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‘Allo Vera’

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Its windy and sunny which is as apposed to rain, the temperature has noticably dropped as well, its jeans and t shirts in the evenings not shorts. Moira drove again today, up to Villaminiscle, then we went for a bit of a walk. shes been driving pretty much every evening this week except Monday as it was Yoga and Friday as we where going to the thai and also i needed to get a new post for the hammock, the old one had rotted, so i needed to go to Aki, and a six foot post wouldnt fit in the car, got a new hose pipe while we where there as the one we inherited with the house had leaks all other the place . we also bought a tent for our holiday in October. the Thai was good as always, went with Mark and Wendy, Pepe and Cerrie.

last night we didnt do very much, i made pizzas from the dough stage and this time followed the recipe to the letter, did you know that 50cc of water is the same as 50ml of water, i didnt. very thin and very crispy and nice. we went into Empuria brava during the day to buy Falafal mix, which we have discovered in another supermarket to Montserat, and its cheaper and tastes better, they also do heat magazine which pleased Moira no end. After the supermarket Moira had a drive round aguabrava carpark, which she has done a few times this week.

Thursday night was the inauguration of the new restaurant in the village, now we only have ten restaurants open in the summer, inauguration basically means free food for all the old cronnies in the village who will never cross the threshold of the restaurant again, it was packed, free drinks as well . looks like it might be quite a nice restaurant, will try it out when Nat and Andy and Lucy and Rick are here over the next weekend.


we went

sore bum

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

it was the Llado cheese festival today and we got the sun back, although it is now starting to be cold in the evenings, still flipflops and t shirt weather but with jeans instead of shorts. it seems everything has had a long summer. the timmer for the pump has started to play up and not start the pump when it should sometimes, the post for the hammock had staqrted to rot, i was in the hammock yesterday and when i was getting out realised i was actually on the ground, that i have fixed, the pump, not yet. i also think the van has sprung a leak somewhere but that isnt to grave as it has just passed its Mot, and now we have the new car we wont be using it half where near as much.

Yesterday we went for a walk, at last, it seems like ages that we have been able to go for a long walk, usually because it was just too hot, it was birdering on being quite cold on Saturday, we walked from St Marti de Empurias to the statue of the little prince which is on the far end of Escala, a good hour and a bit walk each way. the pizza when we got back to St Marti. that evening Moira made soup, then we sat in side and watched Xfactor.

Both Friday night and Thursday night it bucketed it down, the pool is now fool to overflowing. but friday night was fine as we where in Mark and Wendys, that pot on a meal for the lot of us, as usual great food great company.

did i mention that moira rode Pepes horse while Irene and the gang where here.

Born in a field

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

the inlaws have gone, we all had quite a nice time, i think, the weather was perfect, we went for a couple of nice drives over the weekend and as well as eating in the hotel Monday night we tried the Vinya opposite the campsite last night, i cant say i would recommend it, but im glad we went in a way. and true to form now there is no one here its raining, which believe it or not is GREAT. the van passed its MOT today much to my relief, dont know why i didnt think it would pass, its old now so old i have to take it every 6 months to get it MOT`d but as we will be hardly driving it it shoudnt really matter. we are breaking tradition we are not having baked beans on toast, its summer pasta instead with one of the fancy funny shapped chillis they ive grown. Moira explained “”sting ring” to Jock the other day he was highly amused.


Sunday, September 12th, 2010

another sunday another barbque.

we have been to Port de la selva this morning via valla de santa cruz, ice cream by the sea then back via peralada for chocolate croissants and green tea, in a car, hired, that is on deaths door, it feels like its got hiccups.

