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fife watches birds

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

there was a forest fire today just over the border in France, but because of the North wind we got the smoke.

there is a flower on one of the aubergines, at last, i gave up on the butter nut squashes it just wasnt happening, still there is always next year. i have also been knocking down the fancy terracotta brick walls round the so called lawn, its looks great but it means now i have to move the bench as you get vertigo sitting on it. so as not to fill the land fill site to much i have broken up the terracotta into tiny bits to use as mulch and fill the shallow open drain going round the lawn.

Mum, if you want to plant the tree peony in the garden you need to plant it at least 15cm bellow the graft so the bit above the graft can produce roots which will take over when the root stock dies after a few years.


Saturday, September 27th, 2008

got home last night, after being in the bar with Jesus for a couple and discovering the bar isnt closed from thursday to thursday but it is closed just on the thursdays, to listen to a bit of the Tony Ben CD that Andy had given us, brilliant, its tony bens speeches set to dance music, i know a few people that would just hate it, snigger snigger.

we had coffee in bed this morning the first time this summer and talked about our 3 day holiday in Madrid, im quite excited, i havent been on holiday for ages.

why does the computor always want to install updates when all you want to do is switch the computor on quickly write something or check for emails then switch of and go.

i had to leave the computor while it was down loading stuff and we went to the beach via the cami de ronda we have pretty much done it now from the posh french restaurant just after the nudist beach we took Graham too and to a little stone cabin just passed port d Selva, i decided to take some photos with the phone but i couldnt get it to work. we then went to this warehouse in Villajuiga that is full of old stuff called antiques again i took a photo. now im going to clean the swimming pool and water the remaining tomatoes.

wonky spirit level

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

mum and dad left as Cathy and Andy arrived, Cathy and Andy where here for 3 nights, we still went to salsa though last night, im glad we did as it got  a bit heated when the man teacher out of the pair had a bit of a hissy fit, because no one had been practising people turn up when they feel like it. and most of the girls are there to lose weight, its just not salsa, bless him. he got over it, Moira felt a bit lost though as she wasnt understanding what was going on.

it was nice to see Cathy and Andy, Cathy, i dont think i have seen her that happy for ages, and i mean ages, and to be honest i didnt really know Andy, thanks to him ive got my head round covalent bonds again, well at least i think i have.

we have been working in Port d Selva a lot this week, ive had salad then spinach filled cannaloni  for the last 3 days, it was a lovely day today the sky was blue the sea was even bluer there was sun but a faint sea breeze and all the tourists had gone home so the beach was empty.

red dragon flies

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Mum and Dad arrived, then we went to the restaurant down the hill, the restaurant next door to Jesus. this time she recognised me, as we were leaving she said “do i work for Jesus” and “does she know me” the food was good again, she seems to going through a sober patch.

Saturday we went to Portbou, a lovely little town where the centre is pretty much the beach, all it has is a massive train station as it is the first stop on the train after France. it really has a French feel to it, the waiters are a lot slower there then the rest of Spain  we waited ages for a tortilla. but a nice little village to visit for the afternoon i would say.

yesterday we went to Llado for the annual cheese festival, cheeses every where, the same system as all the other food and wine fiestas, one buys 5 tickets and with these you can have 5 tasters of different cheeses. again we bumped into Ian and family, i also said hello to an old work mate from Projardi who lives in Llado himself and also a couple of girls from the salsa class where there as well. it was a lovely day and we consumed far to much cheese between the 4 of us. its mainly goats and sheep cheese due to the lack of cows around here probably due to the amount of water caws need. got home and we had a barbque using up the last of the big bag of coals that i had bought at the begining of the summer.

