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and away goes troubles down the drain

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

got up late this morning because we went to the disco in Peralada, it was supposed to be a homage to studio 54, 70s disco but it wasnt really, they did play last night a dj saved my life which i love so i was happy, and the fact that i got to dance as well, Mark was in buying shots mood, dangerous.

today we went for a walk along the beach as it was a lovely. bought some dodgy costumes for Halloween and some beer

Friday just after the man came round to measure our living room i reseeded the lawn.

they keep falling

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Thats it every body has gone home, its great having guests especially when they love it here, but it is also quite nice to have our house back. and now we can get on with doing a few more house improvements. and have baked beans on toast when we want, and go to the thai restaurant,  not have to search for a towel every time i need to get up from bed and go to the loo, just be normal for a while, not a host,

it rained all morning but it is fine now so i had fun digging over the garden and having a go at kind of sorting the lawn, just need to buy some grass seed now. Moira is working but tomorrow she has off so we are of to look for flooring for the living room, it was a bit cold last night we might have to put the fire on tonight, which is fine as the chimney sweep came yesterday, we shouldnt need to get it cleaned for another 3 years.

Monday night Malcom took us all out for dinner in the hotel, new staff, that we havent met before and i had the last gaspacho of the year.


Monday, October 19th, 2009

Its been a while, i think mainly because Sunday night Malcom and Fiona arrived then Tuesday we went of to Ibessa, leaving Fiona and Malcomin charge of the cat, and when we got back Saturday morning Robbie and Paulins and their daughter Melissa were here, they had arrived while we were away, so its been a bit hectic.

About Ibessa, we went to Ibessa town which being out of season was really nice the castle/ fort was really interesting to walk around, we had a hippy salad for the evening meal which i could easily eat every day ass it was mainly nuts and honey. the next day we got the bus to see a bit of the island then another bus, and a nother bus to get to virtually the top of the island and then went for a bit of a walk, on the way back we bumped into a coiuple having a beer he was one of those men whom i can only describe as one of those men they write books about that have a life where everything just appears a bit difficult for them, and she was just wierd, and had been to Barcelona in the 60s. we then spent a bit of time on the beach then went back to ibessa town this time we had pasta again a lovely meal.

the next day was ovewr cast and quite cold, fine for us as we had had enough sun already this year, we went to Formentera by boat then hired some bikes and went for a cycle around a bit to a few village stopping for the rain, which was more like drizzle, on the way back we cycled through some salt plains where it seems all the mosquitos go when they go on holiday, there was swarms of them, that night we eat spanish outside in the rain until it was to much then we went in side the waiter gave me a free carigiulo, which was nice, it did feel like they were quite apreciative of any stranger that spoke spanish. the next day was a bit better so we got the bus again to another beach passing through more salt plains, but these ones are working salt plains, there was a huge mountain of salt next to one, seven hours on the beach, i burnt my tummy and Moira read the last Katy Price book, that night was thai food, again a lovelly meal, the waitress told us it had been a horrible september there not like here then, after the meal we went to Pacha for a bit of an expensive dance.

Last night and we a re back home we had Mark and Wendy over for a barbque, Cerrie had to get a crate of beer from the bar as we had run out.

the long train to Barcelona

Friday, October 9th, 2009

its Friday, admittedly its not the same as a Friday after a week of work but it is still Friday and ive actually done quite a bit this week, for example Monday morning i went up to water some plants for one of our clients as i owe Jesus a days work, i started painting the kitchen doors when i got home. went to the bar that night but on my own to meet all the englishes and a pair of Irishes i didnt stay long as Moira had a bit of a dodgy stomach and stayed at home, shes fine now by the way.

Tuesday i did another coat on the doors then went for a slog up a hill to see dolmans,quite an impressive view especially when i was coming back down.

Wednesday this time i actually finnish the doors. which gave me the afternoon to do another walk this time it wasnt such a slog, got to see more dolmans and a few menhirs, one of the dolmans was huge but the menhirs were disapointingly small, but then the only oimage i had of a menhir was the ones Obelix used to carry.

Thursday, when there is nothing else to do one can always clean the garage, so i did, which nearly took me to midday, giving me time to go for another walk this time finishing of the walk we attempted on Saturday with Cerrie, only saw one dolmen this time a white cross and a medieval hut. i did make my way up to the look out point that we always stop at on the way to sant Pere de Rhodes. was exhausted when i got home i was a wee bit exhausted so had a bit of a siesta.

this morning i did a bit more work for Jesus then went to strim under mick and Tracys olive trees, then collected a bit more fire wood for the winter. it rained up at Mick and Tracys but not here.

we went to Figueres yesterday aswell to look at wood flooring for the living room and i bought myself a book for our holiday.

bourganvilla man

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

we went to the beach today.

yesterday we went for a walk after going to Figueres to buy stuff and look at wooden floors for the living room. then after a quick tortilla in the bar we went to look for the white church with a girl from Russia that we have met before but last night (friday) we sat with her and her husband and Cerrie as well, she fancied the idea of coming with us so at 2 we all met in the bar, me, Moira ,Cerrie and Natalia up the hill behind Pau in the search for the white Church, i should have read the instructions, i wouldnt start cooking a new recipe without reading it all so i dont know what became of me this time but i just assumed  white cross would be where you would find a white church, i was wrong its just a white cross quite a big white cross that you can see from the road if you look and know its there, Pepe didnt know it was there, we got to the cross then came back down again for a beer in the bar in Pau.

Friday was the last day at work before the holidays we had quite a lot to do.

Thursday night we had Jonathan and Clive and Janice here we went to Santa margarita to eat because of the view and it was the only place we could think of that would serve food at 7.30 ish and the Cafe Colon is closed on a thusday. i had goats cheese salad, not the best but not bad, quite a lot of salad but it was supposed to have a honey dressing which i could hardly taste. i mixed some cinnamon sticks in a tub of honey yesterday as it was sitting in the fridge doing nothing, the tastes quite nice, there is definitely a hint of cinnamon there.

i also madr peanut butter the other day and put chocalate in it, then cleverly put it in the fridge, so when i took it out to try and spread it, it was rock hard,  idiot