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now thats air conditioning

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

apart from it being hot here, oh, the watering system works, and its all ready for when we go to Scotland , dont know why i didnt think of it before, probably because i didnt need to, well apart from the heat, though there is not that many mosquitos, flys yes but again not that many, there is obviously a lot of very fat gheckos around, i have been trying to unlock a mobile phone that Natalie gave me, we found how to get the code from over the internet but it came after Nat and Andy had left and as its a sharp phone i need the original sim card in it before i can unlock and use it for myself, never mind i will see Nat again in September.

i went to the bar last night and had a chat with Marysol, i told her it was 40 degrees in scotland she couldnt believe it would be so hot, then i realised i had meant to say 14, im having a real trouble with 14 and 40, they dont sound the same at all, but my brain just doesnt want to know. Moira is great at doing numbers, because she goes into the shop more often then i do i suppose.

spicy bean burgers

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Natalie and Andy have gone home buy the train from Villajuiga, nat brought me out a phone and im now waiting for the code to unlock it to get to me by email. Andy was great he turned all the logs i had sitting by the pool into perfectly formed slices pretty much all the same size which im sure will be ready to burn the winter, all with a bluntish axe, we took them for a walk as well , the tour de Garriguella which tickled Jesus who thinks im horrible to my sister as he doesnt walk anywhere in typical Spanish style, actually its not just the spanish im sure with a lot of people the longest walk they will do is from the sofa to the car.

we also went to Carmens again and Nat, Andy and Moira had a meat fest while i had my usual escallivada with goats cheese, like always the food was good, then we went to sleepy hollow, the bar next to the campsite as there was a band playing, it started an hour late which is pretty good for round here, good old fashioned flamenco, rumba like music. and last night we ended up buy the pool watching the bats and geckos

Andy and i put in a watering system on Saturday to water the tomatoes while we are away, but we where out last night when it came on so i cant be sure if it is working correctly yet Moira and i will sit and wait for it to start up this evening.

amsterdam in the 70s

Friday, July 24th, 2009

we went to the cafe colon the other night with Cathy and Andy who where here for a couple of nights they went this morning, last night we did a barbque and Wendy and Mark came over to talk about doing up houses in foreign countries, i had had a hard day at work working from 7 till 7 laying turf on the hottest day this year so far, madness. so i was half asleep . but Moira and i was just saying that we hadnt eaten out much this year.

the pool robot is still doing her job beautifully and the savage tomatoes are virtually ready to eat, i spotted the black fly on the sweet corn and have tried to brush it off before it gets to much and also we have a caterpillar eating our geraniums they are pretty much decimated poor things nun of the RHS books mention this problem with geraniums so it must be something that you get here, i have noticed it in a clients garden as well.

i really should clean the windscreen on the van.

bad disc

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Its tuesdayand its sunny, a bit windy but its ahot dry wind and the grass is still greenish. Mira has gone to Barcelona to look for beads which is cuentas in Spanish the same word for the bill in a restaurant, wages and accounts, simple. Jesus nd i have just chopped down some of iour neighbours mimosa tree not in the garden next doo but he also has a house near the edge of the village which wash is parents, as Moira said when we meet him yesterday afternoon on the way to taking a short cut through the bar, which Pepe kindly pointed out wasnt a short cut but as we hadnt been the butchers but the cooperativa it was the long way round, but, as Moira mentioned “how gay is he”

the weekend was interesting it was the bber throwing festival on friday so we put the matress in the van like last year only to discover when we got there it was cancelled due to quite a strong traumontana, we did have a sneaky suspiscion it would be cancelled but we went anyway, so we did a bar crawl with Pepe and Cerrrie instead, there a re some quite nice bars in Llanca.

Saturday when we finally got up was a day at home buy the pool, sorting a few things out, plinkering, that night we went to Llanca once again for the fireworks which wasnt cancelled asthe wind had deciced to stop, as last year it was pretty amazing and went on for half an hour while we all sat on the beach at midnight drinking cuba libras, the Garriguella lot that is i cant speak for the thousands of over people on the beach.

