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stop all the clocks

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

it was a beautiful touching funeral. i suppose you had to have been there.

we didnt get to Luton as there was snow on the runway so we where redirected to Stanstead, which got us nearer to Norfolk but too late for dad to come and pick us up and to late to get a train anywhere so we stayed a night in the airport hotel which is pretty much on the runway and eat as much payded for breakfast as we could, dont ask for a hotel room at the information desk in the airport, the hotel is 2 minutes away , we were told there was only 2 rooms left but when we arrived 3 blokes where just about to book in and probably pay less then we did. it wasnt such a disaster, mum and dad picked us up at the airprort on the way up to Norfolk at mid day. we had soup in a whole food shop, i bought some cherry tomato seeds then we went to the crematorium.

now we are home and its traumontana day the house is freezing, it did rain Tuesday the cleaner was right, i still worked is really weird to have cold wet hands again.

ive a smile on my face

Monday, October 27th, 2008

“its going to rain tomorrow”a cleaning lady up near perellada said to me this afternoon. how does she know? its been a beautiful day today it really doesnt look like its going to rain at all.

firstd day back at work 3 weeks was long enough, Jesus is stuck in Moscow so i dont think i will see him until we get back from England, thursday afternoon.

i resowed the lawn a couple of weeks ago and thanks to Fife standing guard over the seeds and me watering them in the evenings, i feel i can water the lawn no seeing as im not using water to keep the swimming pool topped up. maybe next year we might have a bit of a green lawn at least until June.

i was bored on Saturday so i took myself to the garden centre, i now get Jesuses discount, and bought a sedum, a euphorbia, much to Moiras delight, she has been after me to get a euphorbia for ages, and a plumbago as every Mediterranean garden should have a plumbago, that is any Mediterranean garden with the space to have a plumbago should have a plumbago. i then went for a walk up to the ridge, what a view.

sunday was another glorious day so we went for a walk up from roses heading for El Buli but never got there, still it as a lovely walk and we found even more beaches to go to in the summer, on the way back we bumped into a couple from the salsa class out for a stroll, how nice is that.

the rocket has sprouted

Friday, October 24th, 2008

ive covered the swimming pool having finally cleaned the floor of the pool as well and now its raining, ive pretty much ticked all the boxes that i had set myself for this holiday, fixed drain, covered pool, planted posts, got intouch with a carpenter who happens to be our neighbour the one who plays the piano. found out about registering with the doctor, havent done it yet though but like everything in spain you always need to go back the next day because someone isnt around to sign something that you havent brought with you, it seems i need a certificate de padron which is easy to remember as its like the pimientos then we need to go to Peralada but im not sure where in Peralada yet. yep i have done it all. and Monday im back at work.

those autumn leaves

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

everybody’s gone, i apologised to Jenny for being so jaded with guests, they have all gone to Girona, last night was fun i went to salsa and danced with Carmen because Moira is in London working for Mandy, Cerrie and Pepe have started going again, Cerries going to feed the cat next week. then after salsa i met jenny and all in the Cafe Colon because the hotel is shut on a wednesday evening, they had got talking to 2 old american queens that had walked from somewhere up near Olot, over a couple of days and where on there way to Llanca, i got the impression they met each other in the Navy, nudge nudge wink wink. we all ended up in the bar as usual.

when we eventually got up this morning i started cleaning the pool in order to cover it this weekend said good bye to Jenny and all then sweeped and mopped the house then sweeped the garden, it was traumontana yesterday. took a siesta in the hammock then went for a cycle up to Villamaniscle then across to Rabos then back to Delfia and as i was still feeling fine went up the dirt track at Delfia that i went up a couple of weeks ago and found the route through to Villamaniscle. i didnt go there though as there was also a sign for Garriguella and was interested to see where it came out. if i can find the track from Delfia to Rabos now it would make quite a nice walk to drag Natalie and Andy on.

im remembering to change the water around the olives im curing every day Monday will be 10 days which is supposed to be enough.

chocolate volcanoes

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

poor Jenny , Maisie and Graham, they have come out for a holiday ad while they are out here to see us, theyve arrived and met 2 grumpy bears that have had enough of guests, and to be perfectly honest its not the guests everybody has been great, i was having a shower yesterday while trying to remember the last time i cooked something. but thats enough of me.

Polly died last weekend, a terribly sad thing to have happened, especially for her daughter and husband a man i have enjoyed many a glass of wine with over the years. it doesnt seem that real being this far away and having seen her a couple of weeks ago looking forward to christmas, atleast we have all got happy memories of her to hold on to.

ive planted some sticks in the garden big black ones and a few slightly smaller ones they look good will look better when things start to grow through them. it also means i have done what i had set my self to do while i had this holiday, tomorrow i can relax. except i have got to put the cover on the pool but that can wait to Maisie has gone as she likes to read her book with her feet dangling in the water.

