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can cole

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

we’ve got a pump, at last, i eventually worked out how to prime, and it works, ive just watered the lawn because i could, i didn’t over do it though as rain is forecast for sometime this week. we have been painting the pump room/ shower room and garden toilet room all weekend. we were supposed to be going to Barcelona today but something to do with Andy not doing lunch and Spanish trains not running from Barcelona to Figueres after 9.20, we ended up not going, but never mind we will see Cathy and Andy next month. you won’t recognise the garden shower room its all white which was a nightmare as the walls are really rough, it was like painting the Alps thank god for watered down paint. in between painting i took Moira out for a go on her new bike and to water the trees i planted last month, i think. it didn’t take her long to get the hang of it again and to make me realise how bad a state my bike was in. the front brake was really loose the gears didn’t work and the handle bars which were getting worse while i was cycling to work last year are now really loose, but not any more, its amazing what you can do with a washer and an alan key.

it was Sant Jordi the other day, i bought Moira a rose and she bought me books as is the tradition, the books arrived 2 days later and from England, but that didn’t matter, 2 more teach yourself Spanish books. the rose i bought Moira was a miniature called Rosa ‘forever’, i was dying to tell someone in the shop that it meant para siempre but no one asked.

init hot

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

it may look like im doing to blogs today but the other one for some reason i didnt post so ive just posted it now, and can get on with the latest update.

lesson one, dont bend over a well with your mobile in the top pocket of you shirt, mobiles dont float, well my one didnt. all in the name of fixing the pump, i think ive got it now as ive just discovered a screw that lets the air out while the pump is being filled. its all one big learning curve.

Moiras in London until tomorrow and ive got an avocado that i fancy to eat this evening don’t know what with yet. she went first thing this morning with a load of tired Manchester united fans. and she is back tomorrow night, Bruno is still working on the old Kitchen, he turned up when it wasn’t raining, hopefully it will look much better then it does now when she gets home.

i understood alfonso

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Friday night we went to an Italian restaurant in Empuria brava which was surprisingly really good, mainly thanks too the good ingredients that you can get here, i get the feeling we are going to do more of this driving to restaurants, as we have pretty much done the restaurants in this village, though, don’t get me wrong they are fine, especially the hotel, but sometimes you need a change.

Saturday i dropped Moira in Figueres while i took Ians kids swimming, then i picked up Moira from Figueres afterwards to go quickly to the sink shop that was shutting as we got there and then on to the garden table shop and our garden table is arriving on Monday, today in fact, but i have just had a couple of glasses of wine thanks to one of Jesus’s clients, so we are not going to pick it up tonight. then we went to Decathlon and bought Moira a bike, her first new bike of her life.

that night we stayed in and Moira made curry.

Sunday we went to Perpignon via the N11 which was much more picturesque then the autopista, its bizzare but as soon as you go over the border every thing feels different, even the buildings look different, cant explain it. we were going to see Wilma an old friend of Moiras sister and her husband, they made us curry. they were shocked that i have beer with my breakfast, but they live in France, where traffic lights are for tourists, and croissants are for dipping in coffee, which they do here as well and i must say its quite a nice thing to do, but France surely they drink in the morning aswell. anyway we had a lovely time, Wilma took us around a few of the near by villages, it was a bit weird seeing the mountains we look at from the other side. the people of Perpingnon love the rain as well.

now im going to by a Chas and Dave album for my ipod.

jesus does a trick with the windscreen wipers

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

i just typed half a page then looked up and everything had disappeared because firefox was updating something, now ive got to start again.

its raining, and because its raining im not working so i set to work nearly finishing the pump in the well , ive only to wait for the glue to set then i can join everything together, also Bruno is here to start work on the kitchen, luckily for us his co worker wants the old cooker, which means we don’t have to get rid of it. ive also planted my tomatoes and sweet corn and i found what i think is a pumpkin seedling growing in the flower bed so i dug it up and put it in the lawn, don’t ask, i think i know what i am doing.

Moira went to Girona this morning to pick up her residency papers, and then on to Barcelona, and then i pick her up from the train station in Figueres this afternoon, then we will go to the door shop and see if they have a quote for us.

last night we went to the quiz night again because Cerrie wanted to go, Pepe came with us , give him his due he is trying bloody hard to learn English.

