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you can taste the eggs

Friday, November 27th, 2009

what a week, this will be short i have trod in dog poo somewhere and it stinks, need to clean me boots.

yes what a week, well actually most of the week was a normal run of the mill week in garriguella until yesterday when Cassi came round to measure the doors of Moras office and almost at the same time Carlus a painter friend of Pepes came round to tell us how much it will cost to paint our house and when he can do it, he will ring me today i presume for a definate, but what ever. Pool night wasnt to good as i had played everyone that turned up already, that happened the last time as it got towards the end of the heats, and i made soup last night, i could live on soup in the winter and salad in the summer, that would be nice. while i was looking for a recipe for the soup i found something called shirlie or skirlie, something like that its a scottish dish that i hadnt heard off, fried onions and oats, sounds fantastic.

bread pud’n

dancing elves

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

its the winter time table at last, i now start at 8, no i meet Jesus in the bar at 8 and then we start about 8.30 depending on where we have to go.

this weekend , Friday night we went for a thai , they must be getting to know us by now, how many people round here ask for a very spicy vegetarian green curry, then we went into Palua to try the Jazz bar again we wont be going there very often at 4€ a bottle of beer to listen to an old Ella Fitzgerald track that i have on the Ipod. would be a lovely place to go to in the summer.

Saturday we went to France along the coast road, took our time stopping when we felt like it as we knew there was no hurry as the shops would be closed when we got there, if we rushed, there meaning Coulliere, a beautiful fishing port a bit like Cadaces, i actually think its nicer, its very arty as well, no i must say its a lovely place well worth the visit, the problem is they speak French and not Spanish.

Sunday after doing stuff in the house like planting pansies then taking off the old flowers to give the roots a chance to get going, much to Moiras annoyance as she wanted to see the flowers, she put them in a vase and to be honest it was better then leaving them on the plants as now they are in the kitchen where we can see them when it is dark outside. we went for a walk and got back to an empty village, it seems Garriguella football team were playing Roses.

its still warm here, but set to get cold this weekend.

asparagus holder

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

its been a while.

Moiras done 2 classes of Yoga , ive mainly lost at pool and its really hard to believe christmas is just round the corner as its still warm here.

i was going to say we didnt do much last weekend but we did im sure Friday night we went, where did we go, i know saturday night we went to the coton club to see the band that always plays at Pepes, i remember we went to see another Playback in Pau because Mark knew one of the singers then we went to a jazz club that was really nice nut a bit empty and quite expensive.

Saturday while Moira was working i went off to help Yasmina and Jon pick there olives, jons brother and his girlfriend was there to help as well, came home with a whole chili plant.

sunday after a bit of a lay in we, moira and i, went to help Jon and Yasmina with the olives. it was the first time for Moira and she liked it its already booked in for next year, one memorable moment was when me Jon and Jons brothers girlfriend, who is from Spain, we where carrying a load of olives and Jon said something in spanish which i understood but she didnt, i think because, Jon was speaking in English but with spanish words, you had to be there.

we have payed the deposit for the wooden floor, but the queue was miles to long to get Moira a new spanish sim card, as hers has been stopped due to terrorism.

picking mushrooms

Monday, November 9th, 2009

bit of a quite weekend Moira was working Saturday, so i did a few things round the house after going in to Roses to sort a problem we had with the bank account, they thought we were over drawn, but we werent, it seems they have another Mckenzie on their books and it was them that had gone over drawn, it didnt really matter i kind of needed to go into Roses any way, i cant think why but im sure i did, and the girl who looks after our account got a chance to practice her English.

that evening we where going to go to a fire work party ,but its people we are not really keen on, we were invited through other people and the weather wasnt to good. so we went down the bar instead until Marysol  got us all out by opening the back door and letting in the traumontana.

Sunday we went for a walk with Cerrie, Pepe, Wendy, Mark and Irene, a lovelly bit of the costa Brava Jesus told me today it is where all the really rich holiday goers used to go, which explains why there is no high rises. we walked for 3 hours-ish from a place called La Fosca, Wendys favourite beach, Fosdca means dark in Catalan, until we got to calella de palafrugell, we got there all of us sat down on the beach and got out our sandwiches, ours was of a bit rushed affair as it was busy in the shop that morning and we didnt have time to do anything clever, Mark and Wendies sarnies where sarnies, flat white loaf sarnies, then Pepe and Cerrie pulled out theirs, sandwiches a bit like Moira and i had made, but it didnt stop there chocolates , biscuits, blueberries, nuts, chillis, and a bottle of wine got pulled out of the little rucksack, Pepe didnt want to carry the wine back so we had to drink it, then we went for a coffee and to use a bars toilet, by then it was 4 ish so it was decided it was to long to walk back it would be better if  we got a taxi to La Fosca where the cars where. that night we stayed in and watched X factor.


Friday, November 6th, 2009

well thats it the end of the first week back at work after a months holiday, and its rained pretty much all week, which is fine because i got the chance to try out the North face water proof jacket i bought in a second hand vintage shop, it seems vintage is the new second hand, they have raised the prices but kept that smell that you get in second hand shops like oxfam, that takes about 2 washes to get rid off. the jacket worked although being second hand the previous owner has lost or for some reason kept the hood so eventually water got in at the neck.

i havent had a good week of pool Ramon beat me 3 nil and then Pepe beat me 3 nil the next day. Moira now comes to the bar with Wendy while we play pool this week we got drunk by mistake which is a nuisance as im still having to get up at 6.25.

Jesus and mercé bought us back from Uzbekistan a huge bag of chilis which is now in the freezer, the freezer is full of chilis.

little cauldron

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

what do we do today?

back from England and the lawn is still growing even though it hasnt rained here.

2 halloween parties one in london at Thuy and Grahams, met all the old friends well nerly all of them and chatted to Thuys neighbours one pair is from Madrid and the other Barcelona , the man from Barcelona is now a gardener in London which was wierd as he only knows the names of plants in English as he wasnt a gardener when he was here, he told me what he did here but i cant remember, i spoke quite a lot of spanish that night in fact i spoke more spanish there then i did at the second Halloween party in the school hall, it was kind of a celebration for the mayor and his wife, it was their wedding anniversary, and Halloween, there was a band and a very gay singer that got us all up to dance a bit like scottish country dancing, i have to say it was hilarious. so it was twice we had to get dressed up, my finger nails are stained by the cheap black nail varnish. we popped into the cafe colon for an Adams salad all dressed up as well, after 3ish days of curry and crisps i was needing a salad.