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the train station toilet

Monday, June 29th, 2009

what a funny weekend we have had. it started off pretty normal, there was us thinking oh well what do we do this weekend then, we did the usual and went to Figueres for the market and eventually Moira managed to buy a bikini, didnt buy much veg as the lady that sells organic veg wasnt there, and to be honest its so much easier to go to the local shop when we need stuff, i did buy some more lettuce to fill the gaps in my lettuce bed.

when we got home Moira rang Cerrie to see if she wanted to use the pool, she said no but was we going to Play Back that night, play back is a bit like karaoke, but miming on a stage, it was hilarious especially the kids doing grease lightning. then there was a disco with just me Moira , Pepe and Cerrie dancing for most of the night at least until 3 then we went home via Pepes brothers bakers for a chat and some cakes, we were to early for croissants straight from the oven but seeing as it was a real novelty for us we didnt care and quite happily munched into the night befores cakes.

Sunday we went to Aqua park and what a scream quite literally at times, there is slides, black holes wave machines and more slides some quite slow and some basically just a steep drop from way up high. we all came back, Cerri, Pepe, Moira and i with loads of water up our noses and a sun burnt tummy.

today was back to work and god its. Bruno doesnt have much work we know because he came round and fixed the outside on to the street wall for us which means we can know paint the house if we want too. just teaked all the shutters because i had time that one of the problems with starting at 7 in the morning i have time to do stufff when i get home in the afternoon.

sheila goes to work

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Graham and Jay are here, actually they are just about to leave they arrived on Monday, i picked them up from Villajuiga train station then went back to work, Jesus had the day off so there was no problem with doing that.that night we had quiche which apparently is Gay Pie then tuesday was fiesta i worked the day then for the evening we went to the bar for tapas then watched a few of the very few fire works then the village ate sausages in the grounds behind the church then we arrived and the music started and didnt finish until about 5 we dont know because we left a 4.15 to have an deep and meaningful discussion on things very important on the balcony while drinking a glass of wine each. Sunday, when we eventually got up, the girl in the shop some how knows my name, i know that because she had to wake me from my day dream and ask me if i wanted to buy the tomatoes i was holding in my hand. we went to the beach and pretty much took the recovery position. that night we went to the cafe colon because its easy and today its was back to work.


Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Moira has bought a pool robot that works like a hoover at the bottom of the pool the poor thing has its work cut out for it especialy as we are having a touch of traumontana, and as quickly as the floor is cleaned more rubbish is blown in onto the surface of the pool, at last the canna started flowering and then the traumontana blew it over, and some of the sweet corn have been flattened ive had to administer splints in a vain hope to rescue them. it was nice this morning we bought a robot then Moira bought some swimming shoes and searched for bikinis actualy that was the worst bit, then we went for a walk along the beach at santa Margarita which is a lovely long golden sandy beach with a lovely view as the view is facing away from santa Margarita itself. then while eating lunch we watched a man feeding a seagull.

do it biggley

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

what did we do last weekend, after Cathy and Andy went on, i think friday morning, we did nothing friday night, saturday after doing the shopping we went to the beach to try a bit more snorkling until about 4ish when it clouded over, sunday was Cerries birthday, we went to Llanca because there was a andalucian festival celebrating the virgin the white dove called rosario, at least thats what i understood at points it was quite moving there was a service done by a catalan minister who could hardly speak castilian lots of singing and dancing at times i was back in a hall in sevenkings watching natalie and the rest of the dance school doing a show, but this lot were dancing flamenco, i took photos with Moiras old camera that doesnt work well you have to use the view finder as the screen dies after 2 seconds, still its not really a hardship, just a bit strange as i havent had to look through a view finder for years.

yesterday i put up a new screen on the wall by the bourganvillia because the other one had got so old it was almost transparent anoyingly the new screen we bought is just as transparent, i sprayed it black but that didnt help, think we are going to have to buy more.

