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“Thank you” said Pepe

Monday, June 30th, 2008

does Carman have a yellow Kangoo, because if so , i believe there is a slight problem. was what i said to Jesus on the phone just after i drove past Carmans car nose first in a ditch just outside her house/ restaurant at the end of Jesus’s road. He agreed there was a problem because he could see the car from his kitchen window, laughed a bit at the English way i had put the question that there might be a problem and him and his wife Mercia turned up to help pull the car out in there 4×4. as soon as they got her out of the ditch she got back in the car and drove of to buy more whisky. apparently she has been on a bit of a binge since Saturday so Jesus and Mercia went after her in there chelsea tractor or as jesus calls it Tractour.

Yesterday we went to the beach for the first time this year both of us armed with factor 20 and factor 30, we are going to be her for a while there is no point rushing the tanning process. by the time you got to the sea the soles of you feet were cooked, it really was a relief to get in the water. there is a huge Tamarix growing on the beach which must be tapped in to some fresh water from somewhere.

we came back from the beach and i started to sieve some more of the compost heap untill i had got to hot to do any more, and having been so diligent on the beach earlier got my back burnt without realising, idiot. afewr a while we went up to Pepes turtuga bar to watch the football on cerries bedroom tellie that she had kindly loaned to the bar for the evening. there was British and Germans there the Catalans that were there were sitting round the corner not interested at all. it was really really weird being in Spain but with not a single Spaniard to celebrate the win, except Pepe off course who originates from Malaga region. we did see fire works over in the Figueres direction and a bit of lightning over the mountains. it quite nice to have to walk a bit to get to the bar, the bit as you enter the village is quite special for some reason i can’t explain.


Friday, June 27th, 2008

were are in a catalan newspaper that goes on the internet. a photo was taken of Moira and i at the fire works by the man who works in the cooperativa, i was walking home from work when he called me into his house and showed me , then showed me stuff about Barca football team, i hope i showed enough interest, but the picture of us is brilliant, cathy is in it aswell, i was carrying a shovel which i had to leave outside his house, im not really used to leaving my shovel outside someones house on the high street.

Jesus and i had lunch in Port de Selva and got speaking to a bloke from Barcelona who has family in Argentina and had liveed in Norwich for 2 years, he spoke catalan to jesus and castillian to me, the bloke we chatted to is the sailing teacher at club Nautica, i now know how to sail into the wind, you need to go at 45 degrees.

It was wednesday night and we didnt realise so we forgot to go to salsa, both of us forgot.

last night we went to the bar to watch Spain beat Russia, its so nice to support a team that does well. we were pretty much the only ones in the bar, as offcourse it was Spain playing Russia and not Catalonia. it appears Catalonia has a national team but they are not allowed to play outside Spain.

me and Jesus went for lunch at club Nautica in Port de Selva today and ended up talking to a young bloke from Barcelona that teaches people to sail, i now know how to sail into the wind, you need to go at 45 degrees.

marbles in the road

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Fiesta…. thank you John the Baptist. what a laugh we had last night, it was fire work night in Garriguella and as usual they were rubbish, three big spectacular fire works set off pretty much at the same time during day light and then loads of kids setting off bangers and tiny coloured smoke bombs, but as always the whole village came out to see the spectacular. then after wards there was a meal, but it was bassed on sausage so i declined and we eat at home and then stating at 12 o`clock it was DJ.megamix and he went on till 4.30 in the morning or atleast we think that was the time, as usual i danced non stop , made a complete fool of myself and really didnt care, i got soaked aswell as the very small crowd was squirted with a hose randomly from 1.oo onwards and when they remembered there was a water shortage we got showered in cava instead as there is plenty of that around. the highlight was dancing to “i will survive” pronounced “i will surbibe” here as V’s are pronounced B’s here and YMCA aswell, only Kerry and i knew how to do the hand movements. cant wait to the grand fiesta in the summer.

we felt so awful this afternoon that we wednt for a walk and only got as far as the tortouise sanctury and decided to come back and get something to eat in Pepe’s. also im sure i felt 2 drops of rain , and you dont want to be out walking if it looks like its going to rain.

Cathy left for Barcelona airport this morning at 9.30 we have no idea if she got there or not, i must say she was quite complementry of my avocado salad containing crushed walnuts.

bird in the bathroom

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

ive just made a compost heap sieve out of an old bucket that the chlorine tablets came in, and a large drill bit, and it works, its needed because there is just far to much woody bits in the heap that is ready to go on the garden.

Cathy and Katherine where here last night, cathy is still here as she is here for the St Joan fiesta. Jesus is away and has left me incharge, so i have fixed his strimmer for him, which i felt obliged to do as it was me that lost the little bit that ineeded replacing, its amazing what you can do with some araldite and an old washer found in the street.

blood blisters

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Port de la Selva smelt of the sea this morning. i had just had a tortilla made buy Tomara the Russian waitress that works in the bar we frequent for breakfast, on the way out to the van all i could smell was the sea. and i can tell you it is bloody hot today and it looks like its going to get hotter 30 degrees in the shade, just now was the first time i have been in the pool this year and was grateful for the cold water.

im off now to pay Bruno that is if he is in, if not perhaps tomorrow

Salsa last night was its usual fun and now its in the big hall next to the school so we have more room to make idiots of ourselves, there is a poor women there whos husband really cant get it but she is really good at the salsa, he doesnt seem to care he keeps trying.

house of wasps

Monday, June 16th, 2008

both Moira and i are really washed out. Saturday  night Mell, Frame Lisa and Paul arrived and we all went out to Empuria Brava till 1ish then Mark and Wendys until 4 then ours until nobody could move. i got up in the morning to get the bread and felt like i was swaying uncontrollably while i was in the shop which happened to be full as well. Sunday apart from putting on the bar b que nobody really left the balcony outside the kitchen, we did go to the bar for a couple of beers to get a bit of fresh air and some exercise. this morning the breakfast beer was fine but the coffee really got me.

