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kitchen is finished

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

another rainy day, jesus has given up on me and now lets me work when it is raining, he stays at home and does the invoices etc, i know where i would rather be. this morning we where working in a garden in Portbou with a  couple of russian ladies of a certain age twittering around us.

last night was pool night and i won again, im not doing to bad.

Sunday i went for a walk in Girona, its only 5.50€ return on the train thats like going from London to Oxford and back for just over a fiver. Had a lovely walk just wandering through the whisteria laden streets. actually there wasnt that much whisteria but what there was was in flower. i walked along the old city wall which was amazing you get a great view of the whole city, then i found myself walking through the valley of st daniel, which is really pretty in a hold on this is virtually in the middle of a city kind of way. i even found some asparagus growing there. i had a nice time, needed to see people, admitedly Sunday wasnt a good time to go to see people, but there was enough wandering around.

Saturday and Saturday night it was raining, so during the day among other things i cleaned the swimming pool, you loose water when you clean the pool, what better time to clean it, then when its raining, i empty the pool the clouds kindly fill it up again. for the evening i went to the bar, had a pool match which i won, then came home quite jolly.

the weather is going to pick up soon though as swallows have been seen prowling the streets looking for trouble. also Jesus has provided me with a short sleeved work shirt and summer trousers. and the poppies are starting to flower.

touch wood but not wood with legs

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Moira is in India and Wendy has posted me some brocolli soup, which is really nice of her, i dont know if brocolli soup goes with backed beans on toast which i fancied having as it is Friday night, and on Friday night one has to live a little, maybe i will pop over the road an play some pool, dont know its 8.oo oclock already and i havent had a shower yet , got back from work late, spoke to Moira then went off to pay Bruno some of his money even though  he hasnt finnished yet, it seems nobodies got any work at the moment which means nobodies ordering floor tiles or something like that.

we seem to have work though which is good its quite busy at the moment coming up to easter.

we where in Villaminiscle to write down what we had done this week in Jesuss diary, there is this little bar in the village shop which is actually only a table and some chairs, the beer is taken from the shop fridge, but she does have a half drunk botttle of rum behind the counter and some cold glasses so its nearly a bar, and its open when the owner feels like opening it.

operation bikini

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

that week went pretty quick, sun every day, we went out for st patricks day Mark and Wendy, a bit weird but fun, picked up a hat that i can wear all summer, a freebee from the irish pub, and that was it until friday except i took Moira to get her hair cut in Emporia Brava and just before we went out for st patricks we went to Girona to pick up our new side board for the tele, have i told you all this?, anyway friday night we went to the Italian in Empuria brava to the italian that we like i had pear filled raviolli it was lovely, i gave Moira her watch for her birthday there, as we wouldnt have time in the morning on Saturday.

Saturday it was Moiras, Pepes and liolis birthday Lioli is the wife of Pepes brother Antonio who makes the bread in the village as was the only one to see me have a spectacular fall on a black run, i pretty much did the whole run upside down. what a great day we all had, Jesus can ski really well, we had a bizare but interesting dinner the lot of us together then we all after a bit of a walk around we all slowly made our way home, its only 1hour 30 from here in the van and thats going up hill, which the van doesnt like to do.

It was Nuria that we went to to ski  and the last bit you take a train, would be a nice place to go in the summer, if we ever have enough of the beach.

Sunday Moira and i went for a walk and collected loads of asparagus whivch im going to put in the freezer this evening and then about 6ish i took Moira to the airport as she is of to India via london, a load of cards arrived for her today for her birthday.

head or cross

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

busy couple of days , havent had time to learn catalan, last night because it was st patricks day and we went out with Markand Wendy to Empuria Brava for a fun night out with dodgy hats on our heads, that was after we had gone to Girona to collect the side board that will go underneath the tele. Monday, after going to collect the glass that i broke for the light in the bathroom, i popped in to the bar to see how Pepes new pool competition was going on, 9 games later i arrived home to a wife not talking to me , i know i should have rung, but again i didnt have time to learn any catalan that night.

Sunday was the horse parade in Perelada, after seeing that we went to the garden centre to buy more compost, a plant for the kitchen and geraniums, i honestly dont think i have ever bought geraniums for myself before. the afternoon Moira sunbathed and i turned the compost heap.

Saturday we went to a market in Palau and bought some Parmesan then went to another garden centre to buy pots and a few more plants, in the afternoon we went for a walk up to the top of the ridge then back down via villaminiscle, only 2 and a half hours. but it is the longest walk we have done this year, both my feet and Moiras feet were in agony, as we were both wearing flat shoes to get the feet ready for flip flops which by the looks of things isnt far away.

