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twisted mulberry

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

what feels like the first day of spring, or maybe it was yesterday, we did have some rain but the cloud had come all the way from the Atlantic so by the time it got to us it had hardly any rain left in it. and it had stopped by the time i had put my rain coat on.

i made courgete and haloumi fritters on Monday, they didnt really work

Sunday was fun, it was the calcots fair in Vilasacra, we ate calcots watch a man eat 2 n a half kilos of calcots to win the competition the hold every year, i bought some nigela seeds, ate some more calcots, then we went for a beer in the local bar, then we went for a beer in a bar/ restaurant in Vilajuiga we had something to eat then went to the bar of Pepes cousin in Vilajuiga for more beer and more tapas. we were supposed to go to Perelada to buy a trip to the wine spar, that will have to wait.

last night i went to the supermarket and fancied a coffee, dont drink the coffee in the supermarket, its horrible, burnt.


Saturday, February 20th, 2010

its a sunny day so we went tothe garden centre to spend some of the money Malcomand Fiona had given us for christmas to spend on the garden, 3 agapanthus and a scented geranium later and still loads of money laft we came home to tidy the garage and for Moira to do a bit of work. ive taken some cuttings of the geranium, but my record with cuttings isnt anything to shout about.

Mopira has finished work and she is now painting in the bits of the doors that i missed.

carigeo de maria

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

weve got new doors and ive started reading the postman only knocks twice in Catalan and im still on the second page, this book may take a bit longer then the last to read. its been raining all day but not enough to stop me working, which was handy as it would have been a bit awkward sitting around watching Cassi put in the doors while i was doing nothing.

Moira is in London again and its raining there as well. jesus’s dog Julia has a boyfriend, she is in season and a local hunting beagle has taken a fancy to her, he was trying to catch it today¬† by putting Julia in the van and waiting in the garage holding a piece of string tied to the back door of the van , the idea was to shut the door when the beagle jumped in, but the beagle wasnt that stupid.

purple gladioli

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

its been a clear out the cupboard day as well as fill it a little bit as we went to Montserat where we can buy things like curry paste and falafels which you cant get in other supermarkets around here, i also bought myself a casual jacket as the coat i was wearing i loved but is a bit formal for a small village. i also dug up the lemon tree that i planted pretty much as soon as we moved in and i planted it in completely the wrong place and it has been battered by the wind since, with any luck it will survive to see another winter but in a more sheltered position. its in a pot at the moment waiting for us to make our minds up, i already know what i want to put in its place, which is probablywhy i moved the lemon tree, when i would have probably left it to suffer another year, if i didnt have the need to create some space.

last night it was carnival in Roses and it was freezing, really freezing, the people on the floats were ok as they where drinking and dancing but we were standing still and i was driving home so wasnt drinking, we did go to the thai before hand so i had some chili in my stomach to keep me warmish. its actually been the coldest its been since we got here, the broad beans are really suffering, its not so much the cold but the cold wind, a couple of nights ago i was laying in bed thinking , right thats it any minute now the solar panels are going to fly off, they didnt.

Nice handbag Pepe

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Moira is at her yoga, its raining outside and all is well in Garriguela

we went for a walk yesterday just to Llanca, 5 hours it took us, me Moira, Wendy, Mark and Irena, it was a bit hard for her at the end, but it was a great day, we had a picnic at the st silvestra which is a little churh about half way, where we saw an eagle, or a buzzard not sure, but it was big anyway.

Saturday we didnt do much as Moira was working, but i had time to finish painting the doors and prune the mulberry. we watched Volver that night with Penelope Cruz, a nice film quite funny and the english sub titles at times where hilarious.

friday night was a spontanious affair we went to the bar for a beer bumped into mark and ended up eating in Can Battle.

Moira has bought some sun loungers they should arrive sometime in March.