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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

im sure i posted something last week as well, have i missed a week, im not sure.

Moira is in London having been to Paris, yes i have missed a week cause i havent mentioned looking for bathroom stuff and going for a walk from Sant Marti to Escasla

Moira is in London having gone to Paris first, 5 oclock Sunday morning, i havent mentioned that ive started catalan classes again either, She went sunday and i went to the olive oil fair in Espolla with Diane and Cerrie, bought some olive oil and oranges. Saturday was recovery day from Friday night, we didnt do much also due to the Traumontana, it was to cold and windy to do much. did i mention we finally got hold of the dishwasher fixer man, he hasnt been round yet though, i have got to stop saying that we are not in a hurry.

Friday night we all, that is Me, Moira, Wendy, Mark, Ian and Diane, went for a thia in Roses, and then back to the bar, Mark who was driving, he didnt drive home from the bar.

Catalan classes, they have sort of started again but this time its a nice lady out of the kindness of her heart trying to get us to speak in Catalan its a kind of bridging course, if the proper course starts again in Feb we will stop if not we can carry on, last night cycling home from the class i heard a, i presume a Morrocan singing a pray form his caravan by the railway line, it was quite special, car drivers wouldnt have heard it.

do we have pesto

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

im Back thanks to Graham. i asnt going to bother but its a vicious circle if you dont keep up to dat with payments and stuff you cant access the older4 blogs that have been writenmust work out how to put it all on a disc when i can be bothered, its been a while weve had Mum and Dad here and have driven to France twice, the little car did great, no problem. we went to Ceret first then Coulluire the next day for the day of the kings we went to Port de la Selva, also we went to Pals and Sa Tuna, Saturday was Empuria Brava market, that was it i think.

im back to work and Moira is back to driving and the cat is back to sleeping on the poof, found out yesterday that lap dogs are called falderas or chupaconuos in spanish, for the same reason.

dry icecream

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Happy new year, Merry christmas, Bonas festas, Faliz navidad, Bon any, Feliz ano nuevo, the lot, its been fun so far. Christmas day we went to Mark and Wendys via Portbou, the Portbou dam and then a bar in Portbou for cava. Moira bought me loads of shaving foam and a shovel for the fire, ive used the shaving foam and the shovel. Boxing day we did nothing apart from drive to Estertit which we had never been to before its quite a pretty little port, must go in the summer, it was a traumontana day so we didnt stay long.

i worked in between Christmas and new year

New years eve was at the football club which was just as much fun as usual, it was my turn to cook for me and Cerrie, i made a chilli sin carne but didnt make it too spicy it was quite good even if i say so myself, after the football club there was a disco in the school hall as usual we ended up dancing to YMCA and got home at 4ish in the morning, so today we really did do nothing except pop in on Irena to wish her happy new year and drink some cava.