Jesus was telling me they make tomato pasta and add crushed almonds which to me sounds delicious.

weve been posted a ghecko

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Natalie was here this weekend, she got here Friday night so we went to the restaurant in the hotel as its is a bit too easy to get to, sadly the goats cheese salad was a bit overdressed.

Saturday Nat had her massage that we got her for her Christmas then i started setting up the pump for the well while Nat and Moira sunbathed. after spending at least an hour in the shop on Friday getting all the stuff that i needed i was still missing something a small piece that as always is quite important, i went in wanting a pump that goes at the bottom of the well and came out with a pump that goes at the top of the well because here they don’t let you buy anything if it is too expensive. Before i started on the well i took Ians Kids swimming with him at the place where i worked last year, i go because he is not allowed to drive, while his daughter was swimming we got talking to one of Pro-jardi clients that was complaining that her Jag was to big and she had scratched it in the car park in Figueres. that night we went to the bar to meet Cerrie for 1 or 2 beers, it was busy because Barcelona was playing, i think.

Sunday we went for a walk to the restaurant in St Quizes  we started form the tortoise sanctuary and walked up to the ridge above Villaminiscle then along for about 4 hours. it was a lovely walk and the views were amazing, Pepe was collecting asparagus on the way to give to the chef in the restaurant to make a omelette for me, but by the time we got there they were a bit limp so we didn’t bother, i had salad and chips instead. Then we went up the French border in Mick and Tracys 4X4 van, there is a refuge up there which was full of furtive looking teenagers when we got there. last stop was Pepes bar for a few more beers then home. what a great day.

shes got her own bag

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Pepe had the fart machine working this morning under our table, i had to tell Jesus what it was as i was almost crying with laughter.

it seems the all over the whole of Spain there is rain except here, weve just got wind

we went to a garden furniture shop last night in Llanca but there was nothing there that we wanted so we went to the port and had a beer while watching the sea, that’s what it is all about.

we’ve had a bit more work done on the house, the new lights that we bought so we could get rid of those awful chandeliers, have been put up and another radiator put in just as the weather improves.

yeh right

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

wedding anniversary today, 12 years so i treated Moira and took her to El Buli, the best restaurant in the world , we managed to get a quick peek in through the windows as we were walking passed along the cami ronda with our picnic comprised of 2 boiled eggs some crisps a cheese and tomato sandwich made with ciabata bread and of course beer. it was a lovely walk along the coast path, everywhere is covered in flowering lavander and pink cistus flowers and wild thyme at this time of year, it was all probably a bit to pink for moira.

We went to the cafe colon on Friday night, it get the adams salad now when i go there, which is the goats cheese salad with out the fried bacon bits sprinkled on, some times i get a few more dried fruits like apricots and some times some blue cheese, this time i got some small chunks of parmigiana, which was a bit extravagant for Jazz the chef.

i went a bit mad and bought some plants on saturday, at last i brought the clematis ive wanted for years, it was to big for the old flat, we’ve got plenty of room here and the side wall is a little bit shady during mid day to protect the roots. its a lovely clematis its kind of a dark pink version of clematis tangutica which is yellow, the problem is the names not very cool as its called clematis “princes diana”, its also pink and has a tendency to smother everything if given the chance but i still think its a beautiful clematis, so there.

but it wasnt me

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

last night was quiz night in the English pub in Empuria Brava, a bit of a laugh but i dont think we will going again for a while, but i am sure we will go again at sometime, maybe next year or probably in the winter when the Catalans are hibernating. for 4 € we got crisps, nuts and sandwiches cut into quarters as well as the quiz is it only the British that serve sandwiches in quarters?

apart from last night the rest of the week has been pretty quite, the electrician came round to see what we needed doing, the other stone radiator turned up and Bruno has popped his quote to rip out the old kitchen through the door, thats about it, oh and i lent Mick my Jaque brel Cd as he had never heard of him but he likes Leonard Cohen.

its still really windy but now it is windy and warm, we haven’t had the fire on all week.