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Aurora took a holiday

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Natalie and Andy are here. and we have done loads this weekend. we have eaten the sweetcorn harvest, which consisted of 2 slightly deformed very sweet sweetcorn form 8 plants, i think i should keep an eye on the black fly next year. we went to the beach so Nat and Moira could look at naked men after going to Roses, that was on Sunday, on Saturday we went to Figueres market in the morning then the sky diving place in Empurio Brava for the afternoon, we stayed there a while and saw the bloke we meet when we first came over here from Perth. that night we made tomato pasta with tomatoes from the garden and i mixed crushed almonds with mine Moira and Nat had clams and Andy had sausage. we have decided to buy decent pasta these days as we eat such  a small amount its worth the bother.

Friday night we went to Cafe colon sadly they didnt have any chocolate cake its been such a long time since i have had a goats cheese salad it was very welcome. we then went up to Pepes bar for some after dinner drinks.

Nat bought me over loads of books in spanish like alice in wonderland and treasure island that should keep me going for a while and Mum sent over a holster for me secauters now i need to wear it in a bit.

Andys learnt how to plat palm leaves while he has been here while Nat floated around in the pool. and i bought myself a purple Datura while in Figueres. and last night we all went for a swim in the pool at 10 in the evening as it was still warm enough.

midnight feast

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

God i forgot how tight David is with his money. it was nice to see him and Jonathan, i took Jonathan to France over a dirt track, and i am now ordering off menu in the Can Batlle restaurant. one of the waitresses was at the beer throwing fiesta so a few beer throwing jokes were said, she had never been to it before either. i attempted to translate tight as a ducks arse for Jesus, he got the message.

i was walking back from work yesterday when i saw Carlos he is, in the nicest possible way, handicapped mentally, but he gets on with his life, happily wandering around the village, some nice person had carved him a mobile phone out of a piece of wood.

we ate our first tomatoes from the garden yesterday, probably the freshest tomatoes i have eaten, ive grown tomatoes before for clients but not for myself.

Moira has been painting away like a good’n she is going to run out of things to paint soon, we have discovered wood worm in the wardrobe in the spare room, Katherine has mentioned that she wants it if and when we get rid of it, which will be sooner rather then later, i learnt from the last item of furniture we tried to launch out of the house over the balcony that, the wardrobe isnt as old as it appears and has clever fastenings that can be easily undone , a kind of an old fashioned IKEA piece of furniture.

here come the flies.

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

the Llanca beer throwing festival. to start with we were a bit british, actually, no to start with there was fire works over the bay while the crowd was sitting on the beach, they had these fire works that where shot into the water that then exploded from the water, dont know how that worked, the fire works went on for ages and became a victim of there own smoke and the full moon, we ended up not being able to see them that well, then it was the beer throwing bit we stood behind the mixing decks that were being protested from the beer by brollies, to start, with and watched a terrible band play english songs but not knowing the words while all the youngsters around us were throwing valuable beer around. then Pepe and Cerrie turned up about 1 in the morning and the fun started for us by 4 we where completely soaked in beer and any other drink that was available, when it all finished we staggered back to the van that was parked in a back street of Llanca and slept in the back of the van on a mattress i had put in the day before as we where going to sleep in the back of the van while at Yasminas and Jons party, but i didnt drink that night so i drove home. that was fun as well, we meet more new english speaking people from around here and got speaking to a few spanish as well. Paella was being made so i had to take my own which Moira made for me before hand. they had there volkswagon van blaring out music and cover in fairy lights it was a bit like a coke advert.

David and Jonathan are here for the day as they are staying in France and they have requested a spanish dinner so we are going to the restaurant in Garriguella Baix the other side of the round-a-bout.

gooden aperteat

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

i never liked baseball caps i saw them as a bit like 4×4 cars in London, look ok but not really necessary, but now, not only do you not break baseball caps when you sit on them , like sun glasses, and they do keep the sun out of you eyes, although at times mine is pulled down so low i cant see in front of me, but also the inner head band thingy stops the sweat running in my eyes, and when the sweat is 80% suntan lotion this is a good thing. sun glasses dont stop sweat and my eyebrows are rubbish at redirecting the sweat and with the weather as it is at the moment there is a lot of sweat so brilliant thanks a lot to the man or women who invented baseball caps.

there was a few more people at salsa last night and we have payed for another 4 lessons. gluttons for punishment, still i’ve asked if Natalie and Andy can come along in 2 weeks time and have a go and i’m supposing the teacher understood me but he said it would be fine.
Moira has painted the hall way and it looks so much better and i have replace the hamock that had rotted over the summer, and whats more 2 of out tomatoes are bordering on being red. and it seems its only the old people in china that rarely eat meat and eat tofu instead.

im going through a bad patch with the learning spanish at the moment, im not understanding as well as i thought i was, serves me right for being cocky and i cant bring myself to learn anything there is no more space so im reading another Terry Prachet book in spanish instead as it doesnt matter if i only understand 60% of whats going on.

3 people looking at a poo

Monday, July 14th, 2008

ive just popped back home while a clients of Jesus is having his/hers inflatable swimming pool filled, apparently swimming pools that aren’t fixed are ok to fill, i will pop back up there in a minute to switch the tap off.

weve had a bit of a weekend with Margot, Friday night we went to Pepes bar and meet ths builder ( whom no one likes) and his wife who we all like and there friends that i wouldn’t trust as far as i could throw them, it was an alright night,especially as they paid.

