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where did i lose my bicycle lock?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Tuesday morning, just got a text from Jesus saying “today we are not working”, its raining.

Its been a bit of a weekend, a bit of a palava, After Moira went to India, Wednsday, weve had the electric board take all the money out of our account due to a serious over estimation of our electric bill, i went to the shop and, i think, sorted that, ive got to back in a couple of days and check, meanwhile the phone bill needed to be payed, i tried to pay it at the post office but my NIE number wasnt excepted, so i rang customer sevices and eventually got through to a nice man who told me not to worry, that was saturday the banks are closed there is no more i can do, mean while Moira has had to borrow some ones computer to get money sent to our account here, from England. Monday morning i get a text from the bank saying there is something wrong we are over drawn, the phone bill has been taken out, so after work i went to the bank, so far ive done everything in spanish but the girl in the bank wants to practice her english so we spoke english. we cancelled the electric bill, while there i got Moira a new credit card and by that time Moiras money had arrived, so i had money to top up my mobile which was another thing, since Friday i had no credit on my mobile and no way of topping it up.

Apart from all that, saturday i harvested some of our olives and a few of Mick and Tracies to cure for next year. and Me mark, wendy, diane, ian and Cerrie went to a expensive restaurant in Roses called Harrys bar, that was fun, i had got some money out on my English credit card for the occasion. the food was good Cerrie and Diane had spaghetti with white truffle, which they loved.

Sunday was spent making soup and teaking all the shutters up stairs then Xfactor.

Last night apart from being a Barca against Madrid football match was an exam at the Catalan class as usual i couldnt remember half the words i needed until i was cycling home. i had revised though so it wasnt that bad.

a catalan didnt invent football

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Moira got back from London thinking it was warm here that didnt last long.

Friday night, we went down the bar for a quite drink with Cerrie but Pete and Linda turned up so it got a wee bit less then quite, that was until Linda stopped being able to talk, we werent that bad, mainly because we had to be up at 9 Saturday morning as Wendy had organised a walk along to a light house 2.5KM from Cadaques, the weather held up and some of the views were astounding. we went to eat in Pepes after that as it was easy for everyone, him and Cerrie laid on quite a spread, he made a salad dressing with thousand island dressing, i havent had thousand island dressing for years, then i had a spinach lasagne which was delicious, Spinach, pine nuts and raisans, quite traditional for here. we didnt get too pissed as we had to get up at 10 Sunday morning to go to the Co-op then pick up Cerrie then go and Help Yasmina and John pick their olives. again the weather called the weather man a liar, as well as olives to pick they fed us and one of the friends/ pickers brought along a chocolate cake, the icing on the weekend.

Back to reality and Moira is a bout to go to Yoga and im of to catalan classes.

it must be cold being a fish

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Moira is in london, i dropped her off at the airport yesterday, midday, it rained most of the morning so i didnt work for Jesus gut managed to get things done in the house that where desperately needing doing. the kitchen table has had the summers beer and wine stains rubbed of and now its nicely rewaxed.

Apart from taking Moira to the airport there wasnt much done yesterday, watched the Xfactor results.

Saturday we went to Roses to pop into the bank, but it wasnt open, different winter opening times this year. so instead we walked along the sea front until empuria brava then back again. Moira drove both ways, there and back. as apposed the last 2 trips where i drove somewhere and Moira drove home.

Friday night just Moira and I went to Can batlle to eat and to pay. its a standing joke there that we always go with people that pay for us.

freezing tortoises

Monday, November 8th, 2010

 a short week at work last week thanks to the bank holiday, and also it was the week that i started to go to catalan classes, 2 every week until christmas. the first class went well, and if i manage to go to most of the classes i will gain a certificate in catalan, though it was a bit disappointing to discover that the course we are doing is not even the basic course, its the course that prepares you for the basic course.

Andy and Cathy arrived Thursday evening, we went to the bar to eat and play pool, Andy plays pretty well, he beat me and then went on to beat Pepe 6-0 the next day, which just doesnt happen to Pepe ever.

Saturday, while Moira worked Cathy, Andy and I went to Figueres to the market, and then while C&A went in to the Dali museum i sat out side and read. After they had had enough of Dali we went to St LLorenc de la muga and the Albanya, pretty much the same trip that Moira and I did the other week but this time we had a bar in the Civic centre in St Llorenc and an ice cream in Albanya. that night we all met in the cafe colon, and as usual a good night was had by all, Andy beat Mark at pool, but Andy was gracious enough to mention that mark was a bit pissed.

 Sunday C&A went and the bed and breakfast sign came down for the winter. just as it started to get cold again.