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to take in a dry place

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

tomorrow is my anniversary, one year in Spain, one whole year, whod ov believed it. and finally after much research ive come to realise soltan all day suntan lotion gives me spots. but it doesnt matter now as i have a long enough lunch break to replenish the normal suntan lotion that i had applied in the morning, ive told Jesus that i need to wear sunglasses, its January and im having to wear sunglasses because i have gay eyes and gay skin which is why im having to use sun tan lotion, hes got mediteranian, olive skin so he never has to bother. we had lunch together today again we had lunch together yesterday aswell as we were at a job to far away to get back home, today we talked about how different english is to spanish, he even tried to teach me some catalan but by then there was far to many words spinning around in my head.

we get our fancy new radiators and the kitchen mam came round last night  to see we had closed off the chimney but due to a missunderstanding somewhere along the line we hadnt sorted out the electrics and the plumbing luckily he has a man that does that stuff and he should be coming round tomorrow  to take a look, apparently he can do our floor aswell, cross fingers.

Jesus has a dog called Julia

Monday, January 28th, 2008

another sunny monday, drinking beer watching the sunset over the vineyards.

Bruno has finnished whaty he had to do and now i think we have to paint the room, probably next saturday.

we went for a walk with Jonathan on sunday over the ridge for lunch in a restaurant full of people from Barcelona, sadly we hadnt booked calcots, but that doesnt matter as we can probaly make them this weekend while we are having a bar-b-que. still the food was alright and arrived quickly which was good as Jonathan had to get to the airport that evening, we walked back along the road as it was a wee bit easier.

i took one of Ians girls to the swimming pool in torremirona, where i used to work with Ian, the council pay for every kid to learn to swim and the swimming pool in torremirona is a lot nicer then the municiple pool in Figueres. Ian cant drive well he can drive but he learnt to drive in the army so doesnt have a license, so i drove, we had a coffee and a croissant while she was swimming. then on the way back i popped into carrrefour for beer and fizzy water, that seems to be the only thing we buy in the super market these days.

Saturday night we went to Katherine and Tims in Narbonne, we took the train and then Jonathan picked us up in Narbonne. the train wasnt advertised on any of the time tables even Jesus couldnt find it on the internet, but it arrived on time and got us to Narbonne on time aswell, we didnt have to show our passports or anything like that the only down side was as we hadnt booked in advance, it was a lot more expensive then we are used to with spanish trains. the evening went well, we were told buy a builder friend of Katherines that we had made the right choice with electric central heating and solar paneled hot water, he actually told us that without prompting. Jonathan drove us home on the way we had a bit of a search for fags in a service station, hotel, restaurant. but couldnt find any so Jonathan had to wait until the morning and was faced with the challenge of the fag machine in the bar. Pepe told us that before Fag machines the fags where sold behind the bar then the government decided all bars needed fag machines, fine, but it was then easy for kids to buy fags so now you have to press a button on the bar which activates the fag machine, why they didnt just leave the fags behind the bar now one knows.

bacon clouds

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

second week working full time for Jesus and his van breaks down, poor bloke he hasnt had it easy recently what with the hernea opertation, being broken into, car crash and now the vans broken down, fuel pump or something, good reason to get the better diesel. he bought, Jesus that is, a massive 4×4 just before christmas, he told me the other day,  they got it because his wife has been known to full asleep at the wheel, or pass out or something like that i wasnt sure, but now they have this massive car with 8 air bags and every other safety gadget so that if she does it again she should be fine, not sure how any body else on the road will feel when i giant 4×4 is steaming towards them with a women, seemingly quite a nice women aswell, sound asleep at the wheel, but there you go.

Moiras in Paris, i took her to the airport this morning before work, but thanks to a decent lunch break i managed to take a small siesta before starting again in the afternoon.

