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a democratic state

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

moira is in Paris the cat is on my knee. te new door is in place, ive even started to prime it, 1 hour at a time ive deciced is enough when i am painting alone other wise i start to loose concentration and then start to make a mess. the tiles in the small bathroom have gone and so has the floor, and the loo which gave me the opertunity to fix the flush, i.e. buy a new one, i.e go to Aki, i.e via the garden centre, i.e buy a cactus for the garden.

its raining and it seems we have new nieghbours. its supposed to rain tomorrow as well and even Monday, what a wierd winter we are having. i was up at Mick and Tracys again today to get more wood and do some more pruning of thier olives, thats 3 rows now, i would have done more but for the rain.

poor fife is bored stiff

i think, Abdul the morocan builder was telling me, and this could have been misunderstood in the translation and the fact that he speaks french a lot better then spanish, is that every few months vegetarians can get a protein injection in France. whats that all about, ive never hada protein injection, do i need one, doubt it. what with all that peanut butter.

chicken pizza

Monday, January 26th, 2009

we where going to go to France for a burns supper Saturday, we were all ready to go, we had had lunch in the bar then filled the van with the old wardrobe that Katherine wanted and as we were about to leave we rang to say we were on our way, but no we wernt allowed, due to the wind in Narbonne and specifically Katherines village, what are they talking about its only a bit of wind, i thought, we know what wind is we get it here all the time whats the problem , but really this was wind and it hit us five minutes after we put the phone down.

so we went to France on Sunday instead did all the eating of the haggis stuff read a bit of Burns as you do then came back home again the same day. while we at Katherines and Tims, Andy took me to see the crushed car , that had caught the falling bell tower from the church and a palm that was up side down, it was about 10ft high when standing before the wind. we emptied the van and filled our bellies, i must say the cheese was very good. and as always so was the hveggie haggis, it was nice to have some swedeand off course to see every one.

there is always one

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

we have a new door, its still in the garage but i went and got from Cassi the carpenter that lives next door just now, and Bruno said he would come round either tuesday or wednesday next week to knock the hole in the wall and then put it in, all in a day, i think he is feeling the crisis a little. Moira and Wendy have gone off for a bicycle ride and im going to eat my lunch.

the body gaurd

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

our daffs are starting to come up

it seems the new kitchen door is ready but not arrived yet, but im not so sure we want a hole nocked in the kitchen wall while its still cold. Jesus told me how to say wall nuts today in Catalan i then tried to explain that the word is wall nut in English as in wall nut not wool nut even though to me it sounds the same in fact just saying wall sounded wrong unless its said properly and the second l is pronounced. poor bloke, i had just told him the joke about why there are no pain killers in the jungle because the parrots eat them all

to stick the thread

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

just back from the olive fair in Espolla, actually weve back for a while and i have put up a clock in the kitchen and a mirror in spare room that was once the kitchen.

the fair was great we cycled there with Cerrie, there was thousands of people there, the busiest one we have been to by far, we ate lots of olive oil, bumped in to Jesus and Merce, the salsa teachers, the lady from the chemist, Pepes brother and wife, and the man that does the garriguella weather report, and we found out that the blue cheese that we bought must be wrapped in paper and not plastic as it sweats. i bought some chocolate then went back for another bar and aswell as cheese i bought some chilli jam, and cinamon sticks which you cant seem to get here, dont know what im going to do with them yet but hey. Moira and i cycled back and Cerrie went of with Pepe to Barcelona for the night, good news there is patata bravas in the bar for breakfast tomorrow.

our hyacinths are coming up

Fife goes for a swim

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

saturday morning.

the sun is up and so are we, off to the market having had coffee with honey, i know its wrong to put honey in coffee but i like it, and i dont want to be getting hay fever.

good news for all you people that are comming over this year i have just put ABBAs greatest hits on my Ipod. Yeh… thank you for the music Nat.

buy a bamboo

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

a lovely sunny day, still a bit chilly but sunny. the same as on Sunday when we went skiing up at Valtere 2000 with Mick and Tracy, i was a bit crap to start with but got the hang of it again buy the end of the day and after a couple of beers and a hot chocolate with rum. we then went to Brian and Irenes for dinner which is apparently what Mick and Tracy always used to do after they had been skiing, she made me stuffed cabbage leaves they werent all that bad even though she had used the rice from the indian meal, from the day before. i almost quite like skiing now.

Saturday we went to Ikea first, and surprisingly enough we bought stuff, then Barcelona where we didnt buy very much at all , but Moira did take me to the Fairy bar which is next to the wax works museum down by the port, at the end of La Ramblas. it actually doesnt take all that long to get to Barcelona from here. i have to admit that we got lost on the way between Ikea and central Barcelona.

friday night we watched Mama mia which is fantastic what a scream how they squeezed those songs into a story is genius.

last night after gong into Figueres we went into the bar for a couple Mick and Tracy where in there with Irene and her sister, we showed Marysol her country and city on Google earth and then said good bye once again to Mick and Tracy who are of to Mexico for a couple of years, we had to say good bye again just now as the popped by to give us a film Captain Ron a film which has there boat they had bought in it.

dog man star

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Moiras got her contact lenses. and im back at work after quite an eventful week or so since new year which was great fun first at the football club, i bagged up some of the 12 grapes that you need to eat on every strike of the bell at midnight, and made a lasagna for me and Cerrie, it was great fun and after we eat the grapes and forgotten to make a wish we went round all 3 of the tables as did every one else and wished every one a happy new year, the tables where cleared and put away in an instant and within minutes we where dancing.

at 1 we went to the cafe colon to do the british new year which took until 6 in the morning, oh what a night.

we recovered and then mum and dad got here just as the temperatures dropped. on saturday we went for a trip to Castellos tot market then to a small beach passed Roses which to our suprise we found Mick and Tracey, Cerrie and Irene. which was a massive coincidence.

Natalia and Andy and Edna arrived just in time to see the kings and try and eat/ drink the thick hot chocolate, the next day we had presents then a bit of a walk, then our scond christmas dinner

Nat got me a load more books which means i have got to finnish the book i took to India.

its still really cold, until you get in the sun, but as soon as you get out of the sun its really cod again

Jesus went sking over the new year.