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Saturday, August 28th, 2010

im writing the blog from the hammock, its a bit windy, but thats fine as it has droped the temperatures a bit, which was needed.

Dan and Paulo have gone to Avingnon then home, and Jonathan has gone to France to see Katherine Tim for the weekend he is back Monday, but wont be seeing much of him as Monday night is the finals night of the pool compatition.

we have just been to Figueres and we have seen the car that we want to buy, so its now just the case of pulling the money together, how exciting, a car Moira can drive and a car i might actually enjoy driving, it looks like we have to keep the van as they cant really part exchange it, as its right hand drive. solves that dilema, of do we keep it or get rid of it, seems it might be quite difficult to get rid off.

we went to LLanca yesterday evening with Jonathan to revisit a tapas bar we all went to the when we where still in the campsite, having just sold the flat in london. its nearly the end of the tourist season but Llanca was still busy.

Thusday night Dan and Paulo took us out to dinner, to Can batlle, after Paulo cut my hair even shorter then normal, the owners son mentioned to me quitely that it seems we only go to Can batlle when people qre buying us dinner, hes probably right.

Wednesday night Dan and Paulo cooked dinner for me, moira, jonathan, irena, mark and wendy, it was nice a hot evening and the food was lovely i had spaghetti with oil, garlic and a chilli grown from the seeds that Jesus bought us back from Uzbekistan. as well as frozen grapes for afters, sounds wierd but actually its quite nice, when its hot outside.

Tuesday night was staying in to watch big brother night and Monday night we went to the gay french restaurant on the road to roses. which i think i have writen about. we might have a new car by the time i write the next blog.

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

big brother is on tele.

last night Monday night aftre i went to pick up the strimmer from Mick and Tracys we went to watch Mark beat Miguel at pool, he is now in the final, then we went to a restaurant ont he road to Roses, we have a driver at the moment as  Jonathan is here. he got here on Friday. its a nice restaurant, bit touristy, bit french, not the best gazpacho, but OK for some place different, you wouldnt go for the food.

Sunday was recovery position day, apart from cleaning the bins watering the lawn and doing a barbque, i did very little, we all did very little, it was a bit hot to be standing by a barbque even at 9 ‘oclock at night.

Having spent the afternoon on the beach sleeping of the night before. and then going out to eat in Roses in a restaurant called El Jardin which we liked but it wasnt the restaurant that Cerrie and Pepe had told us about that did veggie food, it was the one next door, but we would go again for sure. Saturday night was the second fiesta but this time in the school playground, fun but for some reason when it came to the time to play party music, they played a load of slow stuff so every one went home, it was 3 in the morning, and then when every one had goine home they decided to play things like Lady GaGa, but there was nobody there to dance, so i went home, Moira Paulo and Dan had gone home earlier.

Friday night was the mobile disco on the football pitch great fun we where all up till 5 in the morning, even Dan was dancing at one point. we managed to pace ourself as it was a big brother eviction night.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Dan and Paulo are here after quiyte a weekend, Yesterday Gavin and Sophie came down from France, Sophie used to work with Moira and Dan at Fast forward, infact she employed Moira. the weather wasnt to good so we sat around and chatted then went to Can Batlle.

Saturday was when Dan and Paulo arrived they picked us up from the airport at Pperpignan as they were passing to get down here we got home then went to the cafe Colon just had time to water the tomatoes.

Friday was Sophies and Jons wedding in Denham England lovely day nice to se every one again, i didnt do to much of the spanish tourist board thing, it rained a bit but that didnt matter, then we went back to Mum and Dads for a great curry.

Thursday night it rained buckets just before we got on the plane for England, great for the lawn ,which is struggling a bit now.

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Monday, August 9th, 2010

thuy, graham, tia, kelly and kane have gone after quite a fun week, and quite a hot one. yesterday we had a barbque and invited Cerrie, Pepe and Monica, then went to the bar, we have pretty much been in the bar every evening as Kane and Tia were collecting toys from one of the ice creams Pepe sells.

Saturday was beach then Carmens for dinner, did a bit of snorkling at the beach, we have decided that Carmen does the best Gazpacho in the village.

Friday night we ate in then went to the bar, i think, No, Friday night was Carmen night Saturday night was a street party with a group singing traditional fishierman songs which all sound the same sausage and alioli on bread and the europop for afters, every one had a great time even the kids who had a siesta earlier.

Thursday night was jazz night in Villaminiscle after some Pimms at Mark and Wendys caravan, it was a bit windy, you wouldnt really go to listen to the jazz, it was more an excuse to drink wine and meet people. and the kids were knackered

Tuesday night we ate in then went to the bar, Wednesday night we went to Can Batlle then back via the bar, Monday night was Cafe colon then back via the bar. and that was pretty much the week. Beans on toast tonight.

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Sunday, August 1st, 2010

cleaning upmy computor as Moira has bought a new one which means i get her old one which means this one isnt needed any more. i wonder if Ian will want it?

Last night well actually yesterday we started at a party for Brian and Irene, it was Brians birthday. they live up on the hill in a massive house that looks out over the whole of the bay of Roses. pleasant afternoon i wasnt drinking, an evening with expats, nice ones though, most of them. there is kind of like 2 generations of people that have moved here those that moved here years ago and then us, it was a mix of the 2 with Mick and Tracy as the joining force.

then we went on to a party at Yasminas and Jons they have a natural swimming pool, i have seen one before but this one looked amazing what with the setting and that, we had Paella, Cerrie and i had a veggie one and chatted spanish most of the night, we met the daughter of the owner of the cellar Espelt, they do pretty much the best wine round here, her husband was a really nice bloke art historian, but what was great was both Me and Cerrie kept up with what he was saying. Moira and i slept in the van.

Friday night was Irenas birthday so we went round for a couple of bottles of cava sitting outside her little house in the middle of the vine yards.

weve been eating tomatoes from the garden and there are chillis on the way still green at the moment, but it looks like there is going to be a bumper harvest. i think we have decided to spend some of the garden money we have been gifted on putting in a little watering system where i am pretending to grow veg, mainly because it actually saves water, so its daft that we dont have one.