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earthing up potatoes

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Jock Irene and Margeret are here for their holidays.

today we went to Besalú for lunch, for Moira to buy a mirror that she saw last time we where there and me to buy a straw trilby, cause its hot here, weve pretty much done Besalú now, weve hired a car for the weekend but because its Fiesta in Figueres on Monday ive got to drop the keys into a bar next to the train station when i take the car back Monday afternoon, only in cataluña.

yesterday we went to eat in the Cafe Colon cause its easy and im quite liking the pear and almond tart she makes as opposed to the chocolate cake that i normally have.

Barcelona won the champions and didnt we know about it. its a funny one because for the catalans Barca has become the national team as the are not allowed there own national team mainly because technically they are not a nation, so Barca has the substitute national team regardless of the fact there is very few players from cataluña in the team, the manager is though i think, because he is called Pep and thats catalan. so because Barca is the substitute catalan team you certainly get to know about it if they win and espacially when they win the cup the league and the champions. extatic comes pretty close.

the lawn is going yellow, oops!

fife amongst the potatoes

Monday, May 25th, 2009

we had lovely weather eventhough the weather report said it was going to be overcast, but Natalie and Andy was here and it seems when Nat is here the weather is always good, well so far any way they got here middle of last week and the first night was carbonara which it seems is Moiras thing to give guests this year as its easy. then Friday night we went down to Carmens i had the usual escalibada with goats cheese while Andy had rabbit for the first time ever, and liked, i cant remember what Nat and Moira had.

Saturday we went kayaking with Mark and Wendy, Jazz and Emily and the family that was renting there other house, what a great thing to do it wasnt to hot the water was high so it wasnt running to fast and all the rock where well covered by water, it took us 2 and a half hours to get to where we were going, going at a leisurly pace, me rowing backwards while Moira was rowing forwards, we then eat in a restaurant that served samosas what a delight sadly they were not brilliant but hay they where samosas and i havent had samosas for ages. that night we went to the hotel, the usual.

Sunday we went to the beach try out Nat and Andys snorkalling gear, it all worked fine and now make back is burnt, they left all the gear here so i wont mind going to the beach this year as its great fun chasing fish around. we did a barbeque in the evening.

and now they have gone home.

this year the mulberry bush is going mental and producing loads of fruit so now, weve tried them and they taste quite nice, a bit like an alchohol free wine.

hovering the floor rather then sweeping really works though is not as much fun

fireworks at night

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

We went to Sitges for the weekend, lovely place, very gay but yes a lovely place, 2 days was enough as its quite small and there isnt much more to do then sit on the beach or shop. actually there are quite a few museums but they are only there for when it rains. we got there by train we left her at 7 and we where in Sitges by 10 which isnt bad, there has obviously been a lot of money around there at one point and actually still some of the houses where quite impressive with plenty of modernist architecture around for those like that sort of stuff, nice place, the food wasnt to brilliant but that was mainly because there are loads of fish restaurants, where probably the food is pretty good, luckily there are plenty of Italian type restaurants as well, saturday night we ate in a restaurant owned buy a Italian and a Polish couple, who blatantly admitted that they couldnt cook which explained the goats cheese salad that we got, but we loved the atmosphere so who cares what the food is like. in the mornings we woke up to a sea view.

got back home and the watering system worked and had kept the tomatoes alive.

the longest serving bottle of wine

Friday, May 15th, 2009

the suns come back and we are of to Sitges for my birthday, ive even dained to switch on the watering system while we a re away, only to water the tomatoes im not to bothered about the lawn, but dont tell Moira that.

we had salad for breafast. sometimes Pepe comes and eats with us inbetween serving people in the bar, and every now and then he will bring over some chillis or something that he has made and wants us to try, today he had made a plate of salad, salad for breakfast who would have thought it, but then why not?

selective hearing

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

sunday afternoon, Moira is making quiche, the cats in a flower bed and the sun is just about to set, and my fingers stink of garlic as ive has just squeezed a few cloves in the next jar of olives casa Adam and Moira. the last jar by the end tasted really nice, they were a bit bitter to start with.

weve just done a bit of a walk, more of a wander while Moira picked wild flowers to make a possie, she found a lovely little flower that we hadnt seen before i think its a clover me sort, not sure though.

the vans clean, it had its one wash of the year this morning, a bit late as its bird shit season and the van was covered in it, and it was starting to eat into the paintwork, now its all polished and clean, the hoover didnt reach and i couldnt find an spanish extension lead so its all clean and polished but not hoovered on the inside.

Yesterday, Saturday was the flower show in Girona, still very impresive if you realise its not going to be twee little courtyard gardens but arty flower arrangements, and it seemed there was a lot of balloons of different colours, last year the show was affected by the drought this year its the crisis, or credit crunch, but it was a great to discover a bit more of Girona and as it was Saturday the shops were open as well.

i got asked again why i dont speak Catalan the other day by an 75 year old builder, the thing was even if i had been able to speak catalan he wouldnt have understood me and visa verca, even Jesus had trouble, that is the problem when you learn a language you learn it the correct way and not the shortened,  blurred way that they speak catalan up here in the North. he was a funny one this builder, catalan to the core, hated anybody from Madrid, and yet was quite happy to say that there was one good thing about Franco, he looked after the good people and punished the bad people.

swings and roundabouts

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Kirsty and Gillian have gone and so has pretty much all of the chocolate, im sure i didnt eat this much chocolate when we lived in England. Irenas barbque went well, very international, Dutch, Catalan and British. because indonesia was a colony of Holland they have taen on board Gado Gado which for is a god send as it is steamed veg covered in a spicy peanut sauce, there was loads of it there. then we went to watch the football and ended u[p having sandwiches with Jesus and Merce in the bar not that Kirsty remembers, Jesus was quite impressed by her.

Sunday was a nother barbque/ meal/ swim in the river/ a game of rounders combining atleast 3 different groups of rules and then escape before gillian exploded as she couldnt go for a wee behind a tree or in the make shift loo prvided. that night we went to the cafe colon, sometimes the adasms salad is just what i want and some times its just not, it depends what he puts in it. they picked a great weekend as i wasnt working Friday and it has been hot since they got here. ive had to water the lawn and everything.

on stopping to watch house martins collect mud to make their nests

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

the table has been tested it is sort of ok, it was well tested the night Kirsty and Gillian got here buy Moira

i got home Friday and the cover of the swimming pool had been taken off, so i set about cleaning the pool and adding the chlorine, it wasnt actually all that dirty as i had cleaned it a month a go, and admitedly Kirsty did get in yesterday after our round trip up to the monestery at St Pere de Rhodes, Port de Selva and Llanca trying out icecream on the way, because Gillian makes ice cream as a business, so it was all done for professional research. but now i cant imagine any one will get in the pool again until Nat and Andy get here as it is pretty cold in there.

Thursday night we all went into Figueres with Pepe and Cerrie to see a band playing in a square but that didnt happen as it was drizzling so we went to this huge tent on the way out of Figueres to watch loads of people drink sherry and dance not flamenco but similar we where there until Kirsty needed to go to the loo and it was quicker for us to get in the car and drive home then it was to wait in the queue for the loo at the fiesta, i drove that night, but Gillian drove the round trip and shes doesnt have a problem, infact she over took a french couple doing the usual french style of driving on corners.

today we are of to a barbeque at irenas, which should be interesting