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waiting for the suegra

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

we eat radishes from the garden today ive neer grown radishes before they are great and dead easy to grow, and you eat the seedlings while you are thinning them out.

Sunday we went to a new part of the coast that we havent been to just up from El Buli. there a couple of quite nice beaches and a tower that we climbed up to to have the sandwiches and beers that we had packed, then back to the beach to sun bathe a bit and watch people that own boats get there dinner delivered by a waiter in a dinghy and when he wasnt doing that he was ferrying dinners from the restaurant back to there boat, Pijo is the word form posh in Spanish.

i realised i was a little bit burnt Monday morning, oopps, Pepe decided we were having tortilla con patatas for breakfast.

i`ll have what he`s having

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

glorious day. stolled to the garden centre to buy a geranium then strolled back home via the bar for a spot of lunch, planted a few things,hung some pictures,sowed lemon grass, did a bit of watering, sorted the swimming pool, even went in the swimming pool for 5 mins, and thats a bout it.

Friday night was thai night we all went tothe Thai in Roses to celebrate my birthday with Jesus, Merce, Wendy, Mark, Diane and Ian and Irene and her sister Alma, it was great every one enjoyed the food, and Pepe , who was there aswell with Cerrie had managred to purchase some bread somewhere so he was happy.

Most of us came back here/ home afterwards to drink a bit more, and chat a bit more. every body wants us to buy an automatic car.

Wednesday night was a new one as we went to the cinema with Cerrie and Pepe, Robin Hood in Spanish, i followed more then i hoped i would and so did Moira, who was really dreading going, it was an easy film to follow, im not sure whether i enjoyed it because i was understanding the Spanish or because its a good film.

8 winds

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

after i said the weather was picking up again it changed and rained pretty much every day so it has taken until today for Carlos to come and finish the house, he has got tomorrow morning and then thats it. it looks great.

it was my birthday yesterday, i decided to leave monday night like it always is and celebrate my birthday on Friday as i have started the summer times for getting up for work, i now start at 7 in the mornihng but finish at 3 ish like last sumer. Moira went to yoga and i went to the bar to play pool, i beat Mark which should never have happened, he wasnt playing very well, i guess. we then came home and cracked open a bottle of Cava. nice

the weekend was fun we drove to Cathy and Andys in France a 5 hour drive which the van coped with, no problem, i had to stop for a wee after 3 hours and something to eat as we left Friday night straight after work, but we got there, just at the point Cathy, Andy, Jonathan and Margot were having afters, perfect.

Saturday was a site seeing day, a lovely part of the world, a bit left and down from Toulouse, rolling hills, Cathy and Andys house is lovely, with shit loads of land, and amazing views. that evening we went for a meal in there village with a couple of Cathy and Andys friend, he spoke spanish which came out more and more, the more he drunk, i even understood some of what was being said in French, probably because of the catalan i have learnt, but i couldnt say a word except, goats cheese salad without ham please.

Sunday was great as there was a rose festival in the village, the high street was full of different roses all to buy, Moira bought me one called “Hot cocoa” for my birthday. then we drove home as Cerrie was having problems getting in the house, as one of the tiny little bolts that we have never closed, mainly because they didnt close untill one rainy day when i fixed them, but still we never closed them, the bottom one , it might have been Fife trying to get out, or the wind, decided to close itself, luckily it was such a small waste of time bolt that a stiff boot broke it easily and the door was open again. that night Barca won the league.

the small of teucrium

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Carlos is here finishing painting the house as the weather has picked up a little bit. a pool compertition has started again, so thats Monday nights sorted while Moira is at Yoga.

we went to Girona on Sunday as it was Temp de Flors, where all of Girona city centre gets covered in arty cut flower shows, its fantastic and at places really imaginative, we always come away with one idea of what we could do in our garden, and it was a lovely day, we are also getting to know it now so we hardly have to look at the map. we had lunch with Cerri and Pepe as they where there as well, lovely day, got on the train just as the sky opened up, perfect. i would recomend it to any one who likes flowers.

saturday, we did the Figueres shop, picking up some garden chairs on the way to replace the old white plastic ones, we spent the afternoon sorting out the pump room for the summer. Moira has seen the car she wants to by, it all depends n how well she does this summer with work, if she does well we buy it, if not its a slightly older cheaper one.

Friday night after the supermarket we went to the cafe colon with Mark and Wendy and Marks brother and wife, nice for us but we got the impression that Mark and Wendy had had enough of there guests as they had been staying with them for 2 weeks.

Boo Radley

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

its bucketing it down, i mean it really is bucketing it down, its cold the traumontana last night was blowing at about 135Km per hour, i know because Jesus has a thing that measures wind speed, its one of those things that people have around here, its rained for 2 days heavily which in one sense is good for the water reserves, and also, because i havent been working, i had time to break down the old doors to Moiras office finaly, all that wood i should really put the fire on, and in the brief moment that it looked like the rain might stop i areated the lawn. i was in short sleeves last week.

this afternoon i went in to Figueres when it became really obvious i wasnt going to be working today. i found a restaurant that claimed to have veggie options, but it had no more then most restaurants, not worth the trip in one night, then i found the library and also the electricity boards shop which will come in handy. then came home.

mixing the oils

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

not much to say.

its rained today, we went to  the toot market at Catello de empurios this morning Moira bought a few things she called send of to India and i bought a wire stripper as i seem to have done a lot of wire stripping since we got here. then we went to have a omelete sandwich in the same bar as we used to get an omelete sandwich when we first moved here, it was quite a nice thing to do, Moira is wanting to get a car which means we a checking out everything that passes, take 2 people that have very little, if no interest in cars whatsoever and send them out to buy one. i even found myself picking up a free car mag from a petrol station and taking it away with us.

Yesterday the weather wasnt to good either so we went for a walk along the beach at Sant pere pescador, something we havent done before, its huge, the beach we found a little beach bar open to take refreshments then came home as Moira was wanting cheese on toast. what did we used to do when it was raining in London?

we went to the Placa Friday evening for a meal, we havent been there for ages, it hasnt changed much. not really the best restaurant in the world for me. its nice to go there evry now and then though, they had photos of the snow at our table.