Bruno turned up yesterday and the big whole in the wall where the fire place was has gone, and with any luck he is coming tomorrow to finnish it off with a bit plastering, now we can start hassling the kitchen people as we havent heard a peep from them since before christmas.

lunch with Jesus in Selva de Mar was fun yesterday the nice lady made me spinach cannaloni and then a green salad which was completely off the menu and i think she charged Jesus less for it aswell, i had to appolagise to Jesus for talking to much then realised i was actually talking to much in spanish,  the half bottle of wine probably helped.

beating up toilet attendents

Monday, January 21st, 2008

the first sunny weekend of the year and we go to England. still i havent had an evening that i cant remember much about for ages. pretty much got up the next day, and after going to selfridges to buy haggis i was on my way home again, this checking in on line stuff is great it means you dont have to get to the airport 2 hours before your flight. we did miss an olive oil festival in Espolla while we where away, next year.

Jonathans arrived and shot off to France first to see his sister-in-law, he is back tonight to have tapas and then we are off to get Moira from the airport, its handy having Jonathan here as he wants to do all the driving and he doesnt drink, weve already booked him in for the beer throwing festival in Llanca this year.

we have got solar paneled hot water, friday afternoon was my first solar panel heated shower. they left the place reasonably tidy aswell, although we did have quite a flood the night before as something went wrong with in the water tank luckily Moira heard the noise of the water gushing under the house and i managed to bloke the hole wih a wine bottle stopper i got for christmas years ago and have never really used until now. the compost heap got a lot of water that evening and so did the lawn and the olive tree. luckily Yasmina turned up just as the workmen where leaving the next day and they explained to hear in spanish how to work the thing and why we had a flood and that it shouldnt happen again.

bought Jesus an end of our first week beer i explained it was traditional in England to spend all the money that was earned during the week in the pub friday night.

this ones dedicated to Eeyore

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

IVE SIGNED A CONTRACT, YEH IVE SIGNED A CONTRACT La La La phew what a relief, im going to get payed a little bit less then for Projardi but not much and i have signed a contract, not for just 3 months either for however long i want, and its signed, this morning, after breakfast, i signed it, must admit i didnt read any of it, so i could have sold my self to the white slave trade but i doubt it, it was all in spanish and i was too freaked out to even attempt to read it so i just signed it, there and then. Now the Gestors has all the copies and i believe once he has checked over everything ( i dont know why im assuming he is a man, because the gestor that sorted out the van was a women but anyway) i should get my copy back next week and then its all done and dusted.

the rest of the morning i had the sun on my back while pulling out plants that where in the wrong place in a beautiful garden in Perelada.

in the dog house

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

weve just been to the Dali house at Port lligat, beautiful little bay and quite a cute little village with a fishermans hut as the auyuntimiento ( mayors office/ council). we couldnt get into the house as you need to book up in advance, we also tried a bit of the cami ronda but it got a bit perilous so went to Cadaces instead for some beer in a bar that could have been any where else in the world as it was painted that purple and orangy yellow colour and had old rock music playing in the back ground and a couple of drunk germans playing cards.

yesterday we went to Barcelona to do IKEA shopping and then into the center in the car found one car park that we needed to spend more then 8€ in the shop above and we would get the first hour free, luckily we found those little polystyrene balls that we have been looking for for ages so we bought those then left to find another carpark. the next one we found, after going the wrong way up a one way street was fine and bloody cheap, not like london carparks. we also found a good little arabic restaurant that sold humous for Moira.

we didnt go out friday night as it was raining.

but we did go for a walk on friday  and aquired Pepes and Kerrys dog on the way ,Sunny Jim Bob is his name, we didnt know that at the time though. weve become the official lemon supplier for the bar.

i worked on my own on wednesday and couldnt face having beer for breakfast on my own, couldnt tell you why, it felt a bit strange, had 2 chocolate croissants instead, nice day pruning almonds, i like pruning almonds. we did one job on friday where the man not only told me a dirty joke that i completely understood untill the punch line which lkind of spoilt it abit, (i worked it out after and it wasnt that funny, you had to be there kind of joke) but gave us some dried chillies and a bottle of wine from the cooperative nearer Roses, i liked the wine Moira didnt.

we saw the lady with the face lift again in the supermarket,we avoided her, she really should sue someone.

tried our first orange from the orange tree buy the pool, it was tiny but tasted alright.

in artford, ereford and ampshire urricanes ardly hever appen.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

the pipes are in for the solar panels, now ive got to find Bruno again to get him to close up the gap.