Saturday night we went to the Moli for the meal with the salsa class Margot came along, and luckily we sat at the end of a table so we called talk amongst ourselves without appearing rude i was also sat next to the Mayor, who told us a rude joke with a napkin, and his wife who was the life of the party, it was a set menu but i got a special meal, as we went in the Moli before with mum and dad and she knows im a vegetarian. at the end of it all every body got up and salsad at times with the teachers who had done a demonstration dance to start with.  we left having had a great time, Margot as well, she understands a little spanish.

Sunday after sittning round the kitchen table in the morning for a while we went to Ian and Dianas who were having a bar,b,que up in Mas Olivia an urbanization on the way to Roses. there really nice people they came tp the concert last week with us. i had a bit of a chat with a spanish teacher, in spanish, and also a couple from Switzerland, both of them have been here for 2 months, before they got here they both spoke another 4 languages because that is what you do if you live in Switzerland and already they speak spanish better then me and Cerrie. i took Margot to the airport at 6, its worth noting that there is a load of traffic on the roads on a Sunday afternoon either going to Barcelona or Girona, depends, every body was leaving the bar,b,que any way because again that is what you do, if you have been invited to a bar,b,que, when the food is over you start to leave.

pull the other one its got bells on it.

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Margot has road tested the bed and it works doesn’t squeak much, what a shame Antonio decided to get flour delivered to his shed this morning at 5 , its behind Pepes bar, luckily she had tasted enough rose wine for it not to bother her.

i went to the salsa class on my own last night as Moira and Margot where on there way back from London, luckily i went as there was not very many of us, summer is when people make money here they have to work they cant do nice things like salsa classes. My shoulders are still likes planks of wood but from there down i’m salsa. when i got to the class early i.e on time, the mayor and his wife they were doing a fox trot, trot fox if you are from here, and then they did a tango perfectly but with no feeling what so ever a bit like my shoulders doing a tango, then our teachers had a go and they only knew about 2 moves but it looked so natural, but then they are south American.

i spoke to electrician the other day it seems one of his workers has fallen of a ladder, and he has work up to here. Jesus was being a bloke from the big city and being a bit outraged that we have been waiting for work to be done for so long,but then if you dont speak the language well, what can you do?, as far as i’m concerned we have done pretty well so far, and now its summer so stuff can wait.

i swapped some rubbish for another large trunk from a pine tree at the dump today, Jesus picked up a couple of nice looking carafs of wine sadly filled with vinegar, he is a bit of a hoarder is Jesus, still it was a fare swop.

fields of sunflowers

Monday, July 7th, 2008

what a weekend. friday night we went up to the turtuga bar and who should turn up but Jesus and his wife Mercei, i had told them we would be there but i didnt expect them to turn up. it 2was Moiras first time in a situation where more people were talking spanish then english. to be honest Jesus Mercei and Pepe were speaking spanish me and Cerrie were kind of speaking spanish, at the point were we understood what was going on and could say stuff but as usual our grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary were all over the place. Moira did say a few things and as always you understand more then you can speak and as both Jesus and Mercei are quite expressive when they speak you understand more then you really should.

Saturday i took Moira to a garden centre to cheer her up, which she didnt really need as she did really well friday night. the nice lady behind the till kept telling me all the plants i had chosen were very resistant to drought, one of the plants was not looking its best so she gave me some fertilizer with it , but i was going to plant it near lettuces and i wanted the lettuces to be as organic as possible, off course they are organic all lettuces are organic, what i mean is i want them to grow without the help of any artificial chemicals. so i stuck the fertilizer pellet in with the whysteria which really hasn’t got going as its miles away from anything. then Bruno came round to fill the hole in behind the sink and while he was doing that i finished off sieving the compost heap or at least until i got bored then chucked the rest underneath the euonymos hedge in a vain hope to stop it getting mildew. that night we went to a nice restaurant in Can Issac near Pau, just down the road its called Fusion, quite nice we had got there a bit early so it was full of British and Germans. but they found us a seat as usual i had goats cheese salad without the ham and Moira had tuna, my banana and apple spring rolls for afters were pretty good and the views were pretty amazing as well.

ive finished my bit of the bed now Moira has to paint it.

Sunday we went to a concert/ festival that only lasted a day and the best bits were during the middle of the day when all the catalans are having a siesta or eating or working as its holiday season, so it was pretty empty, we dont care we got to see some great bands and then we saw REM as they were headlining, i wonder if they new that half the audience had been let in for free to bulk up the numbers, to be honest they weren’t worth watching they were so note perfect it was lie watching a MTV video.

Mums messages where in with the spam.

look at that balcony

Friday, July 4th, 2008

the spare bedroom bed is virtually made i have just got to join it all together and do a bit of a touch up job with some paint to finish. we are still waiting for the carpenter to make the door and Bruno to finish behind the sink, but then Moira has spoken to Bruno and i think something is gong to happen this Saturday.

its the weekend we have had a couple of “its friday beers”. we had lunch in a restaurant in Port de Selva today , and although i didnt understand everything that was said in Catalan and at times thiongs ( fraudian slip as we where near a beach) were explained to me in Castilian, eating out is so much easier now as opposed to this time last year, now i still miss loads but the bits i get i can respond too.

Pepe and Cerrie came yround the other day to use our pool, Pepe looks knackered he is working all the hours possible, as it is summer, he is running 2 bars and running between the 2 in the morning in the bar behind us and in the evening the tortuga bar.

i have introduced Jesus to my long arm edging shears, they dont have them here its always use a strimmer country but he thinks its great its been named the seguinia which is near enouth the name for a crane if you ignore the bad spelling of siguinia.

the cats still not very well she needs to shit and she cant poor thing and in this heat what can be worse we are now trying here on a stronger laxative.

we remembered it was salsa night this week.