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hitler has only got one ball

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

jonathan goes back tonight, after having had, i hope a good time. moira and the gang are back from france, infact they have been back for 4 days now, and its been pretty hot since they have been here, although today was a bit over cast but still hot. i think natalie arrives tomorrow for the weekend or is it friday, its friday because its thuy and grahams and dans n paulos last day. i need to take another branch off from the cherry tree as its pretty much dead and riddled with disease and to low for the swing.

Moira bought some holly hock seeds back from france so im growing those or i will be once they have germinated.

apparently the man from girona about the van arrived in Figueres the other day expecting to get the paper work to give to the ITV but he hadnt warned anyone so no one was available to give him them.

i think ive redesigned the garden its now just a case off implamenting it, little by little. ive asked if i can get the materials i want from work and that wont be a problem.

im finding myself mowing the lawn twice a week now, dont now why as im pretty much mowing lawns all day, but thanks to the rain its looking a bit better, infact it always looks better after its been mown in my mind.

we had some lettuce the other day, is that what its supposed to taste like.

cachment area

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

saw a brilliant thing yesterday , a oldish man was opening his front door with keys attatched to a long piece of string lowered down from the upstairs window buy i presume his wife who then once he had opened the front door pulled up the keys.

also saw a man walking up the n260 on the wrong side of the road, pushing a bycicle wieghed down with i guess camping stuff, carrying a big wooden cross, a bit the like the old man that lived near sainsburys ladbroke road, only this cross didnt have hinges as he presumidly didnt need to take it on a bus.

moira and all the rest are back today, and jonathans gone of to france.

the lettuces are now ready to start plucking leaves from.


i didnt use enough tahini

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

mum and dad have gone, they went on monday in a taxi, the day after it started raining

i tried to attach my computor to the tv the other night but it didnt work and then the computor, once put back in its original position deciced not to work aswell , its working now luckily.

as moira is away with the rosseta stone spanish course which is a good thing for her because apparently shes being doing loads of it, i have been going over the micheal thomas tapes again, now that they are relavent, i should have listened to them earlier i now realise, i need to hear someone say some of the new words i have learnt.

i realised yesterday that if we live out here forever i will never be a lollypopman.

ive dug over the area where the pine tree was and covered the ground in fresh home made compost mainly to stop the cats using it as a toilet. and to plant out the artichokes when they ready

im picking up jonathan tomorrow from the airport, actually he is hiring a car but he doesnt have a credit card so im getting the car for him and he is paying me back in euros.


earthquakes in Peru

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

mum and now dad are here, dad arrived with dan, paulo, thuy, graham and tia. apart from dad it was a bit of a whirl wind visit as they have all gone off to france taking my wife this afternoon, they are back on saturday though, now moiras gone i can get to chopping up the logs with the axe, maybe even borrow a chain saw but i doubt it. august is going to be a tuff one for me as far as holidays go as i work on a golf course for holiday makers and they usually go on holiday in august so thats when i will always be busiest. mum and dad go home on monday and then jonathan arrives on thursday.

i got payed on thursday and true to tradition i bought a plant on the way home, this time it was a lemon tree, and they now no i work for projardi ( in the garden centre) which means i get a massive discount, i managed to get the tree home on my bike, the tree is now planted and ive used some of my home made compost as mulch. while planting the lemon tree i showed mum where pine nuts came from and she then spent a good half  hour collecting them, the trouble is they are protected buy a really hard seed coat so, i can see why they are expensive even when the pine trees are so abundant, especially around here, we managed to eat a few though.

just chopped down another tree in the garden i hope thats the last of them cross fingers the almond pulls itself together, annoyingly its opened up a bit of the back wall we havent painted white and to be honest it really does need a lick of paint now.


Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

its the fieast of the assumption, when mary goes to heaven.

mums hear

hitting the death star

Monday, August 13th, 2007

what has a hundred feet and smells of piss?

the front row of a danial odonnel concert.

jenny workedout how to down load her bought itune tunes from her account on to mine so now i have a chinesse orchestra on my ipod aswell.

its hot again. we ate our first home grown tomato yesterday and the lettuce are doing well should be ready by the time every one leaves, its going to be a bit hectic the next couple of weeks, having to put doing up the house on hold, so am now redisigning the garden ivew always wanted to do a garden like l`escargot by Matice this could be my chance. i think the gardens big enough and Moira quite likes the idea.

the van problems been puton hold until we get the original copy throught he post but apparently there has been post strikes in the UK.

pick up mum from the airport tomorrow.


i can smell coconut milk

Friday, August 10th, 2007

the stumps gone, the stumps gone yeh the stumps gone , moira came over for the grand felling of the stump and now its gone or should i saw its out of the ground its not really gone as i have rolled it over to the side of the garden so its still in full view, but now its not actually in the ground but more on the ground.

we have also rearranged thew living room to show off the new chair to its advantage and created a diagonal with the lino rug to draw one into the room and widen the room slightly breaking up the furniture round the walls effect all aimed at the tele which we had before.

i found myself counting in spanish the other day and it wasnt premeditated, i got to 5 before i realised.

ive stopped doing yoga, it wasnt a conscious desicion its just i dont really feel the need to do yoga any more,  maybe its because my quality of life has changed, i now have time to come home sit in moiras office for a while and chat then pop upstairs read a book for a bit do a bit of work on the house, water the garden, then have a shower and go and sit in moiras office again for another chat, maybe even read a gardening book, im liking red day lillies mixed in with artichokes. crack open a beer and listen to the birds, who needs yoga, i might do a bit tomorrrow morning though if i feel like it. sun salutations round the pool.

next year i will be growing peanuts as ground cover.

somethings eating my lettuce

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

guess what mad cow disease in spanish is “vaca loco” which literaly translates as cow mad.

we had a thunder storm last night, it was quite impressive when the lightning lit up the sky, this morning all the prostetutes had umberellas. it rained again this afternoon which meant we got to go home early, and i had another go at taking out the tree stump, its getting there, well atleast its moving now.

jenny and maisie and graham have gone to Palafrugal, pronounced strangly and at the moment i cant remember how it goes, i know the r is rolled. its a shame about the weather for them.

weve just been to Figueres to buy a arm chair, my blue chair is getting relegated to the master bedroom, im actually sitting in it right now as it hasnt made it upstairs yet. Ian told me today that the form we got from the ford people for the car probably wont do but we have to wait for the original to come through the post then email it to the man in  Girona and when he gets back from his holiday in 2 weeks he will pop by for the original copy and then take it to the ITV place and hopefully they will except it but he doesnt think they will. the laws in England must have changed pretty recently as the copy we had to show us what we need, he got in March.

me being a vegetarian is a constant cause of fascination to the guys i work with.

sunday i repared and painted the garage door while Moira painted the little door from her office to the garage, she got a bit carried away and started to paint the little window but run out of paint. baked potatoes tonight YEH….

tortouise porn

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

i ate all the chocolate that we bought for masie.

i forgot to mention in my last blog that we went to see a live band down at the campsite well near the campsite, we went for a drink in the campsite bar first which was a bit weird cause last time we were there it was empty and chairless now it has loads of germans and chairs, the band were quite good they came on an hour late which i believe is normal in these parts but it annoyed moira abit, it was a flamenca modern form of group, three guys from a five piece band called gazpacho that play latin rock these guys called themselves three men and a donkey. i prefered what they were playing to the stuff gazpacho play, i looked them up on itunes and listened to a few tracks.

i was pulling up weeds underneath a window where a cleaner was singing, she had an amazing voice.

i had a quick peak at an allotment the other day and discovered i had planted my lettuces wrong. you do plant them at the bottom of the trench that i got right but but its better to plant them slightly up the sides so as the dont sit in water, or got smothered in the soil that gets washed down. they are doing fine though.

jenny masie and graham (yes another graham) arrived tuesday night and they have been doing holiday big time masie has hardly left the pool, except for last night when we went to the gocarts and had a go, i dont think she enjoyed it as much as she had hoped, i quite enjoyed it myself and had really got the hang of it by the time we had to stop.

we are going for paella tonight as moira doesnt normally have someone to eat paella with as you need atleast 2 people to order it, and usually there is only one of her and she is too small to pretend to be 2 people.