Sunday, i still dont think we did very much,is was quite a nice weekend, i know we didnt go for a walk as it was miles to hot, i put on the new door knobs on the wardrobes that Moira painted and that was about it. NO, i remember it was Mark and Wendys barbque, we meet some new people had nice food, a pleasant afternoon out talking to other people that live here but are not from here, some tyimes you meet some really interesting people, im sure one man had had a line tattood around his lips.

on winning a game of pool against Pepe.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

just ate the first ugly tomato grown in our garden, weve already eaten some cherry tomatoes but this is the first ugly one, it was warm straight from the plant, i looked up in my garden dairy to see what the name of the ugly tomato is but all i had written when i sowed the seeds was “my toms, cherry toms, big toms” which isnt much help, i know my toms are the tomatoes that came from the wild tomato plant last year, we have yet to eat one of those but there are a lot to eat when they ripen.

Moira is in London, as is always the case while she is away i pop up to Mick and Tracys land to do a bit of work for them, this afternoon i pruned some olive trees. i got there by cycling more fun coming down then going up especialy as the tyres are street tyres and not off road tyres.

it takes 4 mins

Monday, July 13th, 2009

we went to France, im glad we wernt going to spain as the traffic at the border was terrible ,with holiday makers on their way to sunny spain. actually it was sunnier in France. what a nice place Mum and Dad were staying a lovely little village with traditional blue shutters, Alan Titmarsh blue, we had dinner way down on the Midi in a what was pretty much an English restaurant but the food was good although my rosti was a wee bit burnt. sunday we went to a market in a village up the road which as it happens had the Garriguella football team there, actually it was the oldies but they were there, selling bruniols, well sort off they wernt really trying very much as it was also a wine tasting fair. we then went to Tim and Katherines for a bar b que but Katherine wasnt there so we had a bar b que with Tim and the boys and a very polite French boy. and pretty much finnished of the half a killo af bruniols that we took for dessert.

got home and the tomatoes hadnt died in the heat over the weekend and the lawn was still green

2 ripe tomatoes

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Moira is in Barcelona and it is buckrting it down, lovely weather for the tour de France which is also in Barcelona today but they are not there to buy wall lights.

last night we watched the film Chocolate, what a lovely film.

Moira has had a couple of days off so she has painted the bedroom wardrobes and they look a hundred times better then they did before, off course they are white but we managed to find a satan white so they are not so in your face as they would be if they were brilliant white, she was painting in her bicini which amused Pepe, picked a perfect time to do it aswell as the weather has turned from bad to worse i havent seen the sun for 2 days which is unheard of here especially in July. its going to be sunny for the weekend said the man in the cooperativa.

getting nostalgic about stone town

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

im making onion chutney.

its still weird weather, its still raining in the afternoon not that it matters we where on the beach this morning and yesterday we went to Palafrugell and around to go to the botanical gardens there. for the time being i think i prefer it to the one at Blanes, but maybe thats because its new for me. its lovely there lots of little bays  and sandy beaches, the onion pickle is nearly done, no its a really nice area and Palafrugell itself once we found our way in to the centre is a atmospheric market town, i bought some organic nectarines as they are in season and they tasted like it as well, had to do a bit of stirring.

we went for a pizza last night in the hotel then sleepy hollow that seems to be open a lot more this year it was a nice thing to do as it became a treat, the night before was one of those spontaneous nights when Mark and Wendy popped by to drop off something and 4 hours later they staggered of home, we went into the bar to eat, as they arrived just as Moira was starting to cook thai curry. thats it the pickle is done.

the destroyed lid

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

no one is here. Moira and Cerrie have gone to Roca village near barcelona, a outlet place for fancy labels,Moira has got it down as research of last years stuff, and Jesus is in Girona cause he had to take his wife Mercé for a check up. i was working on my own today driving his van as mine was at the mechanics getting among other things changed the oil. the mechanic told me the, when i asked him if the van was good he kind of mentioned that its not brilliant but not very bad either, what ever that means, maybe its a catalan saying. the pool cleaner is doing a brilliant job well worth the money and because of the wierd weather we have been having, boiling/ steaming hot during the day until about 3 then it rains for a while then its hot again but this time muggy, which is apparently not good for the grapes as it encourages mould, but still because of the funny weather the lawn is still doing ok and still green and still growing i might even cut it again later on today.