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washing sheets

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Moira is in India, Jesus is back, Mell, Frame, Lisa and Paul have gone home and England is out of the world cup, which suits me as now i dont have to go and watch them play any more, shame though.

I went to the beach today it was a bit wierd as i knew people there, i managed to stay for atleast 2 hours, did a bit of snorkeling which helps pass the time, the idea, was to help my ankle recover, i had bruised it a bit jumping of the stage during the fiesta at Sant Joan, then carried on dancing for at least another hour, its actually a lot better now but thursday after the fiesta it was up like a balloon.

Friday morning Moira went to India, i had to take her to the train station as it looked like there might be strikes but it was OK the slow trains where still running, she got to the airport eventually and then India eventually. Mell and that lot took me out for a meal at Can Battlle that night which was nice, escalivada with chips, and finaly i have got round to trying coffee with baileys.

Saturday i went to the garden centre to buy a tradescantia jasminoides, its Margarets Tradascantia jasminoides, its gone up buy the lemon tree in the pot.

fried eggs with bravas

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Mell, Frame , Lisa and Paul are here fro there holiday, last weekend was a bit drunken for that reason, we didnt do very much, iwent and strimmed Mick and Tracys land just before they arrived then it was a case of beer after beer, we did go to the bar last night to watch spain win after Moira did her Yoga, last week was big brother week because know one was here.

im the boss of Jesus Marchant this week as well, last week went well with no hick ups, the strimmer has died for some reason this week, but i will manage with my little strimmer and take it to the menders Friday morning. its been realy wierd thinking like i used to have to think, ” If i do this i have time to get there and do that which gives me time to get them for her while im doing that” which since i have moved here i havent really have had to have done. fun but im glad i dont have to do it all the time, its nice to know i havent lost it though.

Bauhaus sun loungers

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Its raining again, its not been a great year for sunbathers so far this year, great for the lawn and the potatoes though. it was Cerries birthday today, we have just had cake and cava in the bar while Mark beat Pepe at pool. it was my first day working solo as Jesus has gone to Scicily for  his holiday and left me in charge for the 2 weeks.

Yesterday we took the boat to Cadaces from Roses with Cerrie, Pepe, her mum and dad, Mark and Wendy and Irena, a bit over cast but better then in Garriguella where it was bucketing down. the view of the coast from the boat is pretty impresive with all the different rock formations and trees that are clinging to the sides of the cliff, Roses looks a lot nicer from the sea. we then went in to a nice little snug bar that would be great for the winter when you dont want to be outside.

Saturday was the usual shopping trip to Figueres then back by the supermarket a quick 2 hour walk then we went to see Cerries dance school do a show in the theatre in Figueres, much better then we thought it would be, Miguel in the bar said it was the best year so far, a spectacular, a mixture of flamenco , ballet and modern Justin Timberlake style dancing we got home about 2 in the morning.

i made pizzas from scratch, didnt put anough salt in the flour, left it to proof to long and didnt get the base thin enough also i cooked them on the quiche tray bottoms so it didnt let air into the base to dry it out, apart from all that they were not to bad, will try again.

cloudy swimming pools

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

the girls have gone home, the gambas. we had a fun weekend, maybe to much wine, but what the hell. we eat out at Carmons Saturday night when they arrived after having a very hot day, needed Fiona, on the way back up the hill, to go in front as she was wearing white trousers, Jesus and Merce had gone for dinner as well and could hear our laughter as we were stumbling up the track.

Sunday wasnt such a good day so we went for a walk which involved passing by Pepes and Cerries tortouise bar and just by chance was invited in for a couple of beers, staggered home, that night we had a barbque, and Wilma came down from France with her new Cocker Spanial. again maybe to much wine was drunk, especially after our walk.

Monday night Fiona and Pauline cooked pasta for us which was a nice change, then we just sat round the kitchen table chatting, the only problem was the ipod had decided it liked Chas and Dave and every other song was a cockney knees up.

Tuesday night we went to the Cafe Colon buy this time they where all rather sun burnt, maybe a bit less wine was drunk and Emily and Jaz dont have Chas annd Dave in their collection, we came home via the bar as its the quickest way home, until you stop for a drink, then it tends to take a wee bit longer.

brandy for breakfast

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Tuesday and Irene and Margaret have gone home, its hot and windy, the rose needed watering.

the ladies arrived last week sometimes we went out to eat, a few times ate in and few times we went to the bar,  once for Wendys birthday,  at the weekend the ladies hired a car and we went to Pals, Calella de Palafrugell, then Darnius the next day coming home via the cake shop in Peralada. In Calella we had a picnic on the beach and i had my first coffee with Ice this year. Pals was nice as we hadnt beeen there since we first came out here to check whether we would like to live here. Saturday night we went to eat in santa Margareta to look at the sea. Sunday was a Barbque, a quick drink in the bar with Mark and Wendy to get pool lessons and then home to do a jigsaw.

a volkswagon polo was hired, i didnt like it.