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Sunday, October 31st, 2010

nearly the end of my holiday, if it wasnt for the bank holiday tomorrow it would be, and quite a packed 2 weeks its been, after London we got back, Fiona and Malcom arrived the same day then a couple of days with them we went to Tarragona stayed in a campsite near there which was a lot better then originally appeared it was really near the fishing/ tourist village, Cambrils, we meet a english couple that had been there for months and loved it there, we would stay there again if it was on route, one day in Tarragona, was enough, interesting roman ruins and old town, but no Sephora for Moira.

We then went on to Tortosa on the river Ebre, i would say a bit more interesting the tarragona, lots of ruins as well but more old islamic which then became christian then, tiny city but really interesting, i would go back there again, as there was so much more around there to see. We stayed in a Parador hotel, a huge castle looking over Tortosa, the view was amazing, i could easily say the same about Tarragona, the building was amazing but the bar and our room smelt damp and 4 star hotel with a campsite restaurant, the food was a bit disappointing. breakfast was included so we filled up for the journey home via the Ebre delta, where rice is grown, i have seen paddy fields before but i havent driven through them in a fiat 500.

We got home after an uneventful journey on the motorway, Fiona and Malcom where still here, Fiona made a really nice welcome curry that night, i walked Malcolm to LLanca the next day, then Friday we went for a little walk with Fiona, as Moira and I where of to France for Jonathans and Katherines birthday as soon as Moira finished work, we got there no problem some road works but nothing a fiat 5oo couldnt handle. that night was a party in Katherine house with loads of british some of whom spoke french and a couple of french, but loads of people, thanks to facebook, all went well until we tried to get into our rented apartment and the key wouldnt turn, the 5 of us tried it but it wasnt happening, Jonathan drove us back to Katherines and Tims, Moira and i got Issacs rome jonathan stayed in a friends house down the road and Margot, kevin and Robert slept in the living room. we got in the next day but we just picked stuff up then went back to Katherines, we then went for a walk round a lovely little french village and its ancient salt lakes, didnt see any flamingos, that evening we went for a meal in a village up the road from our apartment, food was good, plenty of chips. this morning we got up in the bed we where supposed to be in had a shower, then breakfast on the terrace and went to Katherine and Tims again as there was a huge car boot in the village, Moira and i bought a big glass bottle, one of which we have wanted for ages, both of us. now we are home, nobody is here, its just us, the cover is going on the swimming pool tomorrow, im almost glad the summer is over, but i know with out a doubt i will be looking forward to the next one.

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

just a quicky as we are off to Taragona, weve got maps of round here, france, Uk, but not of spain.

London was fun, staying at Thuy and Grahams, we ate at theirs the first night with Jonathan and Dan and Paolo, a bit drunken, but great to see people again. we had gone to westfield before hand to see the wall of flowers which had a stinging nettle sticking out of it but pretty impressive any way. and a wander round the shops, i bought myself a new mobile which i need to unlock at some point so i can use the spanish simm card, there are some really wierd people in London.

Tuesday after going to the British museum, bumped into Jonathan working there, what an amazing place, i forgot how interesting it is. that night we went out with Mell, Lisa, Margot , Graham and Jay, to a bar in town, got a siesta in, in soho square before it started raining.

Wednesday after going to the Chelsea physic garden ,which i had never been to before then a quick look in the V&A pottery collection i met Farah in Holburn for a couple of beers then Sarah, which was great as i hadnt seen Sarah for ages

Thursday, quick train trip to Wickford to see mum and dad, have a curry, then dad took me to the airport.

a fast and interesting trip but im really glad i went.

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Sunday, October 17th, 2010


Moira drove today to Castello de empurias, we walked along the Muga till we got to the sea had a beer then came back along the Muga untill we got to the car again, Moira drove home. got home and noticed the pump on the swimming pool had decided to go back to its old ways and not switch itself on, having been great for weeks now, just before we go away for a couple of days.

its been a funny week i didnt work on Monday due to rain so i was able to get Moira from Pepingnan, Tuesday was a bank holiday which Moira took of as well, we went to a lovely little village called Sant llorenc de la muga, well worth the visit, while there Moira had mushroom soup and i had mushroom croquetes. very nice, a bit salty for my taste, but very nice. the Muga was in full flow not suprising what with all the rain weve had.

Wednesday the weather picked up again and carried on being fine if not a bit cold at night until today. Friday night we all went to the cafe colon, with’All ‘i mean mark, wendy, irene, ian, diane, pepe and cerrie, and a new bloke from holland that now lives in delfia and is setting up free wifi in Garriguella.

Yesterday I drove to Figueres and then in the afternoon while Moira did a bit of work, i sieved some compost, scarified and aeriated the lawn then top dressed it with the compost i had sieved, and planted some broad beans let see with the watering system set i will get a proper crop this time.

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Sunday, October 10th, 2010

bit a different weekend. mainly as Moira has been in New york since Thursday and the weather has been not very nice since if it hasnt been raining its been overcast and sticky warm but sticky, although today the sky really opened up and bucketed down, last night aswell, at 5 in the morning, sounded quite impressive last night. today was a bit of a shame as we had gone for a walk down south, thats me Mark, Wendy, Diane, Ian, Irene and Cerrie. It is Diane and Ians wedding aniversary so Wendy had booked a table in a restaurant they had found near Sa Tuna. The idea was, get to the restaurant really early giving us at least 3 hours of walking time, but the walk started of well but then started going up and up and up, views where fantastic, but the walk was too steep to be enjoyable, so we got back to the restaurant early, and then it started to rain and rain and rain, so we found a bar and waited in there instead. i must say the food in the restaurant was very good when we eventually got round to eating.

Yesterday was packed with stuff, first a strimmed Mick and Tracys land then went to Figueres shopping, bought a book on wild mushrooms, its the mushroom picking season here and thats all every one talks about, every body is an expert. then after coming home pottering around a bit at home doing stuff that needed doing like sowing winter spinach, i went of to Roses for a wander and to buy a new earring as one of mine had fallen out and was gone forever, Roses was still reasonaly busy for this time of year. had a coffee then drove home to watch ‘Ice age’ and ‘live and let die’ on spanish tele, ive found if i stop struggling to understand and just relax and enjoy i actually find myself understanding most of what is being said.

Friday night i had planned to go to the cinema but there was nothing that i fancied to watch so it was down Pepes instead for a couple.

Moiras back tomorrow night and then the driving lessons start again on Tuesday. Moira drove the road to Peralada last week.

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Monday, October 4th, 2010

what a weekend that was.

Nat and Andy, Rick and Lucy where here over the weekend, when they eventually got here due to a general strike in Spain but they got here on Friday, so that night we went to the new restaurant, it was OK, not the best restaurant in the village but at least its a different, and they do red wine sandwiches. we will go again, definatly.

Saturday was an afternoon on the beach in the recovery position, Rick and Moira went for a swim and i went for a dip, it was cold, we drove in the new car, still loving it. that night we went to Can Batlle for paella for Rick and Moira.

Sunday we took them all to the Dali house, while Moira and i did a siesta outside, then we went for coffee in Cadaques, the new car performed great. that night was barbque night, and they all went home this morning, short and sweet.