where they speak spanish.

Auriol asked me again why i dont eat meat, he then told me about his dad, who not only has a huge amount of land but also a restuarant in his village, its very Catalan, they put rabbits blood in their paella, but they dont call it paella because thats the spanish word. anyway his dad for some bizare reason had what i asume was a muslim eating at his table, Aurial  called the bloke a black that doesnt eat pork, Aurials not racist he just doesnt know any better as he has only lived in a small village in northern Catalonia all his life, i dont know about his dad. anyway his dad fed this poor bloke pork and told him it was something else untill he had eatern it, THEN, told him it was pork, saying you have eatern pork look your not dead whats the problem. you cant argue with that kind of logic, i mentioned yes the bloke wasnt dead but the pig was and then we started talking about why Ian was having the day off.

im closing one of the windows in our bedroom that the mossies come in through and opening another hopefully that will confuse them.

weve got a calander

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

San Joan was a bit more then just a few fireworks we went for a walk round the village to get some air in Moiras lungs and to see what was going on, the whole village was out, there was a bonfire and fire works set off by 6 year old kids, catherine wheels unattached to anything flying around and bangers going off all over the place. the park that Thuy and Graham had taken Tia too was full of tables, a bouncy castle and a slide with red and white tape around it which was being completly ignored and the kids were just going under the tape. for 10€ it seems we could have had a sit down barbque meal with a bottle of wine, sadly we had already eaten.

the next day was work day, i was told to go to katalon, to be honest i didnt have a clue and just followed Carlos, it was Decathlon a shop that sells sports stuff. no a warehouse that sells sport stuff. then we went to the cemetry that was full of fleas last time, i have been putting Autan on my legs for a couple of weeks now in the mornings so i wasnt so bothered, there wasnt any fleas this time, but Auriol happened to mention he could smell the body that had been buried 2 weeks earlier, i could aswell, i dont think i like that cemetry.

i made humous again this time to Moiras requirements as its one of the things she misses, whats more she liked my efforts. i had a humous bocadillo for lunch at work today, and had to explain what humous was, no one wanted to try any.

imagine my suprise when i heard Auriol humming the theme tune to eastenders.


moira cleans the pool witha toothbrush

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

ive got fancy new lights, i sat in the ford garage for about 40 mins, had a coffee that left me shaking for atleast another 3 hours and left the ford garage with a van with new head lights, it was only on leaving to pick up moira from the airport that evening, i thought i had better check that they work, and they do, now ive got to get the van ITV`d (MOT).

after dealing quite well with the man in the ford garage i had a not doing spanish day on friday, im understanding but not comprehending at the moment.

its saturday and moira is working for a sunglasses copmpany, so i finished of painting the garden wall, i must say it looks quite good, then tidied up the logs that i had cut up over the week and then shredded some stuff, sweped up then went for a swim, we are now at the what shall we have for dinner stage.

we went to the restaurant on the main road, that mum, nat aind i tried to go to when they were out, it was open this time, its the one with the man from pakistan as the waiter owner, i had gazpachi because i always have gazpacho,it wasnt the best, but there was quite a lot of it then escallibarda which was the best i had had, its basically grilled and skinned red peppers and aubergines and sometimes onions and tomatoes, this one came with goats cheese which made all the difference.

its san joan this weekend a midsummer night festival that involves fire works which explains the banging we have heard, aparantly you would normaly have the day off but this year san joan falls on the sunday, next year we will get a day off. 

Moiras back, she says she actually fells like she is going home now when she gets to the airport.

the snails ate my gourd

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

the blog last night was a nightmare internet explorer couldnt find the page or wasnt looking hard enough, which is why i had to cut it short and post that blog today, cross fingers this one will work.

the famouse gato hasnt been out now for 2 days as Moira is in London, i took her to the airport on Monday night passing the garden centre that i had been in earlier to buy a plant with my wages, i not sure of its name but i first saw it in the Parc Du Citron in Paris and i know a nice story about it and Gregor Mendel.

while being a carpentar yesterday i was in Castello and got eaten alive by midges which is a good reason for not living there. when i got home i went into the bar across the road and looked up carpentor words in spanish, like screwdriver and tighten , macetta means mallet but it also means pot as in flower pot, how does that work?

today ive finaly managed to get to the ford garage on time and again i have to come back tomorrow but this time they are going to change my lights for me, i cut my hair before i went with my new hair trimmers its quite short.

