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happy blue moon

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

its the end of the year, im not as drunk as i was after a quick drink with Jesus at this time last year, what a change from the snow of Scotland the last 2 days ive been working in short sleeves its almost 20 degrees, well maybe not that high but it is hot.

the dish washer broke down the other day we had to wash up 3 days worth of washing up, ive managed to get it working and have left it ready to run for when we have haggis tomorrow and Cathy and Andy are here. there is something wrong with the buttons a short connection or something, means ive got to ring the fixer man in figueres.

weve bought a paper shredder, more stuff i can put on the compost heap, ive promised Moira i wont put it on the compost heap without putting something heavy on top, what with the wind we get here the whole garden would be covered in little bits of bank statement.


Sunday, December 27th, 2009

that was christmas. we had a lovely time, went to Scotland arriving just after a day of snow, and left just before a day of snow. we are home now and ive just had breakfast on the balcony wearing the jumper from the mother in law. we got there on christmas eve and set about building a snow man. christmas day was a beautiful day, snow but blue skies, we went for a walk opened pressies and then ate to much, perfect, we didnt get to see Jenny and Lorna because Ryan air bought our flights forward by half a day but it seems it was a good thing as it started to snow again as we left and we could have been stuck in Endinburgh airport, delayed if we had got the later flight.

we got home and went round Mark and Wendys for a boxing day meal, we left with a fridge full of left overs,we wont need to get any food for tonight from the shop.

ive put the olives from Mick and Tracies land in a big jar full of brine a clove of garlic and a drop of cider vinegar they should be ready buy July.

fish cakes

Sunday, December 20th, 2009


we did a bit of logging this afternoon, as moira likes to call it, involves collecting a load of logs for next year from the hills up behind villaminiscle where the forestry commision have cleared a whole area that had a forest fire a couple of years ago, before we got here. then we went for a walk while we where up there, and if Moira finnishes cooking we will go to hear carol singing in the church and if not we are definitly due in the bar later to eat mince pies.

yesterday we did very little as well mainly due to the wind, we went to buy Moira a gas heater for her room as she spent most of Friday with a hot water bottle on her lap and her coat on, the reason though, that we didnt do much, apart from the wind, was that we went out Friday night for a works doo with Mark, Wendy, Irene, Diane, Ian, Cerrie and Pepe to the italian in Empuria Brava so maybe a bit too much was drunk. does it feel like christmas, im not sure, we did say happy christmas to the nice lady who is the sister of the lady up the road that speaks english, she is also the mum of Sergie who plays pool and has a dog called Franco.

fish and chips

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

its cold, there is snow on the hills again.

we didnt do much last week apart from having a new floor put down in the living room. it looks great its a kind of whitish oak, its certainly much warmer then the old dark brown tiles. we have had to put down some of the kitchen tiles underneath the fire place to protect the floor there from hot ash.

Friday was a bank holiday in Garriguella, santa eulalia day Jesus was away so i wasnt working, but Moira was, so i went to Barcerlona to fall in love with the place again, it was getting to be the place where we go when we want to go to Ikea to not buy anything. it was great i walked round Gracia first had breakfast and wandered through a covered fruit and veg market, it was really nice, i just wandered. the went back via the centre of Barcelonba on my way to the botanical gardens, i eventually found them and i must say the view was astounding, you can all over Barcelona as you are on top of Montjuic where the Olympics were held. i bought myself a pair of jeans and then came home to find i had left the lights of the van on all day luckily the van started without a problem.

Saturday was market day then Xfactor and that was about it really, we did buy a christmas tree.

Sunday was a trip to Banyoles for a christmas market which wasnt worth the effort but what was good was we got to walk round the lake again, the lake we walked round when we decided we was going to be living in spain before i was 40. all those years ago. then off course it was Xfactor.

30€ a go

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Moira was right why dont i just bring the van in, the village is having the roads resurfaced, which means one cant park on the roads for the next couple of days, which is fine but ive also got the trailer and van that belong to Jesus cause he has gone of for a couple of days holiday.

last weekend was festa major in garriguella there was a couple of orchestras, sardanas off course and a quina which is kind of like Bingo. Moira was going to play football but it was Sunday morning and she has never played football before although she has played hockey, and she didnt really understand what was going on at the training evening, Cerrie didnt like it also so they both decided to give the match a miss. although Cerrrie did go to watch, but like i said it was Sunday morning, and Saturday night we where out watching the orchestra till 2.30 in the morning.The quina was quite fun Moira hated it but that was mainly because she wanted to go home and watch Xfactor, its just basically bingo for prizes not money i was a 60 away from a television. its a good way to learn catalan numbers.

Yesterday i won again at pool, ive played pretty well this time as usual we met Moira and the yoga girls in the bar afterwards.

today is a bank holiday for spain but not Moira so i popped up to Mick and Tracies to do a bit more striming, collecting wood and pruning of olive trees, i collected some olives aswell because they didnt appear to have been attacked by the same fly that got ours, and i was just about  to take the van down the road to outside Cerrie and Pepes while the roads a re being done when Moira said “why dont you bring it inside”.


Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Its Tuesday and ive opened the first door of the advent calendar that Moira bought me when she , Cerrie, Wendy and Irene went to Barcelona on Friday, they had a lovely time, it seems, me and Mark had to await them in the bar as they didnt get back until at least 10, ive discovered i play pool a hell of a lot better after 4 beers and a bocadillo Marysol.

Saturday, Moira was working so i went to Market on my own and met up with Ian, the guy i used to work with and his wife, they are fine just about coping, hating his job but at least he has got a job, kind of thing, i came home and turned the compost heap as rain was forecast, as it happens they where right, although it didnt rain very much over Garriguella,  then popped to the garden center on my bike so i didnt buy to much got another dwarf pomegranit and 3 stachys (rabbits ears) which i split into 6.  at 8 we went to Cabaret, the film, in spanish, in the village rectory where Moiras goes to do her Yoga, i loved it as ever, it was a bit long for Pepe but as it was in spanish at least he new what was going on, i had to explain a few details to Cerrie and Moira afterwards, like Maxamillion and the jewish gigallo were not the same people. we then went on to the disco in Perralada to see the band we saw once in Empuria Brava, they were ok.

Sunday when we eventually got we went Logging as Moira called it, the forestry commision are clearing a huge area of woodland behind Villaminiscle and they have left loads of logs, most of it Oak which smokes a bit but that doesnt bother us as we just close the door of the fire place and keep the smoke in. we pretty much filled up the back of the van taking into account we had to go back over a dirt track and the van isnt a 4×4. got home then we went for a walk just before the rain arrived, i stuck out some buckets but there wasnt enough rain to fill them.

it was Barcelona against Madrid that night, i had a choice between watching Xfactor the final or football, Xfactor the final one. which i did, twice, at pool last night while Moira was at her Yoga class im doing quite well this year, although the first game was a bit of luck.