Jons been having a play

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

well that was Madrid

what a amazing, bizarre, colourful city with the cheapest tube journey from the airport i know. the hotel was pretty much in the middle. we arrived and  started walking, we found the chinese bit and a place to eat. we had curry the first night, i love international cities, then the next day was the start of the art gallery marathon, the Prado is old stuff plenty of Mary and child and jesus on the cross, loads of breast feeding for some reason, we did see some famous paintings though, after that we went to the botanical garden which luckily is across the road, found out some names for plants that didnt know the name of and was horrified to see them growing japanes knotweed. after that and after a cheesy casserole we went shopping, didnt buy anything but we did find the gay quarter, apparently if a bar has a rainbow sign some where on the front it means its gay friendly, after a beer we wandered of again. that night we had broken eggs which is a bowl of chips and a fried egg layed on top.

more walking more art galleries, the sofia gallery was a bit more interesting amazing views and a courtyard full of trees.

“i have never seen a poem as beautiful as a tree” Spike Milligan

again we saw some famous stuff place to go if you like spanish artists then off to have a beer then we walked to the next gallery by the cervantes museum which we walked passed and didnt see. the next gallery had old and reasonably new paintings plenty of impressionists stuff bit too much religious stuff again there was a medieval room the stuff in there was quite interesting and looked newer then some of the newer stuff., we walked passed the kings house then back to the hotel, via a few more shops to not buy anything. that night we went to a veggie restaurant a bit too much on the hairy armpit brigade as Moira put it, too healthy for its own good but really nice food they didnt serve coffee for some reason, but they did serve wine, tea, and chocolate, and soya, i kind of made me want to have a veggie restaurant of my own and serve food like broken eggs for example, they did have cuban rice which is rice with fried eggs and a tomato sauce but i had had that in normal spanish restaurants admittedly it wasnt whole grain brown very healthy for you rice.

this morning we got up got the tube again after breakfast  and went to the airport. we are home now Fiona and Malc had a lovely time looking after the house

fog over figueres

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

im back

what a nice weekend and the weather was amazing, perfect autumn days. we went to a couple of auctions that sell old stuff atlast i know what Polly and Gary were going on about when i was going up to Norfolk every 6 weeks and they kept having things that they had bought in the auctions at Diss, Diss is quite a nice quaint little english market town, all that time in Norfolk and all i did was work so never got to see the villages and the surrounding country side away from my route.

anyway i had a lovely weekend got to see both Polly and Gary and Lucy and Mark they were quite impressed that we had been to El Buli. also got to speak to Betty again, and managed to drink more tea then i have drunk all year. it all seems to going well with Polly atleast better then expected and probably they had dared to hope for when she was first diagnosed its poor Gary, his lost his job, his wife has terminal cancer and his mum is going senile.

when i got back Fiona and Malcom where here they where in bed as the evil wine had had  got them in the cafe colon, so i sat up and watched the Mexican in spanish had a couple of glasses of wine myself and went to bed in time for robbie to ring up complaining that his heart was racing to fast because he had drunk to much red bull, bless him. that was sorted and we all eventually got to sleep.

today we have been for a walk seen Pepes cock and now they are all having a siesta.

terry wogan

Friday, October 10th, 2008

im over to see mum and dada then we are off up to Norfolk to visit Polly and Gary, Betty and i think Lucy and Izzy aswell

its sunny here, no rain, ive picked the right weekend we went to a place called Battlebridga yesterday to look at antiques after a car boot sale where i couldnt buy anything cause i only had a £50 note in my wallet which i had knicked of off Moira before i left, Battle bridge was nice and atlast i had a pint of warm flat beer, the first one for what seems like years.

last night Moynul came over,it was realy nice to see him again, well since his 40th the year before we went to spain, he is the same as always Moynul, but now with 4 kids and a big car.

bonjour Micheal

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

ITS RAINING. yeh………. atlast

i had a go at fixing the drain that the blokes that put in the solar panels stood on, it didnt work it is still dripping, no big deal i just catch the water and use it to water the garden.

yesterday. finished knocking down the wall then breaking it up into small bits, finished painting the bedroom, hung a radiator in the new spare room( just need to get some wire to plug it in), sweeped and moped the house, then went for a cycle ride i just followed a path until it got to the end, great fun.

today. i dont know its raining, cant do much as im leaving for England later on.

russel sprout

Monday, October 6th, 2008

weve had a lovely weekend with Clare and Steve, apart from the traumantana the weather held out and was really nice on Sunday.

we went to Figueres on saturday and they went into the Dali museum apparently it was chocker with people, still at this time of yea, and that night we went to cafe colon with Mark and  Wendy as well which was nice, good old Adams salad. we had been to can Batlle the night before and i probably had the last of this seasons gazpacho. sunday we went to Llanca, there were a few people on the beach but pretty much all the shutters in the holiday apartments were closed.

today i have been up to Mick and Tracys land to strim round their borders and collect some wood for the fire place then went in to Figueres to get the number of the man that cleans chimneys but the man in the shop said people normally only clean the chimneys out here once every 2 years, we did only have it on for about 3 and a half months and only for the evenings, so i dont know.