Yesterday, saturday, we went to Empuria brava market, Moira bought a hand bag and Jock bought a walking stick, which he is leaving here for when he next comes out. then we went down the coast to Sant pere de pescador there is a apple farm near there that has turned its forecourt into a little covent garden, a cafe, restaurant couple of shops in a nice gardeny setting, with apple trees to boot which you can look at but not touch. the bacon sandwich without the goats cheese is highly recommended buy Jock and Violet. the car wasnt so bad Saturday, it did have hiccups though. we went to Cafe colon that night, then what a surprise back via the bar.

the van was ready to pick up Friday afterwork just in time for me to go to Figueres to pick up the hire car. it was big brother final night so we wernt going no where.

getting the juice form the day

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

where did all the flys come from?

Weve got a new car. its lovely, small, easy to drive and it wont go too fast, love it, and whats more Moira loves it as well, shes been driving up and down under the olive tree to get the hang of gears, bitting point, steering and stuff. it came at the right time as well, as the van is at the doctors, the pump on the water squirters has gone a week before its MOT. it should be fixed tomorrow with any luck.

Farah and Jon have gone to France and then England, a great time was had by all, and Moira had some one to watch big brother with , jon that is not Farah. i think Farah wins the saying something that would be perfect as a title for my blog, which obviously its forgotten instantly after saying” that would be a great title for my Blog.”

At around about Midnight when the moon is low, the inlaws arrive, brought here by the traumontana. Jesus cant wait, hes already given me biscuits to give to Irene so as she will make him some merangues.

Ramon makes a bee line for Farah

Monday, September 6th, 2010

been a bit hectic recently

Farah and Jon are here, which isnt why its hectic, they are to easy to be hectic. although we have been forced to drink more then usual.

Farah and Jon got here Thursday but by then we had found out we couldnt pick the car up because we wanted to pay on credit card and we had had a deal and when you pay with credit card they lose 1% and also somewhere along the line Moiras address was wrong on her NIE document. its all sorted now the car is payed for, we are just waiting to here that i can go and pick the car up as Moiea is stuck in Paris as they have a general strike there at the moment. the good news is her contact lenses have arrived.

Thursday night we went to Carmens for dinner, finished of drinking with Jesus and Merce as they had been in the coop for something to eat.

Friday Moira sorted out the car, then in the evening Jon and Moira sat down to watch Big brother.

Saturday was Figueres Market then nothing until we went to the Cafe Colon whos Tapas menu i am coming round too, back via the short cut.

Sunday we really did nothing apart from turn the compost heap which only i did and barbque stuff to eat, toast on the barB works really well. didnt stay up late as i had to take Moira to the airport early before work.

And then the french decided to strike.

Moira has to find a cybar cafe book a new flight get another night in a hotel and i booked Diane to go and pick her up as Ian is in Ireland, luckily Diane is picking someone else up 20 mins before hand so she will be at the airport.

that ones hot

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

its been a bit of a weekend.

Dan and Paulo went Friday morning, bought us dinner thursday night, which was lovely, then went Friday morning. then Jonathan took us out Friday night.

Saturday morning we saw the car we wanted to buy and by Monday afternoon we had put down a deposit on it, we stayed in that night.

Sunday was beach day then a couple of beers in the bar in the evening.

Monday. not only did we putting in mnotion the buying of a car, it was the pool compertition final, it wasnt as roudy as normal as its Summer and people start work early in summer but it was a fun one as usual. Pepe won, beat Mark , well actually Mark beat Mark as he potted most of tghe blacks but in the wrong pockets., he rafflerd of his new pool cue which you get as second place, i won it, bit dodgy as it was Moira who pulled my name out of the hat.

Tuesday we all managed to get up for work, i got stung by a wasp but luckily i had anti hystamines in my bag so i took one quickly with a can of beer and i was fine, normaly im fine without anti hystamine but i felt this one was going to be a nasty sting.

That night we went to the Cafe Colon, they have changed the format its now a tapas bar. as it was Mick and Tracys last day here, it wasnt a drunkern evening for some of us but it was a long one, i needed a 2 and a half hour siesta today.

we are now insured to drive the new car so its of to the garage tomorrow to collect it, Farah and Jon are arriving so hopefully they will take us to the garage.