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Mary saved the day

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

finaly getting round to bringing the Ipod over to this computor, took a while in a round a bout way, and ive got rid of quite a lot of stuff i dont think i really liked that much, its the now new improved adams ipod with quite a lot of the old stuff and newish stuff as well.

Today we went bird watching in the wind, there is a bird watching centre by empuria brava, i saw a red reed bunting and i think i saw a little eagle, its hard to look through binoculars when the wind is trying to knock you over, Moiras had read on one of the boards that shows you what you can see, that there are prawns hanging around, marsh prawns, i suppose, we discovered that marsh prawns dont come out when its windy. it was a nice walk though. popped in to the french palm tree bar at santa margarita on the way home, not good as they didnt serve us any peanuts. looking through binoculars while you are in a car thats moving is wierd.

Saturday, i think it was a productive day, we went to Sant pere de pescador with Bruno the builder to choose tiles for the bathroom, got them quite cheap they sre for walls though not floors Bruno doesnt seem to think it will matter as long as we dont wander around the new bathroom in high heels. we then went to France to look in the hardware shop there taht we had a look in when we last went to Auchan, bought a shower then we went to Auchan to by seed potatoes, which i didnt expect to do, and a box of rose wine for Moira.

Friday night was a epic moment in the life of us in Catalunya, we went to the italian at empuria brava which in itself is not momentus, but then after a rather good penne putanecca, Moira drove us home via Pepes. a new begining.

i have been the boss all week as Jesus went to see the northern lights, all went fine infact i even managed to manouver the trailer into Jesus’s in reverse which i didnt have the courage to try before, not a good idea crashing you bosse3s trailer through his front door.

moira paints the shelves

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Calcots at Villa sacra, i went to eat clacots, but not only that, last year there was a stall selling organic plant seeds, we bought cosmos seeds and they pretty much flowered all summer, i should have saved the seeds because the stall wasnt there this year so i just eat calcots instead, bought some honey and parmesan as well, Moira was driving home which gave me an excuse to have another beer. came home and pruned the lantana then had a bit of a snooze on the sunbed.

Saturday was interesting, we went up to La Molina, a ski resort, the biggest ski resort in Cataluna, we didnt go to ski because there was supposed to be husky racing, when we eventually got there, as the road is really windy and then was a huge queue, there was the odd husky but mainly just ordinary looking dogs pulling a few sleds around, we did get a free pen and some lipseal though. it wasnt a waste of a journey as what we did see as far as the dogs were concerned was a bit interesting, we then went on to the ski resort for real, to eat something in the restaurant of Carmans sister, Carman has the restaurant down the road that is often closed but good when it is open, the restaurant was closed but only because it had moved, and when we got there it was full, but they run a buffet as well which i can easily say was the best buffet food we have had in a ski resort.

we came home via Pepes friend Pedros parents house, which is a huge run down farm house up in the hills of Campradon, this was the point that made the journey worth it as i got to see helleborus feotadisima growing wild in amongst the trees. we where there not to see the helleborsand the the house, but to pick up some bacon and a chicken shed which took some work to get it on the roof of Pepes pick up, we where dropped of at the bar in Garriguella, we took the short cut.

Firday night we was going to go to the Italian in Empuria brava but ended up in the bar instead as we needed to have a meeting about what we would be doing Saturday

take your hands out of your pockets

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

we had a curry. Sunday we went to Girona to try out the curry house, its quite good, then while we went for a walk Mark and Ian and Irena watched the rugby. we went by train which was fine going but because we went from Villajuiga we only had a few options to come back and then when we got to Villajuiga, some kid had swapped the open and close buttons over, we where pressing the close button to get out, in the end we got out at Llanca, a nice couple that was picking up a friend that had had the same problem as us took me and Diane to Villajuiga to pick up the cars. we had to go to the bar to finish of a good day.

Saturday we went to Empuria brava to shop for veg, i think i prefer Figueres, and to by pastry as the supermarket in Empuria brava has the best puff pastry around these parts. when we got home i finished of pruning the mulberry then we did the tour de Garriguella which we worked out we hadnt done for ages.

Friday was down the pub night, potatas bravas then Cerrie and Pepe turned up and then Mark and Wendy.

Weve been to Empuria Brava again this afternoon as Tuesday night is Moiras spanish homework night and it needs to be done in a bar. my Catalan class went fine and then i beat Ramon at pool, so a good evening.

i bought Moira a valantines day card and she bought me one aswell the thing is we both bought the exactly the same card in different shops on different days.

pruning mulberry trees

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

we are back. we went to England last week. it was Mums 39th birthday, any excuse for a party. taking advantage of the trip we went in to London first to meet up with Dan, Paulo, Thuy, Graham, Margot, the list goes on including friends like Jonathan, Cat and Paul, and Grahams parents, who arent friends but nice people, apart from them seeing there son and his family, there was a astrology show on in London, which was why they where there. it was a curry night, and then popping in to the pub before it closed for real flat warm beer, stuff you dont get in Spain.

the next day after doing a bit of shopping , we picked up Irene from city airport and then worked our way over to mum and dads where after all the Hellos, how are yous we went to eat in the restaurant next to our Hotel/ premia Inn couldnt go for a drink after the meal because the pub was closed at 11, whats that about?

Saturday i think it was Saturday was the day of the party, we all went to Mum and Dads in order to take the dog for a walk, get my haircut and blow up balloons, a bit before the party Fiona and Malcom arrived so after blowing up a few more balloons we all went to the premia Inn to change and have a quick pint before we went to the party. im not going to say much about the party because you kind of had to be there, just to say fun was had and i got to meet all our family again. the good thing about moving out here is it gives you something to talk about.

Sunday was a posh pub lunch, very nice, when we found the place , lost due to chatting to much, distracting the driver. then Home for a quick beer with Mark and Wendy in the bar which doesnt close at 11.

the snowdrops are coming up

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Just packed for coming to England

The weekend was, well we didnt really do much, apart from go to Mark and Wendys for dinner with all on Friday night, we didnt get too pissed which meant we could go to Figueres Saturday morning to look for bathroom stuff, had something to eat, we went to a little bar where i had a 3 cheese rustic sandwich with lettuce and walnuts, a sandwich unheard of here, it was quite nice, in the afternoon i pruned the olive tree, i have brought it down a bit more this year, its not as tall, which means we will have a bit of olive to burn next year. you have to find the balance between what is good for the tree and what is good for the fire place.

Sunday we went to France via a road that i went on while Moira was in India, very windy and lots of puddles as it has been raining,we went for a stroll round banyols while we where there and Moira bought a box of happy cow cheese. we can home via the bar, had something to eat then made our way across the road home.

Still havent heard from the dish washer man and Moira is having trouble with the internet, it seems that in Spain we pay more for the internet then the rest of Europe, so its a trip to Figueres either tomorrow or next week to sort a few things out.