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brioche con gelato

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

at last i worked today as it wasnt raining, i was up on the road to Peralada in a garden that we do every week, after work i spent half n hour harvesting wild asparagus for an omelete later on and i wasnt the only one, on the way home i saw 2 men getting in a car with a bundle and while i was unloading the van a man strolled down our street with a tiny bundle in his hand.

i painted the front door yesterday while i wasnt working and painted the surround with the white paint that we used to paint the wall round the garden but this time i mixed water in with it, what a difference, if only we had known earlier.

spelling count wrong

Monday, February 25th, 2008

last week was a short week it rained on wednesday so i didnt work and then we went to scotland on thursday night so i didnt work friday aswell. Scotland, well Fife is so like here but a little less sunny, maybe to me any place with all that sky is like here i dont know. but my god it was cold it doesnt look to bad from indoors but when you get outside the fact that you are not in spain hits you hard in the face. it was nice to see everybody again, we went to the Cambo snowdrops which was lovely, carpets of snowdrops, i took photos to show Jesus, we spent a pleasent hour listening to Lorna while walking around the grounds, and down to the sea.

we drove from Prestwick (Glasgow) to Fife which wasnt as bad as we first thought, by the time we got to the airport on sunday i was getting a bit bored of driving though. i only drove on the wrong side of the road once and luckily Jenny and Graham were in the car and noticed, the same thing has happened to me before i pulled over to let a car pass but pulled over onto the other side of the road as i would here and once the other driver had got over his confusion and driven passed i carried on, but still on the wrong side of the road luckily it was only a side road.

Its raining again today so once more im not working, we kind of messed up this weekend, in hindsite we should have flown out Friday night and come back tonight and moira didnt really need to go to London aswell. yet another trip to the airport. never mind we wer`nt to know, which is pretty much what jesus said in the bar this morning.

false economy

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Moiras in england again for the day, another early start, i managed to go to bed early last night so i dont feel so bad. i managed to go to bed early last night thanks to Carnival. it was carnival in Garriguella on sunday, what a laugh… Carnival is supposed to celebrate the last day before lent or something like that, but because all the big towns do carnival on the correct day all the little villages leave it a couple of weeks, because otherwise no one would turn up they would all be at Figueres or Roses, as we were, so lents a we bit shorter for us in Garriguella, im sure the pope wont mind.

the festivities started at 1 where we all gathered in the school hall for what i think is called Rancha, basically its a meal that starts with salad then rice and meat stew then fruit and for afters brunyols which are little doughnuts sweatend with again i think caraway seeds, because i thought it was fennel and i was told it wasnt. the brunyols are eatern with a rather large glass of the local sherry. it all costs 10€ and there is a bottle of wine on the table and some water, all we had to take was a plate and some cutlery, i took some tabasco as well just incase i needed it which i did and so did Pepe. after all that, we went home for short siesta then met up again in the bar at 6 to watch the floats go buy. there was 3 floats, but that didnt matter, as we all had a bit of dance behind the red one with the doll hanging from the back. the floats took us back to the school hall where there was a band, but they werent very good so after a while and a bit of a dance Moira and i went back to the bar for a couple more beers, and i had a coffee with sweet pastis in it, it was alright, not my favourite, but a lot of people here seem to like it. of course now every body has given up chocolate for lent, a couple of weeks late, but whatever, dont you just love how religion can be manipulated to suit ones needs.

special sauce lettuce cheese

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

went to a land fill site the other week, pretty depressing really. i did my bit and knicked a log for the fire that was stuck in the ground next to the trailer and saved jesus about a euro buy adding weight back into the trailer before it was weighed on the way out. its only up the road, just buy the petrol station, and every thing goes in it, there is no seperating of stuff, as one of the workers put it ” all goes in together” but obviously in spanish, as he was morocan.

we have finally painted the living room and i must say it looks great apart from the fact that we left the masking tape on tolong and its stained the window frames a little bit.

did a nice dutch ladies garden yesterday (saturday) it didnt take verry long and i had told Jesus i was doing it, mainly because he can see the garden in question from his house, and i had said in the bar i would do it thinking she was drunk and wouldnt remember, she did.

farting jokes

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

by now every body in the village knows Moira is a jewellery designer and that she is in london today, what they dont know is i took her to the airport at 5.30 this morning and will be collecting her from the airport again later on this evening. they also know how many friends we have in the village and that we lived in london before living here. this is all because i helped jesus this afternoon in one of the 3 casa rurals ( bed n breakfasts) thats in the village and she recognised me and asked a few pertanent questions. thats why we have so many restaurants in our village as there are 3 bed n breakfasts a hotel and a campsite.

i was in the bar monday morning for the morning beer and sandwich when Pepes brother, who is always in there in the morning as he is the town baker, asked me if we had asparagus in england.

