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the last of the tomatoes

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

it really is quite cold here now when the sun goes down, i was up at Mick and Tracys campo strimming underneath their olive trees, its the least i can do the amount of wood from their land we are using. if they dont mind i might prune the trees for them as well in January ( Andy are you up for a bit of tree climbing). Moiras fine if not a little bored in the evenings but it seems she has been to Anils house for chinese take away (she loved that) luckily chinese take away in India is indian food made some one from china. then she went with the groom for his suit fitting and i think today after work she went up to Anils mountain house. so its not all bad, i think they have got all the terrorists now any way. on the way back from Mick and Tracys i popped in on Pepe in the tortoise bar what a view you sit thee supping on a beer looking out over snow covered mountains with the sun on your face, and because he has had windows put in for the winter its not cold. i did intend to go for a walk but that can wait till another day.

the elf

Friday, November 28th, 2008

just a quicky. Moira is in Bombay but she is fine she is staying in a Indian sports club hotel and then going to the factory to work they wont look for her there. i could rant on for hours about how wrong killing innocent people due to a belief in an imaginary god but i wont. the sun is out at last and there is snow on the Albiers. which are just behind us. and my broad beans have been battered by the wind.


Monday, November 24th, 2008

its raining so im home earlier, i was chatting to Jesus earlier about the weather and here its really unusual to have more then one day without sun, it hardly ever happens, even if the sun isnt giving of that much heat there is always at least a bit of sun every day.

we went for a walk yesterday with Cerrie up to top of the mountain near Estertit which from here does look surprisingly like a tit. the views were amazing, and while we where up there we saw something going on down in a church in a valley bellow us so after walking down we made our way towards the church getting lost once but only once. it was a tiny little church in the middle of no where with what appeared like a whole village of catalans having pickniks round small open fires there was a bar in the church hall, the church was called santa catarina and it was a fiesta for santa catarina, that is all we could find out about what was going on. so we had a beer then strolled off again i thought it might something to do with the fact that Franco had died 33 years ago last friday and they were celebrating up in the mountains , by they i mean catalans, as that was the only place they could gather together without being shot at during the time of Franco, well maybe not shot at but it was illegal to have more then 8 catalans in one room when Franco was in power.

we came home put the fire on and watched the dancing program results from last night.

also just planted some anenomies that originate from around the med and need dry soil in the summer, perfect.

i have raisons

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

i was the pool champion last night in the cafe colon, dont know how i did it as both Pepe and Mark play regularly, it was maybe because i had had a little bit less to drink then them, i didnt realise that you had to pot the black in the same pocket as you had potted your last ball, maybe its just spanish rules.

went to Figueres market this morning to buy veg and some anenome tubers i had to get 2 packets as she was giving me a 10% discount. weve got the traumontana here but theyve got nothing like it in Figueres and its only up the road how weird is that. we should buy veg at the market more often its so cheap its crazy, and although our village shop always has good tomatoes and lettuces but her potatoes are always a bit on the going soft side.

i was fixing the watering system with Jesus down the road when i heard a table talking about “get me a jungle im a celebrity” they were British.

i also bought some biggish chillis at the market so im going to put them in a jar full of cider vinegar, as i liked the ones that Ian gave me in the summer and also Pepe has them in the bar and im always eating them as well. i think you are supposed to prick them with a pin first, im sure that is what you are supposed to do, im sure i read it somewhere.

im insured

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Not much is happening, its winter ive got in the habit of cleaning out and getting ready the fire place, thanks to Mick and Tracy we have plenty of logs. we did go for a walk on Sunday up to the ridge and then back down but by a different way. sadly get me a jungle im a celebrity has started, still it gives me a chance to crack on with learning catalan, if i can stop myself watching it for long enough.

christmas has arrived in the supermarkets.

