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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

lost again at pool, started of so well aswell, never mind. Moira is back from Marakesh just in time for the rain.

monday was ok though no rain atleast for most of the day, but great the hose pipe ban has been lifted and the lawn is really going for it. sunday i cycled to Palau as they had a market. the weather was so bad that there was only about 5 stalls that had bothered to turn up. i did get to see a few old geezers bashing garlic with pestle and mortar to make alioli for a competition, then went into a museum of old tools of the countryside, Jock would love it but its only open on special days and when the owner feels like it. cycled home and sorted the table i found some wire wool that i had had for years. it looks great now and should repel wine stains, luckily i havent had try to prove it yet.

tomorrow sun


Saturday, April 25th, 2009

the strimmer has died, well it hasnt technicaly died but ive just realised one of the blades is recked, and its one of the blades i can see so i would assume others have gone as it looks like a stone has taken a chunk out of it and probably done the same all the way down, what a shame i can still use it but not as much as i would like. Moira is in Marrakesh, so i went to the market first via the grow your own veg shop and bought some lettuce then the lady in the covered market in figueres that sells organic veg to eat, bought some flowers for the living room and a book, Animal farm, had a bit of a dilema as it was achoice between animal farm and a trditional catalan fairy story book, i should have bought the fairy story book as it is in catalan, next time.

the compost heap has ben turned, i havent played much pol recently, and the weather is noticably warmer, its the summer uniform for work next week.

julie andrews/ hiedi moment

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

just saw the old carpenter driving down the road with a bag of rubbish on the top of his car

Moira is home for a couple of days, and she likes the rail way sleeper flower bed, phew. had a cant speak spanish day yesterday, after loosing at pool on Monday night ,because i potted the black way before i should have done, but then i made myself salad and chips to eat before i went for Moira at the airport, and all was alright again.

ive repainted around the fire place so i hope we wont have to put on the fire again until november, then i went for a walk up the ridge to break in the flip flops for the summer, they even managed coming down the scree slope, they were biting my feet by the time i got home though.

roman pillars

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Moira is in New York, so i took the opportunity to go up to Mick and Tracys land to do a bit of  striming and collect a few logs for next winter, the asparagus season is pretty much over , it went quick. got home and after a quick beer i put in a raised bed with the railway sleepers that Jesus dropped of to me yesterday, just before we went to the bar to play pool, im still hanging in there, i will probably get into the last eight, then with any luck lose straight away and not have to play any more, poor Pepe its a logistics nightmare getting us all together to play pool. all i need now for the raised bed is some soil and plants perhaps Viburnum lucidum, dont know.

Jesus has a nice view

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

its sunny, the last day that mum and dad are here atleast they got a bit of sun, after 4 days of hardly speaking spanish it was a bit wierd being in the bar again this morning.

planted tomatoes in the garden yesterday and one day later they are still ok even the wild tomatoes that i have grown from the seeds that i collected from the tomatoes that escaped from the compost heap last year and grew and produced fruit with out any help from me.

chocolate flipflops

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

easter, or semana santa, depends. yesterday was fun the weather didnt stop us and the high street was full of stalls selling little doughnuts and sweet sherry, it seems the village has won a lottery of some sort, Pepes mum now has 35000 euros to do up her kitchen.

Mum and Dad are here, Pepes joke, a man falls of his motor bike and pretty much messes up one side of his body, he went to the chemist and the chemist gave hime creams for the scratches and grazzes and 2 viagras, the man asked why he had the viagra, the chemist told him it was to keep the sheets of him while he was in bed.

planting potatoes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sorry mum and dad but rain is forecast for the weekend, atleast Friday, its a bit on and off at the moment yesterday was a lovely sunny day and today is wet.

we went to a restaurant in empuria brava last night for our wedding anniversary as the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, Moira had asparagus which wasnt wild but blanched, it was fresh but blanched, whats the point of that then?, i had pasta with veg which to my surprise was really nice, the restaurant is called the Capitan, the waiters a re a bit cocky but then they do speak about 4 different languages fluently.

the waiters in the Hotel restaurant are getting to know me even though we havent been in there for ages, i always say hello to them when they are out side having a fag and im passing. you can tell its coming up to Easter, the cooperativa was full of new people hopefuly buying stuff.

room 102

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

ive licked the house clean because Moira is coming home this afternoon, i think i told Mercé and Jesus that i was going to lick the house clean although i might have flame the house clean or call the house clean its all nearly the same word they laughed anyway. this was on the way home from a jazz concert in Figueres, it was alright a bit going towards lift music, which i normaly like, the drummers were brilliant, i think i was just tired, especiallly as every one around me spoke catalan, Not Mercé and Jesus, but pretty much everybody else, which is fair enough but on a friday night concentrating isnt on the agenda normaly, the jazz goes on till the end of the month so we might go and see some more, dont know.

its been a week of pretty crap weather, ive had the fire on again, still ive managed eventually to make a door for the little cupboard bellow the sink in the spare room, it took a few evenings but i got there in the end, now all it needs is a handle.

its aour wedding anniversary on Monday which means i wont be going to play pool, but it did mnean i could go in to Figueres and buy stuff, im going to try and grow wildish flowers in the lawn, bought a book on cactuses as well as we now have cactuses and i havent got a clue what they are called.