Back to work today, its definitely colder here now.

rif raf

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

the van passed its MOT or as its called here ITV, first time as well, the bulb isnt working on the number plate and a bulb has gone on the brake lights as well but that doesnt seem to be a problem, first time i couldnt believe it after last years fiasco.

last night was salsa night, but before hand i had to turn the compost heap as it is supposed to rain and i wanted to bring some of the dry stuff up to the top, im leaving a dint in the top of the compost heap now and just filling that with water, there is no point trying to keep the whole heap wet in this weather. then i roasted some almonds for us to have with the salad. the was fun as always and to top it all the mayor flashed his bum, to be honest it wasnt worth seeing, but at least i can now say i have seen a mayors bum.

wheres the dragon

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Saturday morning we went and tasted wine in Figueres, not much as i was driving but it was the same as the sherry and brunuls tasting in Garriguella, where you got 5 tickets for wine and 5 for food, and a free glass with every set of tickets, we then went for a coffee with Ian, the bloke i worked with last year and then the super market.

when we got home it was time for a grand clean up of the house, remake all the beds, sweep and mop the floors, everything we havent had a chance to do just recently.

we then went to Castello de Empurios as they were having a medieval weekend, with medieval bands, food stilt walkers and jugglers, and also lighting up of the church front with religious pictures, and fake fighting with real swords, we meet Ian and his wife and kids and Cerrie and Pepe aswell, we stayed a while but it was traumontana and so really cold.

Sunday we went to Castello again and meet Ian and family again and saw the bands, jugglers and stilt walkers again. the weather was a bit better though, and we left with a big box of red peppers and chillis from Ians father in laws garden.

its still a bit traumontanary but not so bad and sunny.

allright boss

Friday, September 12th, 2008

with a song in my heart, or is it the bear in my tummy, or the fact that it is friday, the weekend, it seems like we have had 2 weekends this week, thursday was Catalan day, which meant a day off, time to have a go at my own garden and do a bit more of the painting in our bedroom. i then went for a walk which i thought would be quite interesting but it went no where, i did pass by a massive bunker.

After watching spiderman 2 i went to the airport to collect Moira. it was doing that tropical rain thing that it does here, the lightning over the hills was amazing, when we got back there was more rain and lightning which lit up the swimming pool. this was after we had popped in the bar as i thought we had seen Mick and Tracy on there last night but it was some one else with blonde hair i managed to order patata bravas for the morning though which was a good thing.

i am to look after Mick and Tracys tools why they are away which could be a while even a couple of years, Tracy said i could take any wood that i need for our fire place from her land but i am to keep her borders tidy, which is fine, once a month pop up there and go over the lot with their strimmer, easy.

grape picking

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

the fiesta was great there wasnt as many people as i imagine there would be if the fiesta had been in August when there was a few more people in the campsite, but what a laugh, it didnt really start until about 1 in the morning so i had enough time to get Moira from the airport, come back and have a beer before we went out. due to getting home about 5.30 in the morning we didnt get up until 1 in the afternoon, i know it was 1 because i was about to count to church bells and they only struck once. we got up and went on a hunt for water filters and stuff to raise the pH of the swimming pool.

Graham and Lorna came back Saturday night so we went to the Cafe Colon for tea as it has opened again.

Sunday night was the last night at the tortugas bar due to cold evenings and no one being around, we didnt do much during that day except go for a walk.

Monday night we went to the Cafe Colon again as its easy and it has chocolate cake and it was Lorna and Grahams last night, at times its great having guests here what with Frame plumbing in our sink in the spare room and now Graham has put in a new plug socket for us and shown me how to do it next time. tonight its a beans on toast night again in front of the tele, then Moira goes of the London early tomorrow morning.

the potatas bravas have returned

Friday, September 5th, 2008

the cat is now not only eating but she is attempting to eat us out of house and home.

its just me and the village eating cat, one Graham has gone home and the other and Lorna have gone of for a night or 2 to see a bit of Catalonia armed with only a hire car some insect repellent and a phrase book.

im going to pick Moira up from the airport later the its the village fiesta and the gogo dancers that was cancelled due to rain in August.

im off now to tidy up a bit.

its better with a bit of fizz

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

just a quicky

Moiras in Paris, she left early this morning in a taxi as it would have been to much for me to go to the airport this morning then again this evening.

salsa started again last night we have learnt to put in a TACK to the 1,2,3.

the night before that we went to the Dali house in Port llegat Moira had been before. it is really interesting, the views are amazing, but its a bit twee for my liking.

before we went to the Dali house we got hail stone as big as a 2 euro piece but not in empuria brava we know because Lorna was in the dentist and the Grahams where waiting outside and there was hardly any rain at all.