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‘i told you i was ill’

Monday, April 25th, 2011

its raining, its bank holiday monday, ive done quite a bit of gardening, like tying back the lemon tree and trimming the eunymous hedge, stuff like that.

Kirsty was here last week to do work experience with Moira and not sunbathe, Kirsty was on good form considering. We went for a pizza one night in Roses and a meal another night in the Cafe Colon, it was raining that night, so we where the only ones in there. She left Saturday morning which is a shame as it was the village brunyols and ganatxa fiesta, as usual it was fun we bought stuff and drunk not only ganatxa but cava and beer and many a brunyol was eaten

Sunday we where alone Moira had a moment, she got it together and drove to Grifeu beach where we went for a bit of a stroll along the coast. we had quiche and roast tomatoes for tea, we hadnt had that for ages.

have now made 2 little jars of olives one with thyme and garlic and the other lemon and garlic, hope they are palatable when they are ready to eat.

keeping the ears stiff

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

saw my first swallow/ house martin of the year today while walking with Jonathan to the Tortoise sanctury, its open and ready for business. Jonathan got here yesterday afternoon with his dad, Clive and his partner Janice. they have gone now and ive fixed a rusty patch on the van and then watered the lawn as it needed it, we have had traumontana here while Moira and I where in Scotland. looks like we might get a crop of broad beans this year.

We got back yesterday having not had much sleep, we went to Robbies and Paulines to make it easier to get to the airport, as they live pretty much next door, but we had less sleep then we would have done if we had stayed at Irenes and got up early to get to Prestwick.

we where in Scotland for Jocks funeral, he is buried in a stunning place round the corner from the family home, i dont think i will ever forget the view of all those cars as we went over the last rise on the way to the church.

while there i helped a bit with the garden which took me a while to get my head round, we went to Fionas one night as it was Robbie juniors birthday and on top of all that the weather was perfect.

Got back home and the new bathroom is nearly there. Bruno says he will be finished this week then the plumber/ electrician needs to come in then Cassi to put in the doors and window. Cant wait

the dish washer has decided to work for the time being.

a bunnet for every occasion

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Moira is in Scotland as Jock has just passed away.

Today i went for a ride on the bike to Rabos and back to look for donkeys but i had missed them, came back via a dirt track which was fun but i ended up carrying the bike half the time, this was all done after i had cleaned the house a bit what with all the work going on upstairs and Moira not being here the mess was getting a bit out of hand.

Yesterday was Ians Birthday party in the Cafe Colon i had a tiny piece of quiche, i had hoped it was going to be a bit bigger but never mind, i had been to Girona all day, a bit of shopping/ people watching then a walk along the old city wall to look for whysteria in flower, the second year ive done that and it probably wont be the last. i had been to Figueres first to buy my weekly ration of nuts and had a ‘fuck me i live here’ moment again as i turned a corner and saw Figueres market, which i have sen hundreds of times but it just seemed really mediteranean and holiday like this time, cant explain it. long my it keep happening.

thinking of Jock, and Irene

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

making Gadao Gadao peanut sauce with the kitchen door wide open and the heating off, Spring is here.

Moira is in London as for work tomorrow i took her this morning. came back via Bascara toot market, it wasnt all toot but it there wasnt much of it they where selling veg in the square so i bought shallots to make Gado Gado peanut sauce, im cooing it in a large frying pan this time and it seems to working better then before. when i got to Figueres i filled the car up then popped to Castello de Empurius as there is a organic market every other Sunday, didnt by any veg as i had already bought some but bought a couple of Honestys and  a Bergamot, the lady convinced me that it wouldnt get mildew here like it does in London, had a beer read, the paper, then came home.

Last night we went to se a band in Empuia Brava, they were good, but the bar was a bit expattie for us and Cerrie and Pepe, he was probably the only spanish person there, im glad Empuria Brava is there but im dead glad we dont live there. one reason im glad Empuria Brava is there is the Italian we went to before the band.

ive planted potatoes again, this year im determined to water them