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orange juice

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

just barbequed aubergines Marroccan style and tomatoes, Moiras is now mashing it all, messy cooking

Its sunny, really sunny, we kind of should have the pool cover off, but then again May could all of a sudden be wet and rainy. We went to Boadellia today to look at the lake where our water comes from, it looks like there may be a problem again this year as its really low, unless of course May is wet and rainy. we also bought more pots this is the time of year that Moira goes pot buying crazy these i think we are going to plant agaves.

Last night we went to the Thai just because its nice and we can. its was the end of a day where we went to Figueres to get a picture framed, buy some veg and beer and summer trousers for me, i really have worn out the London wardrobe. its time to start thinking about buying new clothes now i know what i want to wear for atleast at the moment.

Saturday afternoon while Moira sunbathed i shot up to Mick and Tracys land to strim the edges and see what damage the snow had done, fire wood wont be a problem for the next couple of years.

Friday was friday night in, mainly because we went for dinner at Jaz and Emilys the owners of the Cafe Colon in Rabos, very French, but really nice, its dead clever how they, by splitting an English portion of Food into three or four different courses. salad to start, a piece of quiche for the veggies and a smaller piece for everyone else the burgers for the second course, stuffed mushrooms for the veggies, cheese the third course then afters for the fourth course.

Tuesday was putting on the summer boots

new boots

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

its been a bit of a strange week or weekend. Moira was supposed to be going to London on Monday but couldnt due to the cloud of ash. Sunday which wasnt a strange day really unless  you call walking 12km around Empuria Brava for a  Cancer charity  strange.

Saturday as well wasnt really all that strange we went and bought some beer, and a pot for the lemon tree, and a few other plants, came home sorted it all out, sowed some basil and then sat around enjoying where we live, which is weird in the sense that we never used to do that when we lived in Shinfield street.

Jesus thinks it hilarious that when we lived in london i took sanatogen vitamin C tablets every morning, here the country of the orange we hardly ever make fresh orange juice, which could be why ive had a lot more colds here then i ever had in England.

happy vache

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

we are back, weve actually ben backin Spain since Tuesday night , but this is the first night since before easter that we have had to ourselves, what with Mum n Dad, Nat and Andy then Cathy then when we got home from Fez Cathy and Andy then last night was Ians birthday so we went to that, so really this is the first night in on our own for ages.

Fez was fantastic, it was handy having cathy with us as she did all the translating, i responded to everything in spanish even if the question was in English, and Moira did a bit of both. But what a place, its a maze of tiny narrow streets, a labarinth full of donkies laden down with things like butane bottles, rugs and sheep skins, stalls selling everything that you might want to buy in a medina in Turkey, the best thing to do is wander, get lost found a closed museum get lost again find a small bar that sells secret beer, get lost again, and just not get stressed about anyting. i had my traditional shave in a foriegn country, and we went to a haman, i came out more hot and bothered then when i went in. food was great, though slightly lacking in cheese that tasted of anything, but apart from that great food, and relatively nice people.

planted potatoes during lunch.

Cerrie has something to tell us

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

its raining, ive set up the watering system to go off when we are away, in Fez, the seedlings are up stairs so Mark and Wendy can water them when they are feeding Fife, and ive packed.

Last night was our wedding anniversary so we went to the Cafe Colon as nothing else was open and Moira didnt fancy going anywhere in the car, Adams salad again, then to the bar so Mum could beat all the locals at dominoes.

Monday night we ate everything that was left in the fridge from the weekend after going to L’Escala with Mum and Dad, Moira was working, it was packed, then we went to Sant Marti a little village up the road which is supposed to be the oldest village in Catalonia then home. Nice day i would say.

mocking bird

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Yesterday was great. the high street was full of stalls most of them either selling Brunyols or ganaxta, it was bigger then last year i suppose mainly as it was sunny this year, Natalie and Moira bumped in to Jesus, Nat didnt have a clue who he was or that he was my boss until Moira explained after he had gone, we went twice to have a look at the stalls and come back via Pepes Mum bought cheese and Natalie bought socks.

Nat and Andy have gone home now, but while they where here Andy not only choppped up most of our logs for next winter, but set up a tight rope from the olive to the cedar using a strap that the big lorrys use to tie down the loads and i had bought to pull down a tree in our garden, i managed to walk it twice, dead chuffed.

the compost is sieved, and we bought a clematis jackmanii to grow up the olive, it needs to be pruned in early spring the same time as the olive.