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dumping at the dump

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

just come back from the bar as i have read the gardening mag that i went in there to read. Moiras on here way to new york she left last night and had a stop over at Dan and Paulos, she is away for the week.

i went into Figueres this morning mainly to try and buy bulbs which i have since been told arrive in october, its to early, i did manage to get some freesias though in Aki and posts so i can put up the hammock, that is tommorows job, apart from going into Figueres and checking what time the Gestore is open and buying cat food and plants etc, todays job was to finnish of preserving moiras office doors and paint black the grill over the small window by the washing machine. also i had to sweep up the mess the traumontana caused this week it was pretty much three days of pretty heavy wind the lettuces im growing have been really battered and not in the deep fried pizza way. going to have to grow some wind breaks.

Arials grandmother was a victim off a robbery last week. Arial said that he had seen a honda jeep drive up and down his road and along the fields of the back of the houses opposite. His grandparents live across the road from him and his aunt and uncle a couple of doors up. like a good citizen Aurial took down the number of the jeep. 2 days later he saw the jeep again while in his garden and mentioned it to his neighbour, while this was going on they heard some loud barking and saw a couple of what he called gypsies running towards there jeep weighed down by quite a few plants for smoking as he descreetly put it. they had stolen them from his granny who apparently grows them because she likes the look of them and then throws them away at the end of every year. they couldnt call the police because growing plants that one smokes has been illegal here since Spain joined the european union.

going to try and make humus again.

what has happened to all the escobas

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

moiras doing the rosseta stone spanish course, we have bought a wood burner to replace the fire place in the front room, my bad days at understanding what people are saying to me are now becoming bad couple of hours,we are having backed potatoes tonight, the carpentor still hasnt been round to measure for the doors, we have bought lights for the electrician to put up in moiras office and the pump room as paul, lisas boyfriend said it was dangerous, it seems to be raining all over spain but here thanks mainly to the tramontana, we are going round to the cafe colon later on to give Jazz the tea bags that we have aquired over the summer, he is french but he likes builders tea, and now im going to have a beer.

stone roses

Monday, September 24th, 2007

well that was the last of the summer guests. we have drunk quite a lot this weekend. its been a bit strange being on peoples holidays but actually not really being on holiday ourselves if that makes scense, infact its been quite hardwork but a lot of fun aswell. we have probably eaten out more these last 2 months then we did in the whole year last year, maybe not but you know what i mean.

Frame, mells boyfriend angle grinded the swirls off the balconies for us, he loved it, i had him chopping up wood aswell but his technique wasnt up to it so i took over, he loves his music and with any luck he is going to send me some, but as we all know what you say on holiday loses significance once you get home to the old grind.

the electrician has just been round to change one of our fuses, and the man from the wood burniing stove shop has rung and he has done a quote for us, which i think we are just going to go ahead with and get it done. the builder also came round, ranted on a bit about socielists said he could make the windows in the dinning room into doors drunk a beer then left. the ball is finally rolling.

ive just sent mell off with my last ever self assesment form, just got to pay my tax for last year then thats it, might even stop paying national insurance aswell, who knows.



que sera sera

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

well that was jock and irene, they seemed to have a nice time,  jock was getting very continental eating olives and dipping his bread in olive oil, and wanting to know what an aubergine tasted like, then going to the bar for a quick whisky on the way home, he also painted the frame thingy over the well for us and irene cleaned the 2 old sun loungers. we took thenm to Roses for a meal in the restaurant we always go into and they even know im vegetarian now and made me something off menu. we chucked, first jock in the back of the van then irene, the van by the way has atlast passed its ITV this monday, but now the insurance has run out, but im holding back for a while as yasmina said it shouldnt be long now before i will have a new number plate and then i wont have to pay twice for the insurance.

the builder didnt turn up and neither did the electrician that was coming monday evening never mind we will try another route as peppy in the bar has given us a feww phone numbers and told us where to find the village electrician. we are off to see a man about a wood burning stove later on this afternoon.

moiras shiatsu was so good that she got jock to have a go aswell.

tomorrow mell and that lot arive for the weekend.

i just rubbed my arm and it reminded me that on monday i was in a garden full of we think dog fleas because i was eaten alive, i had to get some cream from the chemist who told me fleas were dangerous sadly i didnt have the wherewithall to ask what she meant. i sprayed the inside of my boots with fly spray.

thank god for mother nature shes a single women too

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

jock and irene are on there way, they should be landing very soon.

Moiras back i went to pick her up from the airport, monday night, the N11 is closed around Girona from 9 in the evening till 7 in the morning.

im going to meet the builder that is working on the vets house in the cafe colon at 7.30, jazz is going to introduce us and translate while we show him what we want doing, hed arranged it all, Jazz that is, and told me about it sunday night when i went into the cafe colon for some goats cheese salad and chocolate cake. could this mean that things a getting going.

it was Catalan national day yesterday (september 11th), another day off, we went for a walk, did a bit of this and a bit of that. moiras happy with how her office looks now ive painted it, we just need to sort the floor out. that evening we went to the bar and got sort of chatting to the owner, the one who has an english girlfriend, who it turns out is a shiatsu person and she is going to do some work on moiras back tomorrow afternoon. he is trying to learn english so im going to give him the teach yourself english thingy i got from the newspaper. it took us years to get to know the landlord of the nearest pub in Shinfield street.

i didnt need to ring an electrician it started working again when it felt like it after a brief siesta.

need a new mop head.

