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happy birthday dan

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Aurial has that pain at the back of his leg which i think is cramp, which means its going to rain soon, probably means he isnt eating propaly or something, does cramp mean one needs more salt in the diet, im not sure, potassium or something like that.

i was watching tele last night and im sure i was following bits of it, usually, up till the point when i realised i was following it and then i paniked and lost where i was upto. im blaiming reading the divinci code, more you read the more repition the more the words get stuck in your head and you dont forget them, well thats how it works with me anyway.

we went to the beach yesterday for the firstr time, it seems its the law to go naked if you have dreadlocks or you are the partner of someone with dreadlocks, i caught moira texting dan with excitement. it was a lovely beach though and the sea was that beautiful azul green clear blue colour, if you know what i mean. the van doesnt like hills

Moira bought a fan in Roses market.

today i drove the sit on lawn mower for the first time, when i was asked to drive it i forgot to mention that i hadnt driven it before, to be honest it was no big deal, apparently a good tip is to lift the blades slightly as you go into a corner as the mower banks slightly and cuts a bit lower on one side.

i think the snakes gone.

jesus drove by

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

now we need a NVC form for the van the other bit of paper work wasnt the right thing, not too bothered though there are so many foriegn cars on the road at the moment due to it being holiday season that one more isnt going to be noticed. we went into Figueres this morning, the search for a kitchen has started, what we have both agreed on though is close of the fire place in the now dinning room soon to be kitchen instead of putting a wood burner in, atleast it will save us money. the problem is that all the factories close for the month of August so we wont be able to get things started till atleast October, still there is no hurry. it seems August is full here with guests so having work done on the house wouldnt have been a good idea.

i had a day of rescuing nature yesterday, i lifted a mouse from a swimming pool, rescued a toad from a hole, and put a struggling bumble bee back on some flowers.

turned the compost heap once we got back form Figueres, i bought some baby lettuce plants in the market while we were there, we also got a bright orange hoover for moiras office, a baguette, some socks for work and a bikini for moira, and some shampoo for moira that she deems non toxic. i can tell you it is hot here.

i bought the Divinci code in spanish yesterday on our trip to the supermarket to buy beer for jenny coming out. i got a couple of other books cheap while moira is buying paper but i havent been able to get my head round them atleast with the divinci code i kind of know whats going on already so i can concentrate on the words instead.

the new hard drive seems to have sped the computor up a bit.


12 quid for 4 beers

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Mum and Dads bungalow was nice, massive lawn, in deepest darkest Essex, we did a bit of shopping via currys to try and get a digi box that we can wire up to a satalite dish, i think we have to go through the free sky route what ever that is, as currys didnt have what we wanted although they did have a cable that we can attach moiras laptop to the tv and watch dvds on the tele instead of her small screen, i havent tried it yet though. a bit later on we went for a pub lunch, there is still more choice for vegetarians in england sadly. Next day we had Sunday lunch and then Moira and i went for a curry with jonathan, margot, paulo, cathy and andy, atlast a chance to rant about spanish politics to jonathan and margot. i had forgotten how quickly a hot curry makes an exit. Sunday weather wise was quite a nice day. Monday it was grey, so we wondered around porta-bella and kensington high street not really wanting to buy anything, we did pick up a form to change the address of our driving licenes but didnt fill them in as we would have had to have lied about our address so there wasnt any point, Paulo has a UK driving licence so there is no reason why we cant get a spanish driving licence.

before i left for spain i popped in on an old client to say hello and explain that i probably really wont be coming back to do her garden and to give her her keys back, she said something quite astute that as before while working in england i did 4 days of pretty straight forward work and then 2 days of stuff in other peoples gardens that made it all worth it , now im doing 5 days of reasonably straight forward stuff and 2 days at the weekend in my OWN garden that makes it all worth it. It simplifies the situation a bit but but its pretty much correct.

 on the way home i bought more sun tan lotion , factor 30 and a hard drive, which im going to try and install after this, at this precise moment im not really sure what a portable hard drive does but im sure i will work it out sooner or later.

Fife was fine when i got back, a bit hot i would imagine as it was really humid here last night.

and today was back to work

Friday night we were sitting in the airport due to a 2 n a half hour delay, and, i honestly thought F***K IT lets go home, the flights didnt cost that much, but we didnt, we went to england and had a great weekend.

Gehko in the bathroom

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

no wonder my computor was going so slow i had 3 viruses no 1 virus and 3 trojan horses, the new anti virus has got rid of them all, i still have time to make a cup of tea while im waitng for the computor to boot up, but now i dont have time to drink the tea aswell.

The van saga continues, the man from Girona came over to look at the van, looked under the bonnet etc agreed the van wasnt from America and told moira she has to get, first, some paper work from England, then send the paper work to him before he can put it on the ITV computor, we also discovered that because England is backward about being European, even though im supposed to have a “european driving licence” its actually still a Uk licence and we cant get another one with our spanish address on it.

so im driving an illegal van, we took this illegal van to Yasminas yesterday, they were driving there car for a year before they changed the number plate, they got stopped once but conveniantly didnt have their paperwork with them and was told not to forget it next time. they gave us a load of veg from their vegtable garden and some eggs which was handy as we had wanted to make an omelete but the shops had shut by the time we had got to them as we were in Figueres buying a glass fronted fridge.

im going to london tomorrow and i havent even packed yet ive normaly packed and then repacked by now, whats happening to me?

im going like Elsie

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

well i tried to dig the tree out and its not having it mainly because its a tree that copes in dry soils so its roots go down really deep, ive cut all the side roots but its not enough im going to try something that is in la vida en el campo book that ive got where you tie some rope to a healthy tree and the other end to the stump then twist the rope until it pulls the stump out it didnt work with the blue rope i had for the hammock as the rope wasnt strong enough but i should be able to get some heavy duty stuff from work.

