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happy birthday Fife

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Moiras home its been a quiet week, i watched a couple of videos, went to the bar Monday night and Friday night, had a cold and then pretty much straight away got rid of it.

Friday night was a odd one i kind of wanted to go to the cinema, as i had found myself watching a film in spanish Thursday night and pretty much understanding everything that was said, but i couldnt decide what i wanted to see and did i want to spend Friday night on my own not speaking to anyone, which happens in cinemas, also Casina royal was on tele, weve got the second Danial Craig Bond film but i couldnt remember much of the first one, and what if, i went to the cinema in Roses and the film was rubbish, i went down the bar to contemplate, Cerrieand Pepe turned up so i had a chat with them and probably had to much to drink to drive to Roses, decision made i had to stay at home and watch the Bond film.

Saturday i was picking Moira up from the airport but that was at 6.30, so i went in to Figueres first, did a bit of shopping had a hot chocolate then went to the museum of toys, which was quite sweet and at times quite interesting. that took me till about 2ish, i then went of to Girona, via a sun lounger shop that moira had asked me to look at, it was closed. i spent the rest of the afternoon strolling round Girona until it was time to get Moira. when we got home Mark and Wendy wanted out go out to eat so we met up with them and went to Carmens as they had only been once and they had a bad meal so hadnt been back, this time i think they liked the food we came back via the bar and the pool table.

today we havent done anything, Moira has finished reading slumdog millionare, that is about it, and ive made some more Gado Gado sauce as i had bought some peanuts in Figueres Saturday.

i got a wage rise sort of, it went up with inflation which is something like 0.8 of a euro but also it seems Jesus had me down as an apprentice which meant he called pay me less taxable money and more black money but now after 2 years i have become a gardeners helper which means Jesus by law has to pay me more but it actually means that i now get more money taxable and a little less black.

pruning roses

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

that seemed like a bit of a quick weekend, Friday night we where in the bar, as Moira, Cerrrie, Wendy and Irena had gone to Barcelona to get Irena a new passport, and Saturday we didnt get up till late which gave us time to go to the super market then via Roses for a beer by the sea and home for me to prune our olive tree and Moira to start painting the doors.

Sunday we helped Pepe harvest his olives, breakfast at 8.30 in the bar then we worked till about midday until Wendy turned up with sandwiches and some cava, then we picked some more olives, it was the first time Irena had picked olives, and Wendy, who had a go after lunch. Pepe has a clever machine that picks up olives from the ground, and a giant vibrator thingy that knocks the olives of the tree. we took it easy that night as Moira had to go to Paris first thing Monday morning we left the house at 5 in the morning. she is on the way to London now

por Figueres

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

the dishwasher man came and the dishwasher worked perfectly for him, he did a few things and checked a few things then left. i got home and again the dishwasher worked, but that evening when we actually wanted to put the dishwasher on, it deciced it wasnt going to work, its almost as if it knows when it is full, it worked again the next morning , so Moira started it up, and its still looking good, its complicated.

I found out today that when a Olive tree is pruned well a swallopw can f;y amongst it or a golondrilo in spanish, actually its a french saying but i cant remember the word for swallow in french i do remember thinking its a lovely word what ever it is.

our doors have arrived for Moiras office now she needs to paint them for when the glass arrives for them and Cassi will then put them in.

i did end up singing im for ever blowing bubbles again. i translated it for Jesus the next day when i was a bit more sober

greek patatas bravas

Monday, January 18th, 2010

we went to Espolla yesterday it was the olive oil fair, this was after we had gone to see the horses in Peralada, when we got there there was about 5 horses, loads of people with dogs, a cat on a lead and a ferret in some ones jacket. we found out later that it wasnt the day of the horses but sant antonio who is the saint of animals which explained the cat on the lead. Espolla was like last year we bought chocolate some huge fennel bulbs olive oil and some cheese that has chillis in it. Pepe bought 2 big bags of oranges that were going cheap.

tonight its the pool competition final and meal i will try not to sing “im for ever blowing bubbles to loudly this time.

ive rang the dishwasher man again

french onion soup

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

ive just bought my first catalan book, i didnt mean to do it, i picked up the book without thinking, angels and demons but its now angels i dimonis by dan brown.

Moira has got herself a spanish mobile number again, loosing me in the super market was the final straw and she realised she did actually need a spanish number.

last night was fun i had a friday afterwork drink with Jesus then Mora wanted one as well so i had a shower and then had a nther Friday afterwook drink with Moira, this time the bar was full of men waiting for there wives to cook the dinner. we had a bit of a Cheers moment, Sergie had another beer when he should have been on his way home so when the phone rang, and it was Montsy his girlfriend the whole bar went quite, it didnt work, shes a shrewd cookie and knew exactly where he was, she is really nice Montsy she is one of the few people here that has wanted to understand why i am a veggie and not kind of understood.

got myself some fancy new barbque tongs for the summer as they were going cheap in a closing down sale, we had gone to see if there was any sunbeds.

i had a couple of bad spanish days. but its now the the other way rround i understand fine what people say but the words wont roll of my tongue as easily as they should, frustrating.

butchers son stuffs an old bird

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

its stll pretty cold at night but today was lovely, we walked to Peralada had a beer then walked back we found a better route this time last time we had to walk along the road a bit this time we stayed amongst the vines and olive trees until we got to the ghetto  called perelada golf.

last night was a bit strange, well the evening the morning we went to Llanca as there is a shop that we wanted to have a look in, we bought a few things and had a chat with the bloke behind the counter, he is from Llanca but has lived in Barcelona and Paris which might explain his good taste we also think he might be gay. he told us his nan moved to Llanca 90 years ago and they had just got electricity, so, if you see a photo of Llanca without electric cables its older then 90 years.

it was too cold to walk we drove to Grifeu but stayed in the car looking at the sea all we were missing was a flask of tea and some curled up sandwiches. Saturday afternoon we where due in the bar as an english man in the village had died and we vaguely new him and his wife and Pepe was asked to organise something so we went as support. i had a chat with the sheppard of the village he was there because they let him bring his sheep on to there garden, the widow left after quite a few red wines and as by magic Mark and Wendy appeared with there friends from Ireland it was only polite to stay for a couple more drinks.

Friday night was in front of the fire it was to cold for Jesus so we finished work early. and Thursday it rained pretty much all day down here but there was lots of snow on the mountains behind us, more then we have ever seen before, thursday night was a good night for Mark as he beat Pepe in the semifinals of the pool competition. Jonathan was here with us, Catherine let him out for a while. we all went to a bar in Empuria brava to eat tunisian with Mark, Wendy there friends and Diane and Ian and Cerrie and Pepe pretty much every one except Irena who is on the south beach diet. The food was good and Jonathan had a great time.

working in the rain

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

you knew where you where in London, you worked and that was it, here its one holiday after another, i dont think i have worked a full week since the end of November, due to one fiesta after another, Moiras even getting a little bit bored of christmas, she didnt put the christmas tree lights on yesterday.

It was the night the Kings come to the village last night, we followed them up the street, in to the church then we went to the bar while they went on to the school hall for hot chocolate, i decided i had consumed enough chocolate this last couple of weeks so i went for more beer as you can never consume enough beer. Irena and Cerrie came round after the bar for more haggis.

we went to the citadel in Roses on Sunday as the weather wasnt to good and we hadnt actually been there yet, it was alright, it seems its been around for years what with the greeks and romans. it would be great if they held concerts in there.