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breaking glass

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

that was Farah and Jon, they where here since Friday afternoon, and left at 4 this morning, i know how it feels to go to the airport that early it isnt nice, we had a really nice weekend, the weather was good, Saturday i took them to the co-op, the shop and the walk i like to take people on, Jon did say he wanted to see the sea, that night Farah cooked. Sunday apart from getting up we went to Roses and caught the boat to Cadaques which was really interesting if not a bit bumpy, Jon was wishing he hadnt eaten the calamaris, we got there and eat icecream, then came back, perfect. Monday i went to pick Moira up from the airport in Perpignan, it didnt take to long even though i didnt take the motor way and had to navigate through Perpignan, but thanks to Wilma i kind of know where i am in Pepignan, meanwhile Farah and Jon risked life and limb and took the road to France via Portbou.

last night we went to the Hotel, we need to go much later if i want to have pizza.

ive just swept and moped ready for the next guests.

crickets with blue backs in september

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

i was going to write me blog but instead we are going to the supermarket.

at last, some rain.

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Llado cheese festival was today, ive eaten to much cheese, we bought a huge chunk of parmesan and some chocolate and some anchovy paste for Moira, the chocolate is for me, said hallo to Aurial with whom i used to work in Torremirona then eat more cheese, only little bits but the last bit we tried was blue adn i cant get the smell of it of my hands. glad we went though if only to say “una mica de blau sisplau”.

yesterday we went for a walk along Roses sea front and found a really nice little restaurant/ bar on Albadraba beach with one of the best potata bravas i have tried, we walked back to Roses after that.then in the evening Mark and Wendy were allowed out, there mums are here and we meet them in the bar to drink to much and play pool. the next competition starts soon.

Friday Jesus and i went to a garden centres fair in Girona 3 years ago apparently there was stalls down stairs in the main hall upstairs and out side, last year there was stalls down stairs in the main hall and outside this year there was only stalls on the in side. Jesus said that if there was still a crisis next year we wouldnt bother going.

Wednesday night was backed nbeans on toast night and cerrie came round to join us.

the pizza menu is for children and me

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

the van passed its Mot.

kissed by a butterfly

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Natalie should be in the air by now Mum and Dad are at home, and Irene and Violet are still here, but then they came here for a week, the weekend was a full house, and apart from the Cafe colon being a bit disappointing all went surprisingly smoothly. the weather was good as well, apart from today, which helped and it was the medieval weekend in Casteló de empurias, which we all went to, dad in the back of the van, the van has its Mot tomorrow so it was washed yesterday afternoon. And Friday was Catalan day, and there was a group in the square behind the church singing cuban music in catalan, this type of music/ singers are called something like havellanas, me mum and dad liked it there was also a traditional drink on offer which is basically strong coffee laced with lots of rum and loads of sugar, lovely but you wouldnt drink to much, who needs red bull when there are drinks like that around.

switching on the central heating

Monday, September 7th, 2009

bit of a week end it started of with not very much to do except strim Mick and Tracys land but when i got up there having forgotten something , which meant i had to cycle back home to realise i hadnt forgotten something, but when i got back  to Mick and Tracys, it was full of people that had just finished picking the grapes all of them well most of them i know, for example the Mayor was there, so i had a beer with them then got going with the strimming, when i finished Cerrie and Pepe where also up at the land and every one was about to eat, so i was invited and i sat down and had some rice and wine. Cerrie and i listened to a drunk bloke from Lanca tell us his life story, someone said he was the Mayor of Llanca but that wasnt possible as he doesnt speak catalan, he was very funny what ever he was. While i was there Cerrie told me Mark and Wendy wanted to go to see a band in Empuria Brava, i was up for that.

Empuria Brava is a bizarre place full of people with money lost in time, it seems a bit like a place that people want to go to, that dont really want to be in Spain, the band where ok, not my cup of tea, it was more fun people watching

Sunday morning i got up and cycled to a small village called Vilanadal it didnt seem very far on the map so i cycled 50 mins later i got there it was 50 mins of great scenery though. the reason i had gone to Vilanadal was because there was a fair on, or what we would call a very small market selling herbal remedies and knicknacks for hippys, but it was a nice atmosphere and just round the corner from the market was a small garden full of weird sculptures in a funny way, worse then the garden in Saint Michels gardens round the corner from where we used to live, i need to go back and take a photo its brilliant, so i had a can of herbal remedy under a tree (beer) then cycled home, i got lost on the way but that didnt matter i made my way home eventually but just by a longer route.

afterwards it was Ian and Dianes barbque, i drove so wasnt drinking but that doesnt seem to matter anymore or is it that it just doesnt seem to matter round here, dont know, food was good, it was a bit english for Pepe who i could see was wandering of to another world like i do when i have really lost what people are saying. a pleasent afternoon, i got home about 6 and cracked open a can of herbal remedy watered the garden then met Mark and Wendy in the bar to play pool, till about 10.30 which at that point Mark needed to go home.

it felt a bit cold this morning i had goose bumps on my arms, and then the sun came up.

landed on my feet

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

its saturday morning and i have got up far to early, will go and get some bread in a minute, ive put the pool cleaner in. im supposed to be going to strim a bit of Mick and Tracys land which i will probably do after breakfast. i was in the bar playing pool with Jesus and a client from Germany called Alfred, after having a long chat with our neighbour, she is from Madrid but her mum is from Garriguella which is why they are next door because it is her mums family home, in one small room english, german , spanish and catalan were being spoken.

Moiras is in Paris

we have new doors put in between the kitchen and the living room and the itchen and the hall, which reminds me i was going to have anotherlook at the light switches.

hubiera or tuviera, dont know

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

just put a bulb in the light that shines on to the front door, and thank god it works, which is surprising, we got 2 blokes in to change our plug sockets and switches one said he was a plumber and the other a jack of all trades. they did all the plug sockets OK and put up a few lights for us, but the switches in the hall way was a different story as they are two way switches i think that is what they are called, a switch at each end of the hall both to switch the same light on, but not like before when all the switches worked now if one switch isnt on the others dont work, so i tried to sort it, the light going up stairs is sorted but the hall way is a different story, they kind of work now, better then before anyway, but i changed everything after the outside light had blown so i had to wait until today to check it finally. boring.

Sunday we went to the beach it was alovely day with a bit of wind to cool you down, we went while Moira was roasting tomatoes for 4 hours, she put them in we went to the beach we came back and they were done. and then i tried to sort out the hall lights.

i took the van for a brakes check up to the mechanic in the village, all seems fine on his machine, im ready now to take the van for its Mot at some point this month it might be an idea to clean the van first. we then went to Empuria brava to buy falafal mix and a wedge to break up the huge log that i have in the garden.

tonight we have been invited to a barbque by an British couple or 2 on holiday in the village, i think they have a house here. well see how it goes. Pepe has told rthem that we have to leave for 11 him because he has to shut the bar and us because of work in the morning when in fact, he will want to go because he will be knackered trying to understand all the english going on and we are leaving because Moira wants to watch the Big Brother eviction.