Catherine and Tim and the boys have been here all weekend with Ian and Dolors on saturday. she is called Dolors not Delores, she was born Dolors but Franko changed her name to Delores and all other catalan names to castilian, and when Franko went she changed it back by deedpole. today we went and had tapas in the bar for lunch.

Dan and Paulo bought me a big lump of parmesan for my birthday, we are having pasta tonight im getting through it too quickly, because you have to have a bit when its taken out of the fridge to make sure its parmesan then when its grated you have to check that its parmesan that you have grated and then have another bit to make sure its parmesan that you are putting back in the fridge.

i built myself a black n decker work mate out of some old bits of wood and some of the bookcase that we threw from the balcony last week, once i get the tree stump out i will give it a whirl.

i bought some miniture pears today, they are really tiny and i must say taste delicious, bite size pears., they are really small about the size of a odd shaped plum.






friday 13th

Friday, July 13th, 2007

never buy cheap electric razors for cutting hair, or if you do make sure there is some superglue handy.



Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

ive just cut down the big pine tree over the swimming pool, there is about an 8 foot stump left, going to have to spend the rest of the week tidying up the mess

 Fiona and Kirsty left this afternoon having had a lovely time by the pool we went for a pizza last night in the posh restaurant round the corner. the creme caramel is delicious, its called flan here, dont ask me why, the didnt have any creme catalan which is basically cold custard with a crystalised sugar on top bit like a creme brouliey, but creme catalan is easier to spell.

the van saga goes on we went to the ITV place me and Ian and they couldnt find my van on the computor so Ians wife is ringing a number for me to see what the problem is, im coming to think its not worth the bother especially as you can by a renault twingo outside carrefour for 2300€ and its done and dusted in minutes just need to get insurance which can be done on the internet.

does anyone want an old red post office van with a run out MOT?

i could keep it in the garage and just use it for going to the dump once or twice a year.

i might have a go at cutting down the rest of the tree with an axe, that will be fun. but that will have to wait till next week as we are having a few people over on Saturday and first i need to clear the lawn of branches.

i finally got round to adjusting the airial and now we get pretty much all the channels reasonably clearly, will pick up a cheap didgy box when we are over in england so we can get english digital tv, once we get a satalite dish and aim it the right satalite.

i got the gate finished and it doesnt look to bad ive spotted a few tiny bits that ive missed which i will fill in one day, also we got the old book case out of the living room by chucking it over the railings on the balcony, seemed like a good idea untill on the way down it took the garden tap of aswell, on a sunday afternoon in spain when nun of the shops are open, luckily i managed to turn of the water and bung up the hole with epoxy resin putty stuff which sets rock hard in minutes. once the tap was fixed i started to take the fallen bookcase apart which i could have done upstairs  as it was origanily a flat pack bookcase made to look old, but i didnt know that untill it had hit the floor and broke stuff on the way. que pasa nada.



Sunday, July 8th, 2007


fields of sunflowers

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

it seems you can also get nieghbours in catalan as well.


its summer, you can tell because the supermarkets are full of tourists on holiday wearing clothes they wouldnt be seen dead in at home and looking very pink. also as its summer the shops are now open even on sundays except the fish shop in the village which is closed for July, August and September for some reason.

Fiona and Kirsty arrived yesterday without a hitch and Fiona is now cooking dinner.

my place of work where i pick up the vans with Carlos has now got an alarm , and a special button you press if you do something wrong like put in the wrong numbers, apparently there is a lady on the other end of the line, and if there is a bandito with a pistola at your head you are supposed to say tierra (earth) to her and she will call the police,

my antivirus ran out yesterday so ive downloaded a new one and i think its working.

i started to paint the big wooden gate black yesterday, im doing it bit by bit, little by little as there is no hurry, i will probably do a bit more next week sometime, it looks good with the white wall.

you can watch eastenders in catalan

Monday, July 2nd, 2007


One compost heap, soon to be two.

Ian and Deloris, his wife came over for suday lunch, she is catalan, and she said she would ring the men at the ITV place for me. then we watched Pans labarinth which was a bit wierd, i liked it, its a fairy story and ive always liked fairy stories is also a bit evil and dark for some reason most fairy stories are like that. i dont think Moira really understood what was going on.

i just spoke to the grumpy lady in the shop, i think she asked if i was happy here but i was so taken aback i wasnt ready for the question and she had starterd to answer for me before i had worked out what she had said and then i just got even more confused. i mumbled something about liking the fruit here better then London because of the sun, i know its drivel but i was under pressure and hadnt prepared anything to say before hand.

ive just tried to cut my own hair again and cut a huge chunk out of the back by mistake.

you know its summer here because all the big shops that have been closed on Sundays are now open on Sundays.