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

just went for a walk to find the way to the castle near villajuega, came back via the bar. i had planned on having a walk anyway but also it was a way of giving the fuse that i blew, trying to hoover moiras office that i had painted yesterday, time to cool down or thats what i had hoped it didnt actually work so now im going to have to ring an electrician on Monday, moiras office looks much better now though. i think i know what the problem is there is a little seperate fuse down in the cellar that may have gone but i havent a spare to check my theory. never mind big brother starts today or should i say Grand Hermano.

its also a bank holliday on tuesday so we probably wont get an electrician untill wednesday.

Aurial was telling us about the day of killing pigs that happens on his village, sometime in the winter someone goes round the hole of the village and kills all the pigs so they can be hung and turned into anough meat for the next year, this someone in Aurials village is his grandad. they make quite a day off it aswell, its a bit of a party.

its september and the eleagnus is in flower, i just love the smell the tiny little white flowers give off.

Friday was a day and a half. i took Moira to the airport for 5.30 in the morning then tried to get back for work, but the N11 was closed half way round Girona, i later found out its going to closed from 9in the evening till 7 in the morning for a while. anyway i got seriously lost and ended up having to go back to the airport and go on the Ap7, i got to work on time just. work was fine and i was allowed to leave early to take the van to get its ITV. this had happened thursday as well but when i got there, first i got in the wrong queue then when i did get in the right queeue i was behind a man who had 4 lorries to deal with so they asked me to come back tomorrow. Still the good news is the van has passed its ITV once it gets one of those cage thingies that seperate the driver from the cargo in the back, so i have got to go back again next week for another test but with the seperator thingy that i bought on the way home from the ITV place put in. then i will insure it.

its still hot.

 i bought a newspaper this morning while getting some bread, i tend to buy the first sunday news paper that takes my fancy as i havent found one yet that i really like just yet or got into the habit of buying the same paper whether i like it or not everyweek. this one “el mundo” came with a teach youself english cd and book,

potato and goats cheese omelete

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

the saga continues. i finally got to the ITV place got in the queue which ended up being the wrong queue so i had to go to the back of the other queue which now had 4 people in it one lady was taking for ever, this is now 4 o clock the desk is supposed to shut at 4 oclock, the next 2 blokes were really quick then the man infront of me was in there to do something to 4 giant lorries, the lady behind the counter looked at me and said sorry but could i come back tomorrow, i had already left work early to get there today, so i said not really and i had been there since 3.30, i had to leave work early all in spanish i might add, she called her boss over who checked the paperwork which atleast was correct and now after a bit off wrangling im going again tomorrow at 4 and not 9 in the morning which they suggested.

whta a shame about pavarotti, we song a bit of an aria for him, me and aurial.

fife has had her jabs, to celebrate we went down cafe colon for a beer or two and to swap cds with emily behind the bar. we consequently bumped into the couple from southend who were so drunk last time we meet them they didnt actually remember us, they told us not to bother about changing the number plates on the van, they also introduced us to the barman in our bar who is currently seeing a girl from england who is living here at the moment that does shiatsu and moira asked her if she could massage a knot she has in her back, also jazz the chef in the cafe colon knows a builder that happens to be working on the vets house , so he is going to ask if he can come and look at our house for us at some time. not bad for for a nights work

i rang an insurance company that insurance english cars abroad,about insuring my van the man told me his wife had driven in spain for 3 years without changing her numberplates. he did mention that he shouldnt be telling me that also apparently you dont need a MOT to get insurance on your vehicle.


fife hunts a pigeon

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

the short chubby prostitute, today was wearing a bikini top and i think a denim mini skirt.

apparently during the civil war out here, there was hardly any food around, but shed loads of bread and wine, Aurials nan to this day still has red wine and sugar on bread. they also make a soup were you boil some stale bread in water with a couple off eggs some olive oil and a bit of mint then blitz it with a liquidiser when its hot.

on the way home through the grape vines i was cycling behind a tractor pulling a trailer full of white grapes off to the cooperativa, i presume, jonathan says the grape harvest is early this year because of all the rain. there is a great big skip off grape stems and skins out the back off the cooperativa at the moment.

went to the vets, this time without fife only to find out when i got there i could have taken her because there was no one else there. the vet lives in our village, just around the corner which will be handy for emergencies, but his, what is it ?, his ah, his prtactice is in LLanca. fife is going to get her jabs tomorrow and her micro chip address changed. the vet new where we lived because of my vans big padlock.

when i got back i measured the back wall to work out how much trellis i need, moira wants me to paint it black, i know one bit of trellis is going to have a campsis growing up it.

what kind of fool am i

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

just ben for a walk amongst the vine yards with natalie who is here for the weekend, thuy and that lot have gone home. ive now got the paper work to take with me to get the van ITVd, which i will try and do next week, it cost us another 90€ which im pretty sure just went in the blokes pocket, but then thats how it works out here.

 its really hot again after a few days of the traumontana and a we bit of rain, but no where near as cold as it was 2 weeks ago.

ive pruned the bourgenvilla a bit mainly cut of as many dead flowers as i could, and then turned the compost heap again, as it was looking a bit dry around the edges.

on our walk we gathered pomegranits and an almond and nat took loads of photos, adn we came back the way i cycle on the way home from work which was still windy possibly the windiest road in the world, we went passed the cemetry which is advetrtised as beeing an outdoor cinema in the summer, i cant work out how though as there doesnt seem to be the room, came back and had some olives that i had marinated in oil, chilli and lemon verbena, lovely.