its safe

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Moira has just learnt lia lia your bums on fire in spanish and today i told Jesus the joke about the man with no legs which is about it for today except that Cathy and Andy left to buy a bath, they had been her for 2 nights i think, no it was 3, because the first night we went to the Cafe colon as it was Marks birthday, i mainly stuck to water as im now getting up for work at 6.30, which isnt that bad because its already light by then and still cool enough to work. wednesday night Cathy and Andy cooked, Cathy made little tartlets which were lovely, then last night we went to the french gay restaurant, on the way to Roses, it was a bit confusing for the waiter as one side of the table spoke french and english and the other spanish and english, but the food was good and plenty for me to eat, even though the french owner, i presume he was the owner, was horrified a vegetarian was in his restaurant.

my Luis Armstrong impression doesnt work in spanish.

ecological snails at our way

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

just mowed the lawn for the 3rd time this week, as luck would have i fed the lawn and then it rained and rained and rained, i saw some fork lightning when we where up at Villa miniscle. Yesterday was bit of a GOOD LIFE day for me any way although Moira did buy some cheap tops while looking for Bikinis. we went to Figueres, i bought veg Moira bought tops, i love going to Figueres on Saturday morning for the market, bought some peanuts to have a go at making peanut butter, which i did when we got home, added some chillis, lemon juice and used olive oil to bind it all a bit, i think i should have roasted the peanutsĀ  as i assumed they where already roasted before i bought them, but any way it tastes great which now puts me in a dilemma as i still have 3 jars of brought over from the UK peanut butter left, which i need to eat first, but anyway i think i may have put an end to needing it imported just for me. the peanuts i bought in my favourite shop which sells dried fruit in bins, just like the old hippie health food shop in seven kings where dad used to get his muesli, and i would buy veggie scotch eggs which where so dense a bull elephant would have tripped over one if he was happening to be walking round seven kings train station. i then decanted the wine, moira made some orange juice, i drilled a hole in the base of the well to catch rain water which hopefully will fill up the well a bit more. Moira turned a pair of my old jeans into shorts as we had been looking all round Figueres for shorts that i might like to wear, and i fed the tomatoes we ahve some on the way, chasing the white fly with the portable hoover just doesnt work.

we then went to Roses to eat a thai meal, she recognises me now, probably because i ask for a curry without meat and spicy.

today after voting and popping into the shop for some bread we went for a walk, a round about way to get to a church and a picnic area, it was the same walk that Natalie and Andy did when they were out here, but we went the in the other dirrection which is what they had recommended, and then we saw the snake, a big bugger, a big green bugger, apart from the one we saw in Tobago i would say it was the biggest snake i have seen walking across a road or slithering. the walk was great though and the picnic area im sure is a place we will visit a lot more often. as is the little church by it.

took a cutting of a hawthorn as we where walking as i now have a regained confidence in my ability to take cuttings and for them to survive.

ode to a mouse

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

its the beer hour, ive actually had a few already as we now start at 7 in the morning in order to get loads done before it gets too hot we have breakfast as 10 then finish at 3 which means we work through the hottest part of the day but at least i get to go home early and have a siesta which hasnt happened yet but im sure it will soonish. Monday night was the finals of the pool competition, Pepe won but he gave the prize to the guy who came second Jesus won the wooden spoon which now has pride of place on his mantel piece. every one got plastered except Me and Jesus because we where getting up early, saying that i wasnt pissed is a slight lie as Pepe has a video of me singing im forever blowing bubbles at the top of my voice at 12.30 which Irene heard from her bed. at least i remember doing it, i dont think Mark even remembers being there.

i got eatern alive again yesterday i think its some flea like thing that is in lawns and Jesus thinks its the hairs of a variety of caterpillar. to be honest either theory called be true, its the perks of the job. getting biten by bugs.

Moiras found out how to use the well pump and water the lawn.