Frame has been a star today he has pretty much sorted out the sink in the new bedroom, they have just popped to the supermarket to by more beer and hopefully what we need to finish plumbing the sink.

apparently the summer is about to really start the weather report had big yellow suns all over it for the rest of the week.

my gladioli look fabulous.

as old as the hills

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

i understood some of what Alfonzo said this morning, when we went for breakfast, and whats more i joined in the conversation, we were talking about plants which i should know about, Jesus had to translate what i said at first though. didnt rate his tortilla sandwich the bar in Port de Selva still does the best and the chef is from Russia, and i have to ask Pepe for tortilla with out salt as he puts far to much in his tortillas.

Salsa was as much fun as ever last night the group has got so big that we are moving to the school hall next week, i caught the mayor taking photos to put in the Garriguella magazine.

before we went to salsa we stuck a mirror to wall in the new bedroom with ‘No nails’. it held fine untill 1.30 in the morning, because it was stuck to the paint and not the plaster it came of the wall with a mighty crash which Moira managed to not hear, i rushed down stairs, shut the door of the room and forgot about it untill this morning.

it appears that Fife or Riley , because that is the life she is leading, is eating again but only wet food and only fresh wet food and only from the tin, we need to get those sachets of cat food that you can get that you can seal the bag every time you’ve used it.

this shop is dangerous

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

ive just cycled down the road/ massive hill from Perelada, what a rush, i was working on my own this afternoon so i cycled to work, then listened to radio espania 3, they reckon a song called ‘gfod is dead so i listened to radio head ‘ is going to be the song of the summer.

Mum and Dad left yesterday but not before i took them in the bar for tapas.

Sunday was the fiesta of the curry day at Mick and Tracys, we walked every one else drove. it was really nice Tracy and Mick live in the middle of no where and the curry’s were really special, even the one with turnips in which apparently you can get in Mercadona. i had a bit of rant with Pepe, or even Pepe had a bit of a rant with me about the kids at school not learning spanish only catalan. i kind of agreed with him and again tried to translate, biting of your nose to spite your face but again failed miserably.

it seems its raining every where else in Northern Spain but here.

ive bought the legs for the bed but Mell and Frame will be staying in the room this weekend so i wont be able to start building it, shame.


Saturday, June 7th, 2008

thats it ive made it, ive got a tab running in the shop.

Irene and Bunty left we had a day off then mum and dad arrived in the day off we painted the new pare room which has come to a bit of a halt as we a re now waiting for the electrician and the carpenter to arrive, which could take a while, but at least now i can get on and build the bed if i get time.

the weather has sort of picked up, i still dont think i will be getting in the pool yet as now its a bit windy, the traumontana is blowing the rain away.

we took mum and dad to the hotel restaurant last night and we sat next to a table of very embarrassing posh ex army english people that where treating the waitress like she was dirt. saying things like “she is trying”  the annoying thing was they weren’t trying they are in catalonia for god sake at least say gracias or something, make an effort, im sure they are perfectly intelligent people so why are they assuming a badly payed waitress working in a small village restaurant is going to speak fluent english, aswell as speaking french, catalan and spanish. Moira actually apologised to her even though Moira isnt english and shouldnt really have to.

the mayor came to salsa evening a bit over the limit, flashing his rather large belly, you dont get that in England.

apart from that work is picking up, Jesus eat some chilli sauce and ive got flowers on my tomato plants and princess diana really isnt keen on the wind, although it looks like we might have some flowers soon.


Sunday, June 1st, 2008

its raining again. the lady down the road the lady that lived in Killmarnuck for 4 years then London for another 4 years and speaks English really well but says now she has to think bout what she is saying when she is speaking to us. Moira reckons she keeps an eye out for us walking passed so she can have a chat, that’s fine by me. we have a kind of spanglish chat about the weather the wedding in the village and stuff like that.

Bunty and Irene are here. we’ve hired a car for the weekend and took them to Lescala yesterday and then to Llanca for dinner last night and we are supposed to be going to Peralada today to see the cranes, that’s if the weather picks up , but then what else will we do if we dont go to Peralada. we took them to the Hotel the other night, when i book a table the waitress that recognises us, well i think they all donow but i guess she is the boss waitres, she doesn’t ask for my name, she just puts us down as English, which is quite nice i think. i had goats cheese salad again, i hope the goats cheese makers don’t go on strike due to the rise in the petrol prices, it will be a nightmare, but i also had the home made walnut cake which was delicious.

everything is growing well in the garden, probably due to the rain, and when its not raining it gets quite warm, perfect growing weather, we had broadbeans from the garden 2 days ago and the rocket is turning into a monster. i even managed to successfully grow basil for the first time in my life without the snails eating the lot.

the new bedroom is pretty much finished, the sink just needs to be plumbed then a door put on the little cupboard, the walls need to be painted and then the bed made a wardrobe obtained and put up and the radiator put in, but that’s about it i think, we have ordered a mattress for the room , and the nice lady in the mattress shop gave us 2 tickets to park for free for an hour in the centre of Figueres.

we had a poo drama with Fife last night but luckily we have Bunty here who was a vet so i think she has fixed it.