Jesus and i deciced that Moiras accountant is a cougher. and it looks like i will be starting at 7 in the morning and finishing at 3 for most of the winter.

this years new wine ( vi nou) is pretty good

thank god you can freeze ginger

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Moiras home the sun is out ive just put together another bench for the garden out of an old tree stump and the last of the wooden mantle piece, Moiras comments were “its cute” and “you like making funny benches”

no more Tamara

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

its just gone 5. the cats on my lap while i am typing, the fire is ready to spark up when needed and everything is tied down for the supposed coming of the traumontana tomorrow. she has just got off.

Moira has been in London trying to get us Indian visas which has been a real palava, she had to pretend i was in starbucks out side and forge my signature, as if i would ever be in starbucks, and now she is waiting for the passports to be returned hopefully by wednesday afternoon as thursday is a Indian holiday, is it Divali.

we have been starting earlier in the morning, me and Jesus, which means we have a longer afternoon at home and we have our morning beer much later about 9.30 rather then 8.00. i am not sure im convinced  yet, as it also means getting up at 6.30.

put your teeth in this

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

its sunday. Jonathan and Clive popped in last night on there way up to Katherines and Tims, they shot off first thing this morning taking a bit of the wardrobe that Katherine wants, they went and i got in the an and went up to Mick and Tracys land to get some more wood for the fire, and go for a rummage to replace some of the wood that i have taken ready for next year.

Moira is still in New York, yesterday i helped Jon as in Jon and Yasmina to pick olives as he had been let down by his worker, it was a lovely day and a lovely place to be picking olives in, wasnt as nice a view as the last place i picked lives in last year and this time i will probably get some honey or a bit of oil for my trouble but to be honest it wasnt any trouble, its quite a relaxing thing to do when there is no pressure and also you get to climb trees. i was nearly going to help them today until i was reminded by Mark in a text message that i had been invited over to dinner somewhere else, so ive done the washing and a bit of shopping instead.

it really is the end of the summer now im defrosting the beer fridge down by Moiras office.

ive started to try and speak catalan to the lady in the shop the problem is she now answers me in catalan which instantly throws me, still mica a mica.

em dic adam

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

the salsa class is over , mainly because hardly anybody was turning up, it might carry on in Figueres if they can find a hall or room to practice, it was discussed in the school hall what we should do next, its funny when you have to concentrate on what people are saying you come to realise 90% of what we say is rubbish, well not rubbish but we end up just repeating something that someone else has said but in a different way, then to add emphasis its said again, what ever it was that was said in the first place and then the cycle begins again starting from the beginning until virtually everyone has said the same thing, except for me who is mesmerised and Paula the lady salsa teacher, she never says anything anyway, although she does speak very good english which is handy at times.

Moira is on her way to New York, what a time to go, do you reckon there was a clever plot buy the american tv magnets, because wasnt there a programme recently with a black american president, and also little briton in america has a black american president, so middle america has been unconsiously prepared for the idea of a black president without realising it through the power of media. i need to research this further but fair play to them if its true. things you think about when weeding a euonemus hedge.

would you believe it they use the phrase “the dogs bollocks” as well in catalonia.

open a bag of ants

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

thats it middle age spread is setting in, ive had to chuck my wedding trousers because they dont fit any more, the only concelation is they were 28 inch waist.

the crisis is hitting Figueres ,aparently 2 supermarkets have shut down , my friend Ian hasnt been able to find work since July.

not only did the carpenter arrive Saturday morning, but he has just been round with Bruno to check the measurements with him, ive got to learn Catalan, its alright now when they are talking to me, infact i had quite a good chat with a builder while i was working about the crisis and stuff, but when these guys are not talking to you they speak catalan, which is fair enough as its their country and their language, but it would be nice to have some idea of what they are saying. sometimes i do, lost my trian of thought Dad just rang and told me the tax man in the UK wants me to fill in another tax return form, because thay say they returned it to me when they sent me the form that i had neglected to fill in because they didnt send it to me even though their records would have told them i have registered that i dont live in the UK any more.