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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

ive hardly eaten for ages, i did have a evening meal at Fionas  stroke christmas dinner/ Jocks birthday and sort of Malcoms birthday, as we where in Scotland for the weekend, a flying visist arrived on Friday night and left Sunday morning, we went out for a meal with Jenny, Maisie and Lorna as well but i could only manage a soup. Ive bought some dundee cake for Jesus. Now we are home Moiras making soup, cant go wrong, also rediscoverd the healing properties of sweet milky tea, Friday night it was pretty much all i kind drink. i think i eat something dodgy like an omelette cooked in old oil, any old oil, any any any old oil, and my stomach has had a self imposed gastric band placed round it since then, once offcourse it got rid of the rest of the contents of my stomach in quite an impressive manor. stupidly i took Immodium and went to work, completely dehydrated which is probably while im still not 100%, still soup will be good

the new table and chairs arrived

orchids on the side of the road

Monday, February 16th, 2009

the doors pretty much painted, the bath room is painted the shelf is up the thing that takes the water away is on all we are missing is the tap which needs a little extender bit, i think. but because we were painting we missed the calcots fair in Villasacra, somewhere we need to got to next year if we remember.

i will never forget that night in pepes bar, with Edna tucking into her ham omelete and potatas bravas then having a cortado afterwards. Que mojer!

on buying the last 2 boxes of falafal mix

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

oops its valentines day and i havent done a thing about it , maybe because its not such a big deal here and i didnt really have the oppertunity to do anything about it and maybe because, the word we were teaching pepe last night after the band, the same band he had for the fiesta up at the tortouise bar in the summer, gypsy spanish music, there was a huge turn out, all squeezed into his little bar, all smoking. well it seemed that way, really atmospheric, the word was complacent.

Moira made carrot soap again while i did things that involved using a drill and a hammer, i put up the light in the bathroom having broken the glass already, never mind the nice lady in the shop is ordering another for us, and i put on the wall, the expensive towel hanger that Moira bought in Girona when she went there on Friday on the graffiti train, and ive hung the pictures that we bought in Barcelona. i would put the tap on but Bruno said we need a bit or piece or something that was lost in the translation because the new tap we bought doesnt fit or reach or something to do with it not being the old tap.

how many words are there for floor tiles

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

the floor is nearly done in the kitchen, its finnishd in the small bathroom and the hall way, except for a small thing that Moira wants Bruno to change, looks like we will have to eat out tonight as we wont be able to get to the hob and sink this evening. Yesterday Bruno made us a bridge from the hall to the living room and another from this bridge to the hob.

its really windy again today, i found out yesterday (RHS mag.) that i sow my broad bean seeds to shallow they should go about 8 cms deep which makes sense and will give them a bit more support against this wind that we get. aparently it is flooded in essex or that is what Spanish news is telling us.

goodbye hanky

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

im now at the point were i do an ” alright mate” kind of wave to the local shepherd while driving passed.

we havent put the fire on for the last 2 days not because its not cold in fact Thursday night we where huddled round the small radiator in the kitchen and not because we havent got enough wood as i went to Mick and Tracys the other day to do a bit more olive tree pruning and collected more wood and we have also got the wooden frame from the old door, so that wasnt it, it was just because

A. we needed to pop to the shops to get stuff for the newly plastered bathroom, like plug sockets, taps and that, both Thursday night and Friday night.

B. we went to the bar afterwards, thursday because Pepe had got his new pool table in and we where going there to meet Mark and Wendy but we missed them by 5 mins and then Friday we went in to see Cerrie.

today we bought a cactus, NO, we bought a pot for the cactus that i’d bought earlier for Moira, its massive , i kind of want to put a few big pots on that bit as you just come into the garden from the house, and now we have one big pot with a cactus in it. it looks good, as does our new floor which is no where finnished yet and Moira did have some doughts but i think she is coming round to liking it, hopefully when Bruno does the grouting it will tone the peachy colour down a bit, although to be honest it doesnt really bother me, it looks much better then the other stuff.

6 inches of snow

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

its raining again and both me and fife are bored, work still goes on in the house, the tiles in the hall way have gone and now they are working on the kitchen, the wood flooring has come up which means we have plenty of kindling for the next century. and Cassi the carpentar has been called into cut under neath the kitchen cabinets, he will probably do it quite quickly as we paid him yesterday, i had quite a nice chat with him and his wife.

i was thinking of Poly yesterday while singing second hand rose to myself, im sure it was her that used to sing that one and not Lucy.