Moiras comming back tomorrow so ive swept the house and cleaned the bathrooms like a good husband, and made sure the filter on the pool is still working.


gado gado

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

today i was a carpentar only for the day but soon i think for two weeks as the bloke i was covering today is away on holiday, something new to learn, i tried to fill the pool up with well water this afternoon, but because i got home late becdause i was being a carpentar and i had been to Figueres to be told again by the ford garage to come back tomorrow, i didnt manage to fill it propaly so had to usa the tap instead, this heat is evaporating water rapidly.

being a carpentar meant i eat in a restuarant which meant i had gazpacho and sadly unadvertised tuna which tasted like unadvertised tuna, what a waste of a poor fish.

happy birthday Sophie

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

2 blogs in one day whatever next, no, i tried to write my blog this morning before going to work but didnt have time to mention things like, while working in a cemetry on monday morning (sweeping up the leaves for the dead) we all got attacked by a plague of fleas, we all had to line up outside the cemetry and get sprayed with pesticide luckily Moira had cut my hair the night before so there was no where for the fleas to hide, i did wash my hair that night with thuys shampoo that she left here, because it had fancy stuff like lavender and rosemary, and im hoping fleas arent to keen on such aromatic plants.

i also atlast went for a swim not only that but i went for a swim in our own pool.

the grumpy lady in the tabac waved as she drove past earlier, she must have forgiven me for buying barbque coals in the spar.

happy birthday lucy

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

weve got the spanish coarse for americans to learn spanish, thanks to the nice man from UPS who thanks to years of training roared through the gate at moira to get her attention , as we didnt have a door bell, we do now as i went to the shops and managed to change the one we had bought on friday and didnt work, maybe my spanish is getting better, now we have a door bell, and a spanish coarse, which we had a go on last night.

i went to see a man about the van, i need to get new glass bits for the head lights to redirect the head lights, it seems its only england that sends the beam to the left, the problem is i need to buy them, then he will fit them and also check my brakes and stuff. there was an english bloke there with a car that had english number plates which he hasnt changed for years but he pops back to england yearly to get the car MOT`d.

beer lowers your cholestrol

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

chopped down the dead treed behind the lime and we now know the other tree is an orange. ive started to shred some of it but its a bit boring so ive left some for later ive also got to cut it all up into fire wood with a hand saw as im not allowed to use a chainsaw, ive also taken cuttings from the rosemary and the thyme that Irene bought me , i bought some coco fibre and mixed it with a small bag of john innes (a soil based compost), if all goes well i will have six new plants for next to nothing. it looks like the bunching onions are germinating aswell.

apart from playing in the garden, ive attempted to fix some of the shutters, put up a medicen cabinet in the bathroom and attach to one of the pillars on the upatairs balcony the support that Michele (the husband of Wilma who is an old friend of Fiona, who is Moiras sister) gave me so we can put up a disc to pick up english digital tv for the guests and moira who wants to watch big brother. moiras also started to paint the wall round the garden white.

i went for a swim yesterday

not even Itunes has the colourfield album, so instead i bought westside story and carter usms love album.

its really starting to feel like summer here now.


i love shuffle

Friday, June 8th, 2007

its our first night where just the 2 of us sat out side and ate our dinner and boy its hot, and slightly humid. im working my way through the beer that Jonathan brought out with Clive i now have 4 tubs of peanut butter thats 4 killos that should keep me going for a while.

it must be snake season as i have seen 3 recently 2 dead on the side of the road, one of the great things about cycling is you get to see propaly what you are travelling on, before credit cards really took over i always used to find money on the roads by cars were the driver has pulled his car keys out off his pocket. the other snake was a live but i only saw its head and it was a very small head, all though, i have got to watch out as one of the guys i work with told me he had to take a month off work after being bitten by one of these small snakes.

we have had a really productive afternoon getting stuff like a bathroom cabinet and beer, more plugs, paint and brocolli for broccoli pasta, light bulbs and a door bell were moira can can carry the reciever around the house and hopefully hear when the U.P.S. man arrives with the “how to speak spanish” cd.

we didnt get trousers they are coming next week we got shorts instead, shorts with pleats down the front ive never worn shorts with pleats before, i look like someone from “it aint alf hot mum” with my hairy white legs sticking out of these baby poo coloured shorts, theve got a fancy pocket for a mobile and somewhere to hang your hammer.


finished the chocolate

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

i had a good day today, im really liking this getting home at 4 malarky gives me time to sweep and mop the floors of the house, Irene and Violet have left for scotland having had i hope a nice time, we went to roses last night to eat and ate in the same restaurant that we went to with Dan they know im a veggie now, i might not have to have salad and chips next time although i do have gazpacho for starters which is really nice, i love gazpacho, here you get a little side plate with chopped onions, red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and croutons aswell, i had a mint leaf floating in the one last night which i thought was a bit gilding the lilly of them, the fish was apparently very nice.

Irene bought me a bay tree and some thyme and some creeping rosemary for my birthday in the garden centre we did see a big plastic compost bin while we where there but it was horrendously expensive will have to put up with the old wardrobe door and 2 angle irons for a bit longer. i got my work t-shirts on monday i am now officially projardi (i think i mentioned that in my last blog) but tomorrow im getting trousers aswell, a bit baby poo coloured for my liking.

now ive got the well up and running im getting all the good life about stuff as if i wasnt before but now its worse i put aside the water that i mopped the floors with to flush the loo with, i instantly forgot and out of habit flushed the loo the traditional way.