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the maestro

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

its just bucketed it down, hail stones and all that, we sat on the balcony and watched it. while its raining there are still birds in the sky but the minute it starts to hail or even a couple of seconds before they all disappear.

we have just eaten in the windmill, it was great, will probably go there more often this summer, as apposed to the Placa. it was after a stately walk to Perelada to see the horses parade through the streets, then a forced march back to get back to the windmill as the table was booked for 2 O’clock.

Yesterday we emptied the bedroom and moved down stairs as work is supposed to start on the onsuite bathroom tomorrow.

Friday night we went to the thai and it was my turn to drive, i dont think we have ever had a bad meal there, but dont drink the coffee, came home via the bar, which was quite when we got there at 10.30 but picked up a bit near 12. the rest of the week  was quiet, we didnt do much mainly as we where waiting for the electrician/plumber to turn up to give us some idea how much the plumbing work will cost us.

its asparagus hunting season.

sowing chillis

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

the van passed its MOT again its every 6 months, i go thinking, how can i sell the van, or we should have part exchanged it when we bought the Fiat and then when it passes, its the best van in the world again.

It was Moiras birthday this weekend, so the village put on a carnival Saturday night, we all dressed up and danced in the street then there was a band in the school hall, sadly the music was rubbish. Sunday it was “Rancho” the whole village came out to eat salad, rice, beans and meat, brunnols and drink wine and ganacha, i removed the meat from my plate and covered what was left with chilli sauce so i couldnt taste the taste of the meat. we went to the bar aftewards and made Jackie put on the 70s music Cd that Mark and Wendy bought Moira.

i bought Moira a heated under sheet for the bed which she gone on about having all winter.

dont leave the car window open when its raining

Friday, March 18th, 2011

ive planted nastutiums under the lemon and sweet peas amongst the cosmos i was in my elemant so much so i nearly forgot i had to go back to work.

last weekend was Scotland, Friday night till wednesday, Friday night we got to Prestwick and it wasnt snowing then but was about to snow, and when it did it was like driving ina black and white kalidascope, Jesus says its a bit like going into hypaspace. Saturday, we went shoping and then Irene put on a bit of a fiesta for everyone. Sunday after taking irene to the hospital as Jock wasnt towell and had gone of in an ambulance with Moira before us, he was home by the afternoon, it was a bit of a spate of being sick, we went up to watch rugby with Malcom and Kirsty then on too Jennys  to see her, Maisie and Lorna, Graham popped in for a bit as well, Jenny gave me a load of seeds, hence the nastutiums and seet peas, ive also sowed some lettuce that she gave us.

Monday we went to Falkland Palace with Irene, worth a visit, every room has it own personal guide who will happily chat for hours on the history of the Stuarts/Stewarts/Stewards. while you look around the room, the poor buggers where frozen. the edwardian Library was a bit like walking into a Harry potter set very sureal. Tuesday i took Moira to the airport via Edinburgh, what a place, ive been there quite a few times now, and i dont think ive ever got to see the clock face planted up. that night while Moira was in London i stayed at Kirstys flat and watched a pretentious program about Marilyn Monroe, about how thin and drunk she was.

Wednesday i left to get the plane for home , i had plenty of time so i stopped of in Troon the birth place of Malcom, spent a pleasant afternoon reading my book on a bench at the sea side, it was a lovely sunny day.

little beans

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Monday, no Catalan tonight as its carnival in Pau, they are having a day off.

Friday night was carnival in Roses, we had Jonathan, tim and Issac here, and it was raining so we decided not to go and instead stayed in the village and eat in Carmens, Saturday, the next day the weather was much better. Moira and I went to Figueres to buy stuff like cosmos seeds, and look for bathroom lights. then we metg Jonathan and all in LLanca for lunch/tapas, before theyall went off to France. Saturday night was a night in infront of the tele. prepering ourselves for Sunday.

Calcots up at Pepes bar for Sunday lunch, with the ususal and also Jesus and Merce and Pepes brother Anthonio. i ate absolutly loads of clacots,as i did everyone else, you wouldnt have wanted to be behind any one of us at any point today.

because i wasny doing catalan today i had more time to play pool sadly no one else turned up except Pepe dos so i played him and a friendly against Mark and then Moira arrived from Yoga.