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Bogna regis

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

thats it no more work until next year. new years eve and i was almost pissed by 2.00 in the afternoon. after a caragillo with whiskey a beer and a chuppito  (small shot) of whiskey for breakfast, then a can of beer during the morning then 3 glasses of beer in the bar at 1 ish. Pepe is supposed to be picking me up at 5ish to help set up the party tonight in the football club, so i have quickly made a lasagna out of the only 2 vegetables that we had in the fridge, red pepper and a courgette, luckily we had some spinach in the freezer, no milk either so i had to use cream. off to drink my 4th glass of water


sweeping up fat worms

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

the rain has stopped at least for today, they say it will rain again on Friday

im back at work  for 3 days we are having a bridge on Friday, its when a bank holiday falls on either a Tuesday or a Thursday and its not worth going in to work on the day in between.

the mulberry is now pruned hopefully a bit better then last year.

we went round Mark and Wendys again for some polite drinks, Jesus and Mercie turned up which was really nice, as there was enough people there that spoke spanish. we got there first and left last to the strains of Mark and Wendys Irish music.

the eating of the clementine

Saturday, December 27th, 2008


we went up to Darnius where all our water comes from for a short stroll and a couple of glasses of cava with Irene and Mark and Wendy, it was a lovely day, not much sun but warmish. then back to Mark and Wendys for dinner. i made mushroom tartlets with a layer of mixed nuts, parmesan and lemon peel underneath the mushrooms, not bad maybe a bit too lemony, but all in all it was a really nice day. we got home put on the fire and fell asleep on the sofa.

then yesterday it started raining and raining and raining and even about 2 minutes of snow which settled for another 2 mins then was washed away. Moira did her books while i chopped wood and did a bit of painting of the house something i have been putting off since October. then we put the fire on and fell asleep on the sofa

did i mention the mince pie evening in the bar?

weve lost our mayor he couldnt get on with the rest of the council it seems they basically didnt like him so even if he came up with a good idea, they didnt like it, which explains why Pepe had such a hard time getting his licence for the tortoise bar.

today we first went to Roses it was closed but that is because the only shops on the sea front are either banks or estate agents, the shop that sells everything that nobody wants was open. we then went to Peralada and then up to purthus or something like that its the first village in France a bit of a duty free haven, wierd place, and covered in snow, its only half an hour away, a great place if you want to buy fags , alcohol or perfume, i had to smuggle myself in and out as i had forgotten my passport, i had my driving licence though, not sure that would have helped. i think tonight we are going to put the fire on and fall asleep on the sofa.

turn around

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

what a weekend on Friday we where in 3 countries in 1 day France first for the funeral, yes it was sad but also very interesting to see how the french catholics do it. first you go to a room where the body is all done up behind a curtain, there is a bit of wailing then he is put in a coffin, a bit more wailing then the police arrive, late, to close and seal the coffin. this done you go the crematorium, in this case, for the ceremony, all in French obviously except when Wilmas sister got up to make a speach, then we all troop round the coffin, touching it and some people flicked some holy water on the coffin. that done we all go back to Wilmas house for some very good champagne and very good cheese as well. apparently they dont go to the house afterwards in Spain its all over after the ceremony.

After France we came back through Spain and then on a plane to England to go to a party on Saturday night and pick up mince pies from Marks. Saturday night at the party was really nice to see every body again, i tried hard not to do much ranting about how great it is here in Spain so i spent most of the night singing at grahams kareoki machine.

Sunday we met Cathy and Andy, Jonathan, Margot, Dan and Paulo for lunch in the Paradise, then quickly in a  cab back to st pancras then home. it was back to work again today and there is no wind and its much warmer again, fantastic.

alfred is not here

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

ive said it before but my god it is windy if only you could hear the gail going on out there, J esus told me today that in Portbou it is 170 km an hour at times, but that is not the record the record is 210km which was the last reading before the thing that measure the wind strength broke due to the wind strength.

we are going to a funeral tomorrow in France

ive noted buy how close the broad beans have been planted by the man down the road , that i havent sown them close enough together so i have bunged a few more seeds in to see what happens, i get the impression they need to be really close because of the wind.

counting the seconds in tunnels

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

back to normality, well almost, weve bought a christmas tree, one in a pot, with the aim to keep it untill next year, yeh right, its going to be a nightmare in the summer looking after it.

after getting over a bit of a dodgy tummy im now felling fine again, Jesus loved the photos of India, he was highly impressed with the way i had tied my tie, i.e.  a small knot and a bit loose, it didnt have the heart to tell him that i didnt have much choice with how the tie looked, that was my 5th attempt to tie it, i got him a little Ganesh (elephant god) to put on his dash board, i new he wouldnt put it there but i have a strong suspision his wife will.

yesterday we went up to Campradon up in the mountains, and it was freezing, it was snowing as we where leaving, its only an hour and 15 mins away, a lovely little town if you want to buy cheese and sausages, we came back via a village called, translated, seven houses, which was a lie as it had more hotels and restaurants then that without counting the houses, it was getting dark so we didnt stop as Pepe wanted to get back for the football andf Moira and Cerrie Xfactor.

today i have tidied the garden there was leaves every where after last weeks truamontana, chopped up the rest of the logs from Mick and Tracys land then emptied the kind of ready compost from the compost heap onto the garden, im not cold anymore.

Jesus has bought us new trousers for work, they are a bit big but fine, they are kind of like the trousers Monty Don wears, i wonder how he is these days?

closed on Mondays

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

well that was at times a lot of fun, Bombay hasnt changed its got a few more buildings and 20 years more pollution covering the older buildings. someones had money at some point built a large building for some reason then forgot to maintain it so now its a complete mess, and god how dirty is the place, and smells, but not such a bad smell ,at times yes such a bad smell but always covered with a hint of jasmine or sandlewood. the wedding was pretty amazing, colourfull lots of dancing and eating of really good food and the people we got to speak too were relly nice, especially because of the fact we where there after the terrorists. we went to see the Taj hotel its quite burnt we also eat in the cafe leopold which is now using the bullet holes as a tourist attraction, and there was police everywhere. the day after the wedding when Moira was working i went and visited the sites i had seen all those years ago and added a few extra, then the next day i went to Elephant island which is a couple of miles out into the bay an island with caves that have been carved into buy ancient indian folk, quite impressive and quiet and almost not smelly, at one point i followed a polite indian couple up a path the said this way to cannon hill fine but you had to climb through a barbed wire fence, which seemed to phase no one. the cannons where just relics from i suppose the second world war, but once you where up there what looked from one side an idillic island on the other side was an over populated giant port for ocean tankers and ships off that size.

now we are back i have brought back with me a touch of the bombay belly, while Moira as always is completely fine and ive had a nice long shower to wash that smell right out of my hair. thank god memories dont smell. i did go to the Gandhi museum which was really sweet and worth going to if you are in the area.

i say paper you say paper

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

im off, well actually tomorrow at 6 in the morning. India, Mumbai, god i havent been there for years, last time i was there i was 9 n half stone with virtually no money, im a bit heavier now and with a bit more money, im setting off armed with 50€ to change into rupees, that i saved from last months wages. its quite strange getting the mind round the fact that i can change euros and i dont need sterling anymore.

what do you pack to go to an Indian wedding?

im taking moiras big suitcase on wheels so she can do a bit of shopping.

im starting to understand a bit of catalan, not much, and im ending up translating back into spanish then back again into english which is a bit of a nuisance but i am recognising words that i have heard from the basic catalan cd. i should be a lot easier to learn cause every one speaks catalan around here so i will always hear it being spoken, it will also mean there will more channels on the tele i can watch.