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dodgy tummy

Friday, December 24th, 2010

its christmas eve, for that reason i didnt work this afternoon, the spanish celebrate on christmas eve which means they need the afternoon to get to there families, the catalans celebrate christmas on the 25th so dont really need the afternoon off, but any excuse for a fiesta.

after work Jesus and i popped in to the bar for a vermouth, after the mayor bought us another and then Pepe dos bought us one more, we got away after 3 vermouths.

we went to Montserat the supermarket yesterday and finaly i managed to find some tamarind, which i have been looking for to make satay sauce since Jenny sent us out a vegeterian cookbook which has the recipe for Gado Gado in it but the proper recipe and the proper recipe has stuff you cant get here in it like tamarind and lemon grass, lemon grass doesnt matter as we have lemons but tamarind was proving to be difficult but not know.

who is who

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Its Sunday again, Moiras wrapping up coloured toilet roll to give to her spanish teacher and ive got the cat on my lap, its been one of those days, we got up late, put the washing on then sat in the garden waiting for the washing to finish, then we went for a wander round the village finishing up in the bar, had a chat with a romanian then came home to put the fire on.

Saturday was a bit diferent to today firstly we went to La Bisbal to buy old pots and perhaps a door or 2, that didnt happen, as they are far to expensive, we will buy a new pot instead and cover it in yoghurt to age it. in the afternoon Moira put up the christmas tree which i had bought on Thursday as i had a day off because Jesus had to go to Barcelona and we were supposed to have a day off last friday but didnt realise until we where both in the bar having breakfast, so it was decided this Thursday would be the day off. in the evening (Saturday) we all went to The Capitan in Empuria brava for a christmas dinner with Irena, Wendy, Mark, Ian, Diane, Cerrie and Pepe, then on to the Orange Kiwi to listen to a spanish flamenco band and then to Pau to watch another band that we had seen before i think we got home about 2.

Friday night was a night in as was Thursday night. i bought a cotoneastar as well when i bought the christmas tree, its in the kitchen and looks great.

beware of the chilli oil

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

im supposed to be writing christmas cards, but it doesnt fell like christmas here, its still more like Autumn, winter doesnt really start untill January. i suppose having the firre going gives the room a bit of a christmassy feel to it.

today was doing things in the house day which amounts to not very much, Moira did some spanish homework and i pulled a few weeds out  from around the mulberry tree, we did go for a bit of a walk which was nice.

Yesterday, was festa mayor i think in the village, im guessing because Arorra was closed in the afternoon when she wasnt on Friday which was supposed to be a fiesta even though we worked as we didnt find out it was a fiesta until while in the bar for breakfast a lady came in to complain that the post office was shut. Saturday night was fun we went round Mark and Wendys to watch X factor and eat pizza then we went to the bar for a couple then to the big hall to see a orchestra playing, Moira was too tired to stay very long at the orchestra, luckily as it wasnt too great.

Moira got home Tuesday full of tales from India, perfect timeing as wednesday is a national holiday so i wasnt working, we went far a walk up from LLanca and talked about the on suite bathroom.

thursday i worked, friday should have been a holiday and Saturday morning we went to Figueres to shop and would you believe it we got pretty much eery thing we needed. going shopping stuff for the house is quite interesting as we only have timer to do it in the winter, so i get to realise how much better my spanish is this year compared to the last time we where in the same bathroom shop. we came away with a bookcase worth of catalogues for Moira to read.

state of emergency

Monday, December 6th, 2010

its been a bit of a long weekend, only because its a bank holiday today in Spain ,constitutional day or something, so i went to france instead via the back road over the mountain from Espolla to Banyulls, or banyols im not to sure great road but not for the faint hearted, it was cloudy in Banyurls or whatever its called so i ate a bit of the sandwich i had made for the journey then came back to Spain to eat the rest in Portbou. After i had walked to the dam built to provide Portbous train station with water, then back via a little local bar that Jesus had recommended. Moira is home tomorrow.

Yesterday the ususal group of us minus Moira and Pepe, Moira because she is back tomorrow and Pepe as he was doing something with cows. i saw someone skinning a wild boar today. Yesterday we all went for a walk via the white church then had dinner in Dianes and Ians. Cauliflower cheese, i havent had that for ages. we left early as there was Bingo on in the village hall true to form niether of us won anything, need Natalie here.

Saturday apart from Xfactor was a day of shopping in figueres in the morning then going to the garden centre in the afternoon to buy a Thuya.

Friday i had intended to go out friday but i had a couple of beers with Jesus afterwork, spoke to Moira on Skype then had another couple of drinks in the bar with Irena after her Yoga lesson so i didnt bother, as there was no way i was driving any where after that many beers.