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planted a tube

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Monday, Moira is in London, i couldnrt take her to the airport due to working hours so she went with Ian. ive cleaned the pool and started to put in a plug socket for the Fez lamp, spoken to Moira she is fine having a drink with Lisa and Graham, which Graham i dont know.

Yesterday was beach day once we got our act together, a new beach, well its not new we have been to it in the winter but not in the summer before, nice sandy beach, the only problem is its full of people with cars to big for them in narrow windy streets, it was  a bit windy as well but that wasnt the beaches fault, it was the fault of the traumontana which has been in town since Friday and is still here. the beach is called Almadrava, or something like that, yeh nice beach.

Saturday we walked to Peralada for a couple of beers then walked back, by that time the washing was dry, then went to a Pizza restaurant with Mark, Wendy, Ian and Diane and their daughter Lucy, nice company good pizzas not so good tiramasu and rubbish coffee, should have had the ice cream. i havent made up my mind if i prefer it to the pizza restaurant in Roses yet.

Friday night we went to see 3 rock bands in the football pitch, rock music isnt my favourite, the traumontana was blowing up dust from everywhere and believe it or not it was quite cold, for a man in shorts and a t.shirt, so we left after the second band, the singer had a good sound to her voice if only it was in tune.

blue elephant

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

we had Diane Ian and Mark and Wendy over for a barbque Saturday night, buy the pool after a day doing nothing. i did rebuild the compost heap but that was it.

Friday night was the beer throwing festival, but Cerrie and Pepe are in England so we went on our own and it was fun but not the same when there is just 2, how many times can you tip beer over the same person, not that we did do that, we did get a bit wet though, from atmospheric beer.

Sunday we went to the beach and i burnt my back snorkling.

how can you hold a moon beam in your hands

Friday, July 16th, 2010

its been a while since i have writen, mainly because my computor takes so long to start up now that i cant be bothered, and when i do start it up, im trying to clean up my itunes library as have 2 of stuff, and stuff i dont actually like.

Kirsty and Kirk have gone, but left the sun, its been hot, we went to see Mum and Dad as they had hired a villa in the south of France close enough for us to drive to, the same village they where in last year, the first day we went to a lake to sleep and drink expensive beer then we ate in a restaurant on the Midi in the evening. Sunday we went to Katherine and Tims house for a barbque met some of thier friends, chatted and ate french cheese. when we got home it was the world cup final so went to Pepes to watch Spain win, Yeh.

i have never watched the country in which i am living, win the world cup before.

this week has been hot, a bit of a spontaneous night last night, and the night before we went up to see Mark and Wendy in there caravan and to take them up some of our old sun loungers, its been too hot to do much else, Moira has bought some new covers for the cushions on the bench on the balcony outside the kitchen as she hated the old ones and i have planted the clematis that mum gave us under the bay tree, and thats about it. we have been swimming quite a lot.

yoghurt icecream

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

dug up some potatoes, it was a better yield then last year but not brilliant in fact pretty rubbish, next year a bit more water, the tomatoes are doing alright though.

Kirsty and Kik are here for a weekish, last night we went for a curry which Tracy cooked as Mick and Tracy have arrived for the summer, which was just what Moira needed Saturday night was Playback which is where people from the village put on a show pretending to be famous singers, a bit klike kareoki but without the singing, hilerious.

Sunday we went for a bit of a drive then Moira got home from India.

Friday night was a bit of a drink fest, we were up to 6 in the morning chatting, putting the world to rights. which meant Saturday morning didnt really happen, in fact most of the day didnt really happen for Kirsty.