Friday night we watched slum dog millionare thaanks to a pirate copy made by a friend of Yasmina, it was fine, great film, Moira thought it was cleaner then Mombai really is.

dog face

Friday, March 13th, 2009

the glass has arrived, the glass for the light that i broke in the new bathroom which was the old little guest bathroom but now isnt tiled and has a new miror and tap, any way it has arrived sadly the reception went on the phone as i was talking to the lady from the shop, still it doesnt matter next week we can go and pick it up and maybe pop in on the solar panel people, although thats not really that desperate.

the weather has really picked up weve got the kitchen doors wide open onto the balcony and its 7.30 in the afternoon. we had Cerrie around last night to watch the climbing of Killamajaro for comic relief and to eat some of Moiras vegeterian paella, Jesus thought it was hillarious that we were eating paella in the evening, nobody eats paella in the evening its a dish you eat at mid day or just after, that didnt stop us we had it any way, lovely especially with the lemons from our tree.

Moiras just closed the kitchen doors

how are your eyes

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Sunday was carnival in the village, but that was after the rancho in the school hall people came from all around to eat salad, rice, meat and beans, bruniols, drink ganaxa and coffee, we enjoyed it much more this year as we new what was going on, i managed to get a plate of beans without any meat or meat juice which was great if not a bit tasteless, but it was the cause of a few fart jokes on our table. afterwards we came home for a 2 hour siesta then of to the procession which is 3 floats one full of blokes dressed as scots in kilts, after they went by we followed them doing a we bit of a dance until we got to the hall where was a big band which like last year played pretty crap music but hey, we had a bit of a dance once the effects of the beer had kicked in then when it finished we went by Pepes bar, quite an eventful sunday.

i still havent heard from the solar panel people, but ive got intouch with the electrician who was supposed to come round to see what we wanted done last week and moira asked Cassie the carpenter if he could do some more doors for us, she was quite chuffed with her self.

at last the temperature is rising and the wind has stopped fro the time being, the lettuce and tomatoes have been sown the lawn is looking green and now there is a area under the palm tree set up for the hammock, i might grow something up the palm tree, i dont know a jasmine might be a bit much.

very frogs

Friday, March 6th, 2009

my god its windy, i found myself swearing to myself this afternoon in Spanish, but there was no one around so i could have sworn in English it wouldnt of mattered. im terrified the solar panels will fly off but they havent yet, and every bodys told me they  wont and if they haven’t by the end of today there is no way they will, it registered 170 km per hour in Portbou.

ive rung the solar panels people to come round to give it all a service but i haven’t heard from them since and the electrician is supposed to be coming round, we are waiting for someone to order a pallet of floor tyles so bruno can get the one box that he needs to finnish our floor, but atleast Moiras contact lenses arrived when they said they would.

we finnished of the asparagus that we picked at the weekend, yesterday, every thing we are eating at the moment has wild asparagus in it, Pepe has a potato omelette in the bar that contains asparagus which i had this morning, its very nice.

ive finnished reading the golden compass in Spanish and have started ion the second book which i think is better, maybe because im getting better at reading in Spanish i dont know, and at the moment i know what is going on, sometimes in the other book i got completely lost until i had gone over the same paragraph about 3 times before i had a vague idea what the author was trying to tell me.


Sunday, March 1st, 2009

back to work, a normal week, a bit of sunshine, we were convinced summer had started and now its a bit wet, we have had Wilma down from France, this morning and last night, she reckons it has been the cooldest winter that she has ever seen down here, and she has lived the other side of the Albiers for years. we have moved in to the new kitchen, Bruno still has to finnish the bit under the stainless steel hob, but the bathroom is 99% finished ive just got to pop over and see the electrician from round the corner and get him to change some of our plug sockets.

i bought a clematis to grow through the 2 bottle brushes, and Moira bought a cactus that looks like a little foot.

Wilma was great in the Cafe Colon as she is fluent in French and Jazz was able to speak a bit more freely with her, so now we know that he wasnt a surgeon but a expert on prosthetics and was a sort of advisor to  surgeons.

ive got over my dodgy tummy, but Merce, the wife of Jesus has had it aswell she spent a night in hospital, it seems there might have been a mini epidemic in the village. but my tummy is alright just in time for the aparagus hunting season, i collected some on wednesday, and last night while in the bar with Wilma Pepe came in with a bale of asparagus, so there is nun left on the hills near us anymore.