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goodbye joana

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

i really fancied a Thai meal last night so we went to the restaurant in Roses, they have the measure of me there and as always the meal was just what i needed. even last time when the meal had pineapple in it which i have never really liked the meal was really nice. then it was fiesta in vilamoniscle the village up the road this time we only made it till 4 in the morning, i had a couple of beers but that was it as i was driving, it was all about dancing not drinking. i dont think we will go to the next dance night tonight. today we went to Cantllops or melon as moira calls it a pretty little village up in the mountains/hills near Jonquera, we where on our way to find a castle but the road was a bit broken and Moira had fear so we decided we will go there in the autumn and walk the rest of the way. we did see the castle in the distance and it looks worth the effort. we tried to explain worth to Pepe the other day, a bit complicated. because its to be worth and not to worth. got home and made some humus and then some nut butter as i have finished the last of the imported stuff, its easy as Moira has a baby food processor, i need to find an oil that hasnt got quite as strong a flavour as olive oil though as the nut butter ive made at the moment tastes distinctly of the oil in as much as the nuts.

weve got 2 little colard dove chicks in out tree.

traumontana and news paper mulch dont get on well together

when is Marysol going on holiday?

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Monday, back to normal. after the dance on Friday night/ Saturday morning the weekend just went on. Saturday night was another night of music first it was music for the older members of the village, paso dobles etc. and the dance floor was full oldies from all over, had centred on Garriguella then at 2 in the morning there was another disco but by then Moira had gone home and Cerrie and Pepe where thinking of going home as well so i joined them and with them popped into the bakers on the way home which isnt the bakers of Pepes brother, and bought some croissants one for me and one for Jonathan. During the day we went up to Boadela, the reservoir where we get all our water and had a swim , Moira and Jonathan sun bathed while i hid under the brolly. Sunday it just went on it was hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast behind the church then they filled the whole area with form for the kids, Moira was still in bed when i got home. in the afternoon we went to Roses to watch the tourists walk by and then after dinner there was more music in the school playground ballroom dance like music again, the end of the fiesta, again the place was full of people. this time we just sat and watched with Mark and Wendy. what a great weekend. wonder what will happen when all the people that can dance the pasa doble pass away there will be no one left to dance , i suppose the music will change all the grannies and grandads dancing to techno.

that was Jonathan coming back from France.

delila and dave

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

been a hot week while Dan and Paulo have been here, Moiras has taken the week off as a holiday but i was working, then coming home and sleeping for at least an hour and a half then starting the rest of the day semi refreshed. its been a week of fiesta in Garriguella. Wednesday night was a guitar recital in the church by the tortouise sanctury which was lovely but we had to leave early as Wendy had invited us over for dinner. Thursday was a night at the cinema, which was the back of the chuch, outside on a cini screen , an old buster keaton movie while someone played a piano , the original sound track i would imagine, loads of people turned up to see it. and then last night was the disco on the football pitch, which really started this morning and we staggered home at 6, great laugh, the englishes, as they call us, are getting a bit of a reputation for dancing.

2 pairs of flip flops

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Dan and Paulo are here, and it looks like its going to be hot for the whole week they are here, which is a relief for them as they have had pretty bad weather for the last 5 holidays, the tides are changing you can now go on holiday when Dan and Paulo go on holiday. they arrived Saturday afternoon, and apart from going to see a pretty awful magic show at the back of the church, we didnt leave the kitchen balcony. which was fine for us as we had been to Pepes tortoise bar fiesta Friday night up till at least 4 in the morning, that was fun a bit of dancing, chatting and drinking in the open air and i got to see 1 shooting star as well. off course the fiesta didnt really happen if you are an official from Barcelona. as Pepe didnt have a licence so we didnt actually go to his bar by the tortugas and we were not drinking to 4 in the morning honest guv.

Sunday i spent the whole day, pretty much in the hammock as i knew we would be going out with Mark and Wendy to the Cafe Colon that night , it was a good move as i didnt get to bed untill 2 and i got up at 6.15 this morning which wouldnt have been possible if i had done anything other then lay in a hammock all day underneath a palm tree. actually i did start to finish off the table i started to make last October.

we found a pumpkin growing under the Euonymus hedge, and Dan is currently monitering the 2 doves that have made a nest in the tree by the kitchen balcony, they do change overs and everything.

cheese on toast

Friday, August 14th, 2009

the last couple of nights have been la lagrimas de st Lorenzo, ie. shooting stars at night, we stayed up one night to watch them, the night that Cerrie came round with her quorn lasagna, which was really nice, meals on wheels, she arrived in her car, then we watched a bit of a weepy feel good film called Juno then Cerrie went home and we layed on opur backs by the pool to look for shooting, apparently they are not like the ones you get in Scotland. hopefully we will see more tonight.