Last saturday was great, it was the night before the 6th of January which is the kings day, 12th day of christmas, when the kings met the little baby Jesus. what they do here to celebrate is to have a prossesion of the 3 kings around the village, then into the church (the first time we have been in there since weve been here) someone sings a song about sausages, the kids join in, sweets a tossed around, supposedly magic sweets, because the kings are wizards aswell. after what was not really a service more of a every one from the village with kids and a few british people milling around looking at the 3 kings and clapping every now and then, (Pepe isnt allowed to be one of the kings because he is too small) we all left for the school hall, which ive mentioned before in a prevoious blog, there, we were given hot chocolate, the sausage song was sung again and the kids got to say hello to the kings while the swarming parents got to take photos, i had Moiras hot chocolate. we then went to Pepes mums as the kings then came round the houses dishing out the presents to the kids that the parents had given to the kings the day before. Pepe has a child from an earlier marriage and his daughter was there which is why we where in his mums house, also Pepe and Kerry invited us. Monica, Pepes daughter asked for the blonde king to bring her present, there is a white king a blonde king and a black king, i get the impression the black king doesnt do much handing out of presents (the black king was white man blacked up, thats small villages for you). after the king turned up, came into the house and gave Monica her present, we drank some more wine, i told Pepes mum what to do with her house plant then we left, with big smiles on our faces.

Sunday we wnent fro a walk around Roses so Moira could look at some houses, we then came home and after a while we went into the bar for a quick one or two to find Tracy and Mike where in there with a lady that lives down the road (originally from Holland, who speaks english and catalan) having a drink. it was the first time the lady from Holland had come out since her face lift, she asked me to tidy her garden for her but im not sure she will remember asking me.

im reading the Hobbit in spanish at the moment its hard work but as its such a good book i still cant put it down. thanks Nat.

bagins becomes bolsón

Friday, January 4th, 2008

things have changed a bit since yesterday. i went round to the builders while he was having lunch, he apologised for not turning up as he had not finished another job but if it rained he would be round, well it rained and true to his word he came over and took out the chimney, the thing is he cant fill in the hole yet as the solar man needs to put in pipes, which having been to Figueres to see him, discovered they would be 5 metres long and rigid, we payed him a deposit and he starts monday morning at 8.30, then with any luck Bruno the builder will come back and fill in the hole before the kitchen gets put in, what a palava.

i worked this morning with jesus, poor bloke he bought a new car just before christmas and took it for a drive up into the mountains, him and his wife, and on the second day slid on some ice and pretty much wrote it off, he should have been in first gear like Paolo told me to do in Sant Bernadino. but on a positive note he said he will ring his gestor on monday if there is time and hopefully by, well 2 weeks time at the most but that could be spanish 2 weeks i will have a contract and will have to take breakfast beer every morning from there onwards.

i dont want to

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

we are back…

had a lovely time we had snow and everything, i did lots of cross country skiing (knicknamed gay skiing by those that couldnt do it) a bit of downhill with moira, who pretty much down hill skied every day, my god it was cold though, for us anyway, had to drag out the old thermals. we actually went to a thermal spa one day that was amazing as the water was warm but out of the water was freezing. whats more we had christmas day up in the snow which was really nice. every body was on form apart from a bit of a bug that was going round and got graham, tia, thuy and paulo quite bad. we survived to drink another day.

now we are home and waiting for the builder that should have been here this morning, and for whom we rushed home last night in a taxi, to turn up. a skip arrived this morning then left but that is it, i think im going to prune my olive tree instead. im going to ring jesus later to see what the new year will bring work wise, cross fingers. it really has nearly been a year, i now have to say we arrived here last February instead of just February.