weve virtually payed everyone now, Brunos been payed for the chimney the solar panel people have been payed, the electrician/ plumber ( the romanians) have been payed. and pretty much all the kitchen has been payed for, weve ordered the work surface and splash back, there doesnt seem to be a word for splah back her or not one that Jesus knows about, and ive bought another load of grey paint that hasnt any blue in it hopefully.

i had a bit of a catalan rant to myself yesterday as one of Jesuses clients asked me why i wasnt learning catalan first before castilian, i supose he had a point, but it aint that easy to learn catalan in england to start with, and forcing me to speak a language i dont want to speak, well i do eventually but first i need to learn castillian (spanish), but anyway making me learn a language i dont want to learn is bordering on facism or thats how the argument kind of ended in my head before i thought i might be going a bit far, he did give me the ” catalunia is not spain its a country occupied by spain” and “if one wanted to speak spanish, live in spain”, actually he was as nice as pie to me today, i think he was just showing of a bit to Jesus, it seems he wants to be in politics. he spoke castilian to me today when he realised i really didnt have a clue what he was saying. i did learn the words for where do you live in catalan though as he asked me that first before asking in castilian, it sounds a bit like “ombious”.

whoops forgot

Monday, February 11th, 2008

the kitchen is finaly going in the 2 french, what ever they are, people that put in kitchens arrived this morning, about midday a romanian arrived to tidy up the mess they made of the plastering and Moira got her computor working again just by going into the bar, having a beer and a ham sandwich, and switching the laptop on there using Pepes wifi. Pepe has been on good form recently mainly because Cerrie is back in town, he invited us up to his house in the mountains to eat calcots, about 3 him and Cerrie sneaked of for a siesta, after i told a terrible english man scots man and irish man joke in spanish, i dont think he got it. then we went to tracys caravan in the middle of no where and had a few more beers , giving us just enough time to get back to the village before it really got dark. i had another one of those moments when i think, my god i live here, as we where entering our dark little old village.

after taking Ians daughter to swimming on saturday i picked up my new mobile sim card with telephonica as the reception with vodaphone at our house is terrible. when i got home had to change into my painting house clothes, i did the cielings, in the living room and the new kitchen while moira started to paint the living room grey, damm, we had picked a grey that is too blue, we are going to have to get some more and paint it next week thats if we are not going skiing.

once the kitchen is in we have to choose a colour for the work surface and probably the splash back, that should be fun.

i came across a bit of racism the other day, not evil facist racism more old man not really realising what he was saying and i think he was a bit embarresed after wards.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

another lovely day, i was in a small medieval village near Selva de mar, quite a magical place and i was there pretty much all day except when we went for lunch, we have been going to the chinese restaurant in Selva de mar for the last 3 days, thes ow3ner has now got the measure of my vegtarianism, i had a soup with chilli in it today, probably full of chicken stock aswell, but then what can you do, there wasnt any visable meat like stuff in it, i think the spring rolls i had the for last 2 days has meat in it though, im not a hundred percent sure but there was something in there that looked decidedly fishy.

weve deciced not to re-do the floor yet as its too expensive but the good news is that we now have a new kitchen, its still in the garage but the oven just arrived and that was the last thing that neaded to arrive, wonder when they will put it in, you never can tell these days. the romanian boys will be back again tomorrow to finnish putting in the plug sockets and water pipes.

ive got to get in step while there is still time left

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

ive moved downstairs, well the computor has as it cant be in the new kitchen which is coming on wednesday and will be living in the garage until the man and his 25 workers have put the new floor down and sorted out the plumbing and the electrics, that all depends on how long it takes for the flooring tiles to arrive. but if all goes well we should have a new kitchen by the end of the month.

i got payed friday its all legal and above board, well some of it is 2/3rds of it is the rest is cash, i think i might treat myself to a new secartairs holster as the old one has fallen apart.

this weekend was carnival weekend, it rained friday night, shame jesus didnt die later on in the year then carnival would have been a bit warmer, i must say carnival is a bit more fun then pancake day. we went to Yasmina and Johns on Friday night so missed the big event but there was a childrens parade on saturday which we missed aswell and then today another big parade, because as Yasmina said “if they are going to go to all that effort they might aswell do it twice” we went to the sunday parade. it wasnt Notting hill carnival and most of the guys in the prossesion had been drunk since friday night and probably hadnt had much sleep, but it was a nice day out and gave us a chance to get some money out to pay Bruno for the work he did, still regardless of it having been a long weekend for most of the guys in costumes, they were still going for it when they werent in the nearest bar drinking and smoking fags with their friends. thats another thing smoking is banned here in bars of less then 100 square feet and if the bar serves food, which bar here doesnt, but nobody has taken a blind bit of notice Moira was in Pepes bar the other day with 2 police man that were having a cafe solo and a quick fag before they went of to the next small village down the road.