found a maggot eating my margarita so bought 3 more as it is much cheaper then buying a chemical to kill the maggot, then bought a hibiscus which is sitting pretty behind the phormium which really isnt liking the heat.

tip: dont drive on the road from Rosas to Figueres in the summer

nuts oh hazel nuts

Monday, August 10th, 2009

another crazy weekend in the village, actually Friday night wasnt too crazy as we stayed in to watch big brother, but from then on in, what a crazy weekend in Garriguella. after going to Figueres market in the morning to buy a huge bag of nuts and dried fruit, flowers for the living room and a lettuce then carrefour for beer, all before mid day, and then we cooked a bit, swam a bit, watered the lawn, then went to the cooperativa to complain about the weather and off course buy some wine. About 8.30 we went to a fiesta/ dinner in Garriguella baix, the whole village was out, the salad was free and the wine and water, you took your own main meal then every one had taken some afters from a large bar of chocolate (us) to a giant apple crumble, it seems they eat apple crumble in Germany as well, sadly i thought it was the apple crumble of Mark and Wendy and not the apple crumble of our vets wife, who is from Germany, so i didnt realise what he was talking about when Jordi told me that his wife had made the apple crumble i was tucking in to, i went back and told Wendy her apple crumble was delicious then Mark told me it wasnt Wendys, Wendys was still in its box, how crazy are we. then there was music which consisted of 3 ladys singing acapulco folky songs in catalan, interesting even though we didnt understand a word, the harmonies where good. i met some one else english in the village as i was asked to translate for her and tell her and har kids what was going on, they live in Garriguella baix and we had met her husband before but not her. any way that was saturday night, a bit of a giggle. sunday we had a barbque in our garden starting at 2 so we had all morning to get what we hadnt got ready on saturday ready, like make some salad and Moira made some tortillas, shes quite an expert at them now, every one that turned up enjoyed the food drank lots of wine, then it rained so some of us got in the pool, which is what you do when it rains off course, then we all proceeded upstairs and ate a bit more and drank a lot more, Jesus and Mercé where here meant  which  every body at times had to speak spanish a bit, so Pepe wasnt on his own, Mercé speaks a we bit of english but Jesus nothing and Irene who prefers to speak catalan but is from Holland she made the conversation even more interesting, poor mark at one point was stuck in between the spanish speaking corner, he understood quite a lot im sure but he had that face on him that i used to have while working with Projardi. but it all went well and in fact the rain only made the party more interesting.

the tree conspiracy

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

we went for a walk last night, Cerrie rang us about 8 ish and said she was bored would we like to go for a walk along the beach at Rosas, why not, Moira cut my hair, i watered the lawn and we was ready when Cerrie arrived, she drove which was handy as i had probably already had to much beer , and we went to Santa Margarita, its a different world, it really is like being on holiday, the moon was full, we had another beer in a hotel bar and listened to a lady playing the piano , all the tunes that you would expect to hear, then we came home again via Pepes to eat as we were starving, and Pepe had made some veggie meat balls.

shivs pleased

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

i turned into the Spanish tourist board again, i cant stop myself, people as if I’m happy where we live at it all comes flooding out. Moira got back from London stayed for a day then we went to Scotland with Wilma. the stewardess on the plane was laughing at our faces as we were getting of the plane as it was pissing down and cold. Moira and Wilma had got out of the pool to come here. also i had thought i was going to get of the driving but Wilma had left her driving licence at home and after last times mistake i now always carry my paper driving licence with me in the same wallet as my passport. so i ended up driving, never mind, the road from Glasgow to Edinburgh is a bit boring but once we got to Edinburgh i was on old territory and was fine from there and once you get passed junction 8 its all country roads which are much more interesting. the pub we used to stop in the way to Irenes is now shut and up for sale, sign of the times.

we where going to Scotland for a joint birthday party, Malcolm, Fiona and Robbie, it all went on in the barn next door and what fun we had, Scottish country dancing to start with then a disco which wouldn’t have been out of place over here so we where more then happy and confidently did the dance to YMCA. we had been to St Andrews before the party as Wilma wanted to get a car sticker and i wanted to take a photo of a Scottish beach for Jesus.

Sunday just carried on with the eating and drinking, i went for a walk with Dad and Moira and Malcolms brother Andy and his wife up the hill, then I went for a stroll with Malcolm when he was taking the dog for a walk. what a beautiful part of the world they live in.

then this morning at 5.30 we got up and went to the airport once again i drove but the way back is always shorter then the way out